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Last Updated on May 10, 2023

Why do we need a startup explainer videos list? There seem to be so many explainer video examples out there already. Because most lists are either not startup-specific or (let’s face it) are not classy enough or(which is mostly the case) contain explainer videos that came years ago as examples.

NOTE:- Explainer video is usually a short video that explains any message or describes a product or service in an engaging, entertaining way- mostly through animation. The explainer video is also called “explainer” for short. Such videos usually built based on the target audience or potential customers and most explainer videos are short. Everything you need to know about explainer videos. This blog is helpful.

So what did we do? We created our own list of Startup Animated Explainer Videos with

  1. Explainer videos by startups ergo Startup Explainer Videos(of course)
  2. Explainer videos that are all of excellent quality
  3. Explainer videos that are pretty recent.

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We went through many videos and spent copious amounts of time trying to pass it off as work looking for the most stunning Startup Explainer Videos made by various video production companies around the globe so that you can take it easy. Yup, we have our own huge portfolio of excellent explainer videos but we wanted to make a conscious effort to showcase what others are doing- we could assess and learn in the process too. So, all set?

Let’s check out some really stunning Startup Explainer Videos(in random order).


This video is a great way to start the blog. When you are trying to create a video on fashion, finding the right balance of creativity without going overboard is tough. That’s why the Trendybutler video makes it to our list of Startup Explainer Videos. This startup video is classy in design with slick animations. It makes use of limited colors but uses them beautifully. The video also has a witty, grasping script that ties it all together wonderfully. This 2d animation video is great.



When it comes to startup explainer videos, there are many missed video marketing opportunities? Well, not with AllTrails video. This is definitely one of the best explainer videos. The creators had a wonderful chance to showcase nature and bring the outdoors alive on our computer screens and that’s exactly what they do. They tap into the rich beauty of nature and diverse scenarios. The characters are simple. Colours are bright with a lot of importance given to white, green, blue and yellow. The importance is given to the scenery and the explanation of the product. The interface is well-integrated into the video flow.


Explaining biology through an animated video is no easy task, explaining it with awe-inspiring visual animation is really an all-new level of “difficult”. There are many complex systems, processes, and structures in biology that require not only scientific knowledge, but also creative and technical skills to effectively communicate them through animation. The animator must be able to visualize and bring to life the microscopic world of cells, DNA, and proteins, while also making it engaging and entertaining for the audience. In addition, accuracy and attention to detail are essential to ensure that the scientific information is clear and understandable. Despite the challenges, when done successfully, animated biology videos can captivate and educate audiences in a way that traditional methods cannot.  This Eatruscan video makes our list of best explainer videos examples for precisely this reason. It has mind-blowing visuals combined with some really compelling narration. This explainer video does a great jon. Such video can help marketers and businesses. Check out the favorite explainer below.



This explainer video is a great example of videos for startups. With a nice, straightforward script, some really neat designs, and very smooth animations the Speedify video enters our list of Startup Explainer Videos that standout. It is mostly black and with occasional spurts of color. It relies heavily on lines and dots. The video content is engaging and the narrative style is made interesting with questions being asked to the viewer.



Startup explainer videos are often about innovation. This product explainer video of Skip Scooters speaks of a simple little innovation- the world’s first retractable cable lock for scooters. It is easy to understand and it does it in the most straightforward way possible. This is hybrid type of explainer video as this video uses a variety of styles ranging from 2D to 2.5D to 3D and using a plethora of colors. End result? Brilliant.



From one striking video to another, the beautiful parade of Startup Explainer Videos just doesn’t stop. This amazing explainer video of Fernwood Fitness is aesthetically appealing, yes, extremely so. But what is even more appealing is the way the message comes out. This video explains and  unites the common pain points of so many women and gives them a ray of hope. Sensitive, fresh, and well-made, this video has earned its place on this list.



A trend with making explainer videos for startups these days is to have designs and gifs that can be used in websites, social media pages, and other platforms. Creating a video that seamlessly integrates into all these platforms can do wonders to a startup’s branding if done right. And this video does a great job. This animated startup video looks lovely as a stand-alone video and uses technical terms deftly to explain with clarity. It also serves extremely well as a promotional video to set the tone of Buglab’s branding experience.



This video is for pure alkaline drinking water that’s good for the body and Mother Earth. Unlike many other Startup Explainer Videos that stand out, the Flow video makes it to our list because of its simplicity. It is simple, sweet, pleasant and soothing- just like good water should be. The  video focuses on the water droplet character which stays with you long after you have seen the video. This makes it easier for the target audience to connect and understand the video.



The Yova explainer is a perfect example of a great startup explainer video. The entire video is uncomplicated, easy-to-follow and short. The design is clean and simple with thick lines and dotted patterns dominating. The characters are cute. The key message and value proposition of the e-commerce platform is explained well. This explainer video manages to engage the audience.


Another great explainer video for a startup. The Arianee video is elegance in every scene. The gliding transitions smoothly weave through the narrative – indoors and outdoors. The video shows breathtaking layouts which are fully complemented by the animation. In a very subtle manner, the entire scene compliments the voiceover. If a thing of beauty is a joy forever, this video is forever joy.




When a Startup works for a noble cause like environment or sustainability, the stakes are high. The Startup Explainer Videos made for such causes have to create awareness and encourage change, without pointing fingers. “Better Farming Practices – Wood Turtle” does a great job here. This 2d animated video is direct, beautiful and impactful. If you looking to create an explainer video. Then this animated startup explainer is definitely an inspiring example.



Money matters can be important, but let’s face it, they can also be boring. When creating a Startup Explainer Video related to this topic, the studio has to keep in mind that it has to be serious enough to be taken seriously, yet simple enough to connect with the audience. This 2d animated explainer video of Price&Cost  succeeds in doing that with a clean script and cute motion graphics animation.


To conclude:

We wanted to open up the minds of our readers with this blog. A startup is the product of passions, dreams, and aspirations. Startup explainer videos should embody the same. They reflect what your brand can grow into and therefore should never be a compromise on the message, quality or production value. And they need not be, as these examples clearly illustrate.

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