Boosting brand visibility – Online Tenders’ Explainer Video!


Of newness!

“And suddenly you know: it’s time to start something new and trust the magic of new beginnings” – Meister Eckhart. Creators instinctively trust the magic of newness. Creators out there know what we are talking about. The fresh rush of dopamine when you hear the words “new project”. Every.Single.Time. And this time the explainer video project we had in hand was for Online Tenders .We gotta say, joining hands with the same client for the third time does make the experience special.

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Online Tenders is a platform that provides alerts about tenders and business leads from government and private sectors throughout South Africa and Africa. They use software to collect intel about tenders and business opportunities. The collected data is classified to be relevant to the consumer. This way, the consumer, never misses a tender or any other commercial growth opportunity.

The art of rhetoric in the explainer video

Once we learnt what the brand did, we started working on the script. The script opened with the conflict and went on to introduce the solution with a character named ‘Mike’. Online Tenders is a unique service that solves a problem not many are aware of. Therefore, to nail it, we used the repetition tool,i.e, we made sure the voice over artist said the word ‘business’ thrice to get the audience’s attention! You see, we weren’t going to let all those ‘Art of Rhetoric’ lessons we took go to waste. We used them here.

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Simplest of them all!

Many times, the finest of the ideas turn out to be the simplest of the ideas.But,creating something simple takes more effort. It starts with decluttering our mind from what we are capable of and creating something that is functional. We followed the same with our creative direction for the brand’s explainer video. That being said, we still had to touch up the explainer video with some of our creator’s magic.

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Mike, the character in the explainer video, is a business person who travels often, meets clients and sits through meetings. We began with illustrating the character and then the multiple locations. As it is ideal to use the same colors as the brand’s website or the brand’s logo, we used blue, white and a shade of yellow predominantly. We used only solid colors to keep up with the simple nature of the explainer video.

Ta-da! The explainer video is here!

The animation of the explainer video was done in a primary 2D style. However, the brand’s ‘logo reveal’ in the explainer was indeed challenging. Oh! Did we or did we not mention that our team stands ready for challenges?! Yup! we got through that pretty quickly. So quick, that it took less than a week to complete the overall animation!

Still, the explainer video had to be treated with the right sound design and music. While the voice-over artist David Braxton did his part brilliantly, we concentrated on our role. The music had to be minimal, mild, and modern at the same time. Also, the beats in the music needed to be very definite. This is why we used the 808s hiphop beats. We gave extra attention to the ‘layering’ process in the sound designing as well, because, when done right ‘layering’ can make your sound designing the ‘it’ element of the explainer video.

And with that, we had done our job!

To more than just reminders!

Sometimes, we have to remind ourselves what we are, and what we can do, to remain true to ourselves. To not lose authenticity. The explainer video we did for Online Tenders was one such reminder. And, in some sense, more than just a reminder! Here’s to new explainer projects that are more than just reminders!


Creative Direction: UdhayaKrishna
Animation Lead: Aravind
Script: Vimida
Storyboard & illustration: Mohan Kumar
Project Manager: Mahesh Babu
Music and SFX: Suriya Boomibalan
Voice Over: David Braxton
Account manager : Anil Kumar

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