Why do people work? Checkout in our explainer video

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Before our Explainer video began…

So, we were all having a tea-time discussion the other day(if you know us, tea-time discussion can be on anything from the most mundane of topics to nuclear science- and no matter what the topic- EVERYONE HAS AN OPINION! :D) and somehow we ended up discussing what motivated each of us to work on making explainer video. The answers were as numerous as our colorful staff- so we had one saying he worked to fill up his days, another who worked with the immediate aim of getting a new car, yet another who said he worked because he’d have a family to support- once he got married- so he was practicing. Basically a lot of semi-mock, semi-serious answers.

A thought starts taking shape

Then the conversation turned serious and we dug deeper and reasons like passion for explainer videos, work in general, family, money etc started coming up. Then Anil suddenly remarked- “Don’t we all work because it makes us feel good?” Huh? Come again? Anil explained, “We all have different motives to work, but at the end we feel good about ourselves when we fulfill those motives. So basically, we all work because it makes us feel good about ourselves.”

And lo! It begins….

That struck a chord with all of us. Yeah, when you actually dig beyond the surface, we all work because we derive joy out of the results that come from working. We work just to feel good about ourselves. We started looking at all that motivated people to work and, sure enough, this “just to feel good” seemed to be a universal thing.

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Now, this looked like a great idea for an explainer video, one we didn’t want to let go. So we soon rolled out a script and Sarvanan and Sarvana Kumar put together some really cool animation. The end result was a colorful little video that was brought out in a record time of one week! (Maybe that’s because “passion” is one of the main reasons why most folks at Mypromovideos work :P)

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End Notes

Check out our explainer video below that came out as a result of this tea-time discussion and write in with your comments!

And btw, next time you get up to work and don’t feel like getting out of bed or when you work and don’t find any purpose in what you do, just say to yourself  “I work to feel good about myself”. That ought to cheer you up!

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