How to plan multiple explainer videos

Single explainer video or multiple explainer videos? This blog tries to help you answer this question while also helping you get the best results when creating multiple explainer videos. Interested? Great! Time to dive in.

Why go for multiple explainer videos?

You may have seen many companies opt for more than one explainer video. But why? Well, there could be more than one answer to that:)!

More than one product/service:

This is an obvious reason. When you have more than one product then having multiple explainer videos makes logical sense. It is not the same message. The content required for every video will differ. So you go for a different video for each product.

Need for better customization:

Say your product or service has more than one feature. It is possible each of these features appeals to a different set of target audience. In such a scenario, having multiple explainer videos is desirable because it will ensure that your message doesn’t get diluted and reaches the precise audience it is aimed at.

Multiple Platforms:

Occasionally you will note that the same explainer video may not suit two different platforms. For example, you may have created a video for your internet audience but now you may have the need to display an explainer video at a stall in a conference. An explainer video created with a voiceover and other audio elements may not work in such a case. Implying that you may have to go for an additional explainer video(s), of course.

Too much information:

If you have a lot to say, your audience could get lost in a sea of information. They may disconnect from your video and their interest can wander. Break the message down into smaller, easily digestible bites, and your audience is more likely to understand what you have to say and act on it.

Advantages of multiple explainer videos:

In addition to this, there are many advantages of opting for multiple explainer videos, for instance:

  1. When you go for more than one video, the studio usually offers you a better deal.
  2. When your videos are smaller, the messaging is clearer and the audience is more receptive.
  3. You get the opportunity to establish the brand again and again through multiple explainer videos.
  4. You don’t have the pressure to stuff all the information into one video.
  5. You can have videos of varying duration. If a product needs more explanation, you don’t have to compromise. Similarly, if you need to give more prominence to one aspect of your offering, you can do so.

Points to bear in mind for multiple explainer videos:

Design Consistency

“Design is the silent ambassador of your brand,” said Paul Rand. If you want people to identify your brand and identify with it, you should present the same image everywhere. This is why it becomes important to keep the color, animation style, and design language as consistent as possible.

Same Tone

This is related to the previous point. If you want to give the same branding experience, your customer should feel that they are talking to the same entity everywhere. The tonality of your communication, therefore, has to be the same even if you are creating multiple explainer videos.

Avoid Repetition

While being consistent is important, it is equally important that you do not repeat the same message again and again through all your videos. If you are breaking down your message, but your target audience essentially remains the same, they may get bored and tune off. So while you can repeat some part, try to be by and large unique, justifying the need for multiple explainer videos.

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