Most Adorable Characters in Animated Films That Are Not Kids

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Last Updated on May 9, 2023

Rating adorable characters in animated movies is like rating the tastiest food in a 5 star hotel buffet. There are way too many choices! And no matter how hard you try, a few are sure to get left out, and there will always be someone who does not agree with your list. But still a writer’s gotta do what a writer’s gotta do. Here’s a list of “Most Adorable Characters in Animated Films That Are Not Kids” because only cartoons can make even grown-ups adorable.

Quick note: Given the nature of the industry, some of these characters appear in movie-sequels, TV series and short films too- so folks let’s not nitpick on that!

Adorable Character #12. Bridget from Trolls

Bridget 1
Bridget from Trolls

This dishwasher damsel makes it to our list for being the most adorable Bergen ever( maybe even sweeter than the Trolls?) Her secret pining for the prince, her kindness to the Trolls and her huge heart make her one of the most memorable characters in the movie.

Character # 11.Toothless from How to Train Your Dragon

Toothless From How To Train Your Dragon

Somebody must have thought, “what if a dragon became a tail-wagging dog or a cute purring cat?”, and then they must have proceeded to create Toothless. The last known dragon of the “Night Fury” species is considered a terror capable of melting cities. But the only thing this cutie melts is our hearts!

Adorable Character #10. Totoro from My Neighbor Totoro

Totoro From My Neighbor Totoro

Is he a death God? If so, the representation could not be more appealing. The chemistry between Mei and Totoro make for an amazing pairing and leave you with a sweet sigh.

Character #9. Dug from Up

Dug the Dog from Up

Okay let me take a moment to enjoy this overwhelming cuteness, this unrestricted, unpolluted love. Dug from the movie “Up” is everything you love about dogs multiplied by ten and then added with the ability to speak. Oh-my-heart!

Lovable Character #8. Wall-E from Wall-E

Wall E
Wall-E the Robot from Wall-E

This precious little robot is perfectly clueless about humans and yet more human than any! This dirty, raggedy robot teaches us an important lesson in love without ever speaking more than a few words in his raspy, mechanical voice. And oh! just look at ‘em eyes! Awww!

Character #7. Olaf from Frozen

Olaf The Snowman from Frozen

A Snowman with the warmest heart in the world. He dreams of summer and is absolutely ignorant to any contradiction. His carrot nose, twiggy arms and bucktooth coupled with his confidently goofy personality make him a favourite of millions.

Adorable Character #6. Abu from Aladdin

Abu the Monkey from Aladdin

Aladdin’s faithful companion is a kleptomaniac monkey with a fierce ego. This pint-sized friend is loyal to the core but never shies from expressing his disapproval for Aladdin’s soft-natured ways. If there is anything cuter than him, it has to be his tiny Fez-like cap.

Cute Villain Character #5. Joker from Lego Batman

Lego Joker 1
Joker from Lego Batman

C’mon what’s there not to love about a psychopathic criminal whose only aim is to be in a special relationship with you- a relation of pure hatred? All his life he has sought to be only one thing- Batman’s One True Enemy. But so strong is Batman’s commitment phobia that he can’t even do this for Joker. The premise is enough to make one smile! Of course, bonus points for the broken-hearted expression you see in the gif!

Monster Character #4. Mike Wazowski from Monsters Inc

Mike Wazowski from Monsters Inc.

Yet another person on this list who ought to have been scary, whom you should have hated, but like the others, Mike too leaves you all warm. Positive, upbeat and confident, this go-getter is a perfect complement to Sulley. Be-it his relation with his girlfriend, his fear of Boo or his pride in seeing his barcode covered face on a magazine, Mike is uniquely charming in every way.

Cute Character #3. Dory from Finding Nemo

Dory from Finding Nemo

I don’t know if “P. Sherman, 42, Wallaby Way, Sydney” is a a real address or not(most likely it is not), but I will never be able to forget this address thanks to Dory. This cute little fish can read human language, talk to whales, swim through all sorrows and forget that she can do any of it due to her Short-Term Memory Loss problem- but this only adds to her incomparable allure. Feeling down? Just watch a few clips of Dory, sure to put a smile on your lips!

Martial Character #2. Po from Kung Fu Panda

Po 2
Po from Kung Fu Panda

Cuddly? Check. Funny? Check. Insatiable Appetite? Check. Friendly? Check. Clumsy? Check. He is everything that makes a character relatable and lovable. He is a destined Dragon Warrior who has no idea how to fight and whose two biggest pastimes are sleeping and eating. His fanboy reactions to his teammates, his laid-back attitude and his relationship with his father(in later movie- fathers) ensure that the Kung Fu Panda craze never dies down.

And before I tell who tops my list, here are a few absolutely huggable, terrifically enjoyable characters from different movies that had to be left out because there were too many of them that were adorable:

The Smurfs:

The Smurfs

The Toy Story Gang:

Toys from ToyStory

The Pokemons:

Pikachu and Togepi from Pokemon

The Minions:

Minions from Despicable Me


Adorable Character #1. Baymax- Big Hero 6

Baymax from Big Hero 6

Okay, a confession. Baymax is the only reason I created this list. Because I love writing about animations, especially fun stuff.And  Oooooh! So love this Healthcare Companion. Warm, huggable, brimming with innocent desire to help, he is a synonym for the word “adorable”. All I want to do is get a big ‘n’ gentle hug, a quick pat on my head, and share a fistbump that ends in a “bah-a-la-la-la”. Oh-oh-oh! Where can I find myself a Baymax?

Liked this list? Hated it? Agreed? Disagreed? Let us know! Looking for more animation-related blogs? Well, coming soon! Bah-a-la-la-la!

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