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Personal consultation is a multi-million dollar industry in the US. Quewey, which is an amazing forum for posting business questions and answers, decided to launch a Personal Consultation Platform where anybody seeking a business advice can have a one-on-one with an industry expert. Quewey wanted to market the opportunities this presented to both the consultation seeker and the consultant.

How we approached it:

We decided that we would bring out the opportunities Quewey PCP presented to the consultant and the one needing consultation separately. Something of the style had been hinted at by the client. Quewey wanted us to use shape and typo animations. They wanted us to create characters from one of their target groups but they did not want us to alienate any potential customers in the process. This was something of a challenge, but we overcame that by using the character as an example. We first spoke about the general criteria for becoming a consultant and then introduced Chris Abbot —the experienced investment banker — as an example. We did the same for Emily Jones- a person looking to join an investment banking firm.


As I mentioned before, the client had given us a general idea about the style preferred. But we had to develop a unique style all our own for this video. We used the motion graphics plus typography style the client suggested. But then we had to think innovatively in order to introduce the character and the user interface of Quewey. And so we decided to break conventions and incorporate uncommon approaches. End result? The client was impressed…so we must have done something right :) But hey, I am jumping the gun by speaking about the end already( real excited about the video, you see).Let’s just keep the end for the end and right now take one step at a time.


We wanted to make the video colorful and attractive, therefore we used a variety of colors. We started off with warm colors—the reds and yellows — because we wanted to strike a positive note in the beginning and warm colors do just that. We gradually progressed to cool colors that would be soothing to behold. We had unique theme colors for the two characters, Chris Abbot and Emily Jones, too. For Chris we used the shades of blue — implying cool confidence. For Emily we used feminine shades of pink that also suggested gentle emotions like calmness, friendship, love and underlying desire to succeed through the right means.


I’ve mentioned the characters before I should have because I had to introduce the characters so I could explain the approach, style and color selection better. Here let us speak of the characters themselves—Chris Abbot and Emily Jones.

We were not planning to animate these characters much because the script didn’t call for it.  We did not want too “cartoonish” looking characters. At the same time, we wanted characters that’d tone down the seriousness of the video a notch.  We thus came up with the professional-but- friendly-looking Chris Abbot and the fresh-faced Emily Jones. The costumes, hairstyles, backdrops etc were in keeping with the characters.


The visualization, was to a large extent, based on script. The words that would lend themselves to animation were selected. The script was divided into parts and a different type of visualization was devised for each part. We decided to go with the theme of circles in the first part because circles are attractive and a circle is a natural shape that can be turned into a number of items. Shapes  were thus converted into illustrations. The visualization of the user interface part took a lot of effort, we had to make it seem fun and light without actually distorting the interface Quewey planned to use for PCP. We achieved this by using informal fonts and illustrations, while retaining the general look and feel.


The animation depended heavily on shapes.  The beat of the music selected and the voice over had to coincide with the changes in the animation. No gimmicks or fancy animation tools were used. All the wonderfully creative animations you see have been done using After Effects’ basic transformation tools- in the hands of a specialist even the mundane can become extraordinary.
The whole process of creating this video was thoroughly enjoyable. I think when you look at the video, the enthusiasm we felt while making it is reflected throughout.

What the Client Says:

The mypromovideos team was a pleasure to work with. They’re extremely effective and get the job done efficiently. I was very impressed with their ability to turn our vision into a product. They provide great one-on-one communication, which is key to producing a great product. I was very happy with the result, and wouldn’t choose any other company to work with. When we make a video in the future, we will definitely being using mypromovideos!

- Michelle, Founding Team Member, Quewey

Team Involved:
Animations : Albino
Script : Vimida
Creative Direction : Gopal
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About Vimida

I have had a life-long love-affair with stories. Combine my passion for words with my off-beat creativity and you get the precise reason why I find being the Screenplay writer at MyPromoVideos really fun.
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