When should you go for an explainer video?

Explainer videos seem to be cropping up everywhere and looks like every self-respecting website has to have one. But don’t jump into the bandwagon and get an explainer video for the sake of it. See if you really need it. But when should you go for an explainer video?

1. When you need to “explain” something…duh!

Often you have some really complex content to be explained. And it could provide for a laborious reading. And yes, nothing better than an explainer video for those situations…your message gets cut down to a few minutes and the explanation becomes lucid.

2. When you need to entertain:

If you want your visitor to stay on in your website, you need to have something that grabs their attention and keeps them there. Good explainer videos have just the magic for it. They are interesting to watch and so it is more like that your audience will stick on if you have one on your site.

3. When you have the budget for it:

This is a rather crucial point to be considered. Good explainer videos are not necessarily affordable for everyone. A substandard video may actually take away from the result you are trying to achieve. So if you don’t have the budget and an explainer video is not an emergency, it would be better to wait it out till you can afford a good one.

4. When you have the final product in hand:

Now this is a mistake many startups make. You need to have a clear product to make an explainer video. OK, so sometimes you need to explain an idea to get the crucial funding from the VCs and for this an explainer video helps. But bear in mind that you may have to redo the explainer video once you have fixed all the glitches and the bugs and innovated and tested and at last have the final product ready.

So, yeah, though explainer videos have benefits galore, make sure you are making them for the right reason. And once you have decided to go for an explainer video, do not compromise on quality.

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