When Eseekerz wanted an explainer videos company…

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Eseekerz wanted an explainer videos company and came to mypromovideos. The rest is a highly interesting story.So just grab a cup of coffee, kick back your shoes and relax.
It all started, as it often does, with our client and now good friend, Amit. Now Amit came to us with a VERY interesting new service…it was like the marriage of an online marketplace like Amazon or Ebay and a social media website like Facebook. Incredible! The very idea seemed to cry “Viral”! But understanding this product was no cakewalk…it was as vast as an ocean and had almost as many possibilities. But we not yet another explainer videos company, were we? We were an explainer videos company and then some more!
Amit already had a basic plot in mind. This plot was derived after a lot of research and testing. He knew exactly what kind of message would click with his target audience. Ah! The target audience…it was everybody who used social media. Yup! Couldn’t get much broader than that, could it? So we needed something that – in the words of our Creative Director, Anil- “would make sense to the grandfather and the grandchild and everyone in between”! And as if that were not enough, the video was going to be translated into numerous languages and had to be comprehensible to all cultures.

So needless to say,  challenges abounded­­:

– We had to ensure that we came up with an idea that enhanced the plot, without deviating too much from the basic idea
– It had to make sense to a large target group
– It had to hold the attention of all the aforementioned folks.
– AND we had to do all this with a strict deadline because the launch of Eseekerz was dependant on this video.

Amit trusted that we could do it all. That’s another reason he chose us above any other explainer videos company

Naturally, we had lots and lots of rounds of discussions and iterations aplenty before finally the screenplay was born! And then, everything fell into place.
We planned every small element in the pre-production stage itself. We planned the video to be light-hearted and easy-to-understand. The message clarity made it easy for the animators to graspEseekerz and to animate it.

The characters in the video were chosen to be pan-cultural not something your typical explainer videos company would go for. So if you watch this video in Italy, you will feel the characters are Italian, if you watch them in Japan, they’ll look Japanese.

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This video was going to be longer because we wanted anyone watching it to absolutely understand it. But as this video was going to hit people who had no idea about Eseekerz, we wanted the introduction scenes to immediately set the expectation right so that the viewers knew that they were not wasting their time. This would be followed by the story of Adam, Peter, and Lucy and Eseekerz‘s advantages would be brought out through them. Adam was an everyday guy, looking for ways to make money online. He spots Eseekerzand become Peter’s affiliate. Adam posts Peter’s products on facebook and this gets Lucy’s attention. Lucy gets a neat product from a trustworthy source, Peter makes money and Adam gets a cut from it. Win-win-win, all around!!

Illustrations and sketches were trendy but straightforward. The colors were lively but nothing too fancy or gaudy. We were not going to go into screenshots and other finer details a lot, because an understanding ofEseekerzwas the intention of this video. This was not essentially a “How to”  video.

The video was planned like a short film. So even though they wanted an explainer videos company, they video needed much more. The story of the character progressed like a movie. Keeping this in mind, the transitions were like curtains falling in a play (reminiscent of Broadway musical etc) and added to the drama. Quick response from a supportive client helped us finish the video in time.

Finally, the video was tested on laypersons…and hold your breath for the verdict- they understoodEseekerz perfectly! And what’s more, they wanted to try it out themselves! Yahoo! We’d done it.

Amit was really happy that he selected us when he searched for anexplainer videos company, and so were we.Eseekerz so far has been made in three languages – Mandarin Chinese, Spanish, and English. Boy! Lovely Journey!

Team Involved

Animations and Storyboard: Azeem
Script: Vimida
Creative Direction: Anil

Let us know if you need a video, we are here to help.

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