Apocalypse…a happy ending!



So, like all those “legendary” tea-time discussions of ours, this video too started off as a small discussion. Saravanan started speaking of Apocalypse and soon we had a variety of views and trivia being doled out. Planet X, Mayan Calendar, Nostradamus, Bible, Koran,the Ten Avatars of Lord Vishnu, Doomsday, 2012- the movie….we were discussing it all. Boy!

And then Udhay started speaking of what he’d thought of as a kid…when he’d first heard of the Apocalypse. Here’s what he said “I thought, the world is coming together because of technology…why couldn’t Apocalypse mean an end of all the divisions? Why couldn’t it mean humanity coming together?”

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We all stood electrified! The idea was superb…call us optimistic, call us children, or call us visionaries…we all felt, “Yes! This really is possible.” Our world could come together. How wonderful would that be?

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Soon we were brimming over with ideas…some absolutely beautiful, some plain crazy. But we were charged up! This idea screamed to be made into a video. We wanted to share this lovely vision with the world.

What if an Apocalypse brought great beginnings? This was the beautiful, delightful, peaceful result we envisioned:

Happy 2013!

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