Medspack explainer video, in the making!


In the beginning…

It was just another day in explainer video land and someone special had called us from the USA. Medspack, a budding healthcare company from the USA, wanted an explainer video for their business. 

What does Medpack do?  

Medspack sorts pills by date and time and packs them in tiny sachets for easy usage. And, these tiny sachets are shipped to the consumer’s address. This way people not only avoid lengthy queues in pharmacies but also get the extra benefit of organized pills.

Scene 5 Min


The motive of Medspack, as an organisation, remains to be beneficial to society. In a country where the average citizen takes five pills per day, an idea like Medspack becomes not only relevant but also necessary. 

Needless to say, we were excited to get our hands on the project!

Respect the research! 

We are no Christopher Nolan, but we respect our research just like him! We got to the basics of the American healthcare system. Our team discussed everything from the positioning of pharmacies in a commercial complex to the co-pay tradition in the country. 

Also, the explainer video was originally a launch video for the product – so, the brainstorming session had to be informative and right on point.  

The right treatment! 

We knew the language to be used must be extra warm even before we started the scripting. When we write for an audience who are having a hard time, it is essential to make them feel heard and understood. It is important to empathize with the audience. We were very sensitive while talking about people who are unwell. We avoided using too much technical jargon in the script, because of the target audience’s nature. 

The major difference between other videos and this was that there was no one distinct character. The script does not lead with a character and a conflict, instead, it leads with the conflicts of different groups of people. The script opens with a number of questions. We drew each question from the conflicts of different target audiences. The script then goes out to give the solutions. 

Of colors and inspirations

This certainly was a unique project that required a unique style. We employed a different style in our illustrations. We kept the subject minimal throughout the explainer video. Meanwhile, one specific attribute of the subject was kept in focus – this was to gently walk the audience through the idea of the product. We used colors associated with the healthcare sector, such as white and blue in the illustrations. 

Scene 1 Min


Next came the animation. 

Just how we had to approach the illustrations differently, the animation process had to have a different style too. The biggest challenge was expressing the emotions of faceless characters. Additionally, unlike our other explainers, the characters in this one were not cartoon-ish. They had more life-like features. 

We designed the explainer video in 2D with 3D outlook. However, the box, i.e, the box which is used for dispensing medicine sachets, was designed using both 2D and 3D techniques. 

Scene 7 Min


The sound of care

The voice-over had the responsibility of bringing this healthcare explainer video together. Chelsea Bates, as usual, brought the authenticity and the openness the explainer video needed. Simultaneously, the voice-over also had an element of empathy that did not overpower. 

The sound effects and music tracks do their job, gently raising the enthusiasm of the audience from moderate nonchalance.  It soon becomes apparent that it is a captivating piece of music when unraveled. 

This is how it all came together. 

The next explainer video…!

Competencies can boost confidence. With every explainer video project that comes through our door, our team sees significant growth in their confidence. And with all that extra confidence, we have in hand, we get ready for the next exciting explainer video project! A never-ending cycle of fun and work! 


Creative Direction: UdhayaKrishna

Animation Lead: Saravanan

Animation: Saravanan, Gopalakrishnan

Script: Vimida

Storyboard & illustration: Mohan Kumar

Music and SFX: Suriya Boomibalan

Voice Over: Chelsea Bates

Project Manager: Mahesh Babu

Account Manager : Anil Kumar

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