Dont settle for an explainer video, You deserve more than that!

“So what do you do to make your explainer video special? And why should you consider going to the experts even if it means spending a wee bit extra and waiting a little longer”

Let’s for a moment suppose that you need an explainer video. So, you hunt for someone to do it. You explain your product. They understand it. They create a video. You get it delivered – within a short time frame and well within your budget. And that’s it, right? Wrong!

There are, in fact, more than a few ways you can go wrong with creating your explainer video. Now, think about it! How can you make sure your video stands out in the jostling crowd of explainer videos cropping up all over the market? How can you make sure your messages have that extra edge to attract the crowd you are targeting? Does your explainer video put across your message effectively? Is ‘just an explainer video’ enough to give your video exclusivity? Could you have gotten a better video if you had waited for a little longer or spent a little bit more? Well, it’s not as easy as it looked, is it?

A lot of your company’s success rides on getting your explainer video right and because making explainer video is an expensive affair, you’d rather get it perfect the first time itself! So what do you do to make your explainer video special? And why should you consider going to the experts even if it means spending a wee bit extra and waiting a little longer because perfection needs time? Wait… What’s the point of all this jabber, you ask? Everything! Simply put, explainer videos are such powerful tools that they can make or break the future of your company. Especially when you are trying to tell your potential customers how awesome your stuff is! Finally, it all boils down to one thing: Making your audience go wow. Fair enough, right?

Ok, let’s dive into the facts here. Check out this video, for example. It was created for Freshdesk and was adjudged as one of the top five videos in the international start-up community. You will shortly see why…

This is an interesting video because not only does it explain the relatively complex idea of Freshdesk in laymen’s terms, it even has hidden secret messages in the video which one really doesn’t notice consciously but assimilates it whatsoever! (Let’s play Sherlock Holmes! Yay!)

For example,

At 0:11 which happens to be the best scene of the entire video, a ‘Facebook like’ icon appears to punch the customer support guy and he can see the ‘Twitter birds’ flying around his head. Brilliant, isn’t it? Similarly, a tornado of angry customers visually suggests the magnitude of problems that the social media featured as the ‘new headache’ is capable of creating.

Again at 0:21, the name “Bin Desk” and “$xxxx” appears on the computer. It so happens that the idea of ‘Freshdesk’ appeared out of blue to the founder when he was reading an article on ‘Hacker News’ about ‘Zen Desk’ increasing their prices by 300%. It spurred him into action and before long, Zen Desk ended up as their competitor. Freshdesk continues to be a more affordable option.

At 0:26, a rope hangs down signifying the suicide of customer support since using an expensive support desk can lead to firing of employees. It also portrays that there is simply no other way of going about customer support. This is exactly the pain point that Freshdesk solves and it is introduced brilliantly as an alternative solution soon after.These are the visuals that created magic for the clients. No doubt that this video garnered all the attention it deserved and much more!

But let me not stop at that! Let’s also go through this video which was created for WebEngage.

At 0:42, Nora is shown watering the plants which refuse to ‘grow’ suggesting that her business isn’t ‘growing’.

Similarly at 1:01, the video uses a crow as the mascot. The crow is also intelligently shown taking a set of codes from Webengage site to Nora’s site, a visual which targets non-technical crowd suggesting that it is easy to use Webengage on their sites without excessively fussing over the technicalities of the operation. In short, using Webengage is as easy as it can get!

The mascot ‘Crow’ is shown thrice in the video, intentionally. This is to make sure that the whole idea is planted in the minds of the audience and can be easily recalled. (I promise, the next time you see a crow, Webengage is surely going to pop up in your mind too!)

Similarly at 1:35, Nora’s customers look like a bunch of happy faces. When Nora waters the plants, money appears to grow on them suggesting that her business is ‘growing’ too! All thanks to Webengage.

I know these examples should suffice. They are enough to make my point but just to leave behind a happy reader; I am going to give one more brilliant example. Check out this video that was created for ‘Payzippy’, a product of Flipkart:

Now, let’s watch the video carefully.

At0:01, we show ‘hands’ going through with the process of offline shopping like selecting, paying, zipping the credit card etc. On the other hand, the ‘online shopping’ at 0:11 are denoted by arrows.

We do purchases with our hands, both online and offline. Either by swiping credit cards or by typing the credit card information on a computer. The first part of the video will show how easy is to purchase offline and the second part of the video reveals how easy is to shop online using Payzippy.

Also, check out how many times the word ‘Zip’ has been used. Let me count that for you!

At 0:05when buying with credit card, the voiceover says, “Zip” and you are done! Similarly at 0:58, the voiceover announces that “information is kept ‘zipped up’ and secure”. Again, at 1:05, the voiceover says “time to ‘zip’ through online payments”. The repeated use of ‘Zip’ makes sure that the customers do not easily forget the name of the product and thus helps in creating a ‘brand image’. It also ensures that ‘Zippy’ in ‘Payzippy’ creates a feeling of financial security in online transactions for the audience and focuses on the convenience of using Payzippy as an option.

Now, that’s how you create powerful explainer videos! So the next time you are looking to create an explainer video, you better stick with the experts. Having said that, let me ‘zip out’ of here before somebody demands more examples!

Let us know if you need an explainer video, we are here to help.

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