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What is Company Story Video? Why do I need it?

A company story video is a video about your company’s journey. The values it stands for, the systems it supports, the employees who nurture it- really everything that makes your company, your company. What’s your mission? What goal are you striving towards? Why do people matter? This is the video to showcase it all, and really touch the heart of your audience.

Advantages of a Company Story Video

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Showcases your company

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Brings out the human side of your company

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Builds trust with your customers

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Encourages and motivates your team

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Helps recruit ideal employees

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Underlines authenticity and passion

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Reasons for creating a Company Story Video with Mypromovideos

A Company Story Video is all about showcasing your company. With our background in branding and working with customers from all over the world, we know what connects with them.

Of course, with 10+ years of experience and a dedicated company video production team, we have done many Company story videos, and this experience backs us up in creating great content. We also bring our willingness to experiment along with our proven skills in motion graphics and 2D-3D animation to the table. Thus with us, you can be sure that your Company story is in the best hands possible.

The Process

A Company Story video is very different from Explainer video, but the process of video creation is essentially the same. Here’s how it goes

Explainer video Questionnaire

Stage 1: We ask. You explain. We understand exactly what you need.

Explianer video script

Stage 2: We write a script and get your approval

Explianer video storyboard

Stage 3: We create a storyboard and get your approval

Explianer video voice over

Stage 4: We get the voiceover recorded and get your approval

Explianer video styleframe

Stage 5: We create style frames and get your approval

Explianer video animation

Stage 6: We send you the final draft and get your approval

Explianer video musicandsfx

Stage 7: We add music and sound effects… and get your approval

Explianer video delivery

Stage 8: We send you the final video!

Yup. Notice how there’s your approval at every point? We proceed only when you are satisfied.

Time taken

The time taken for a Company Story video could vary, depending on the complexity of the project and the duration of the video. We usually try to aim at 4-6 weeks.

Here are a few categories of Company Story videos you could choose from

Company Introduction Video

Businesses are created to solve the issues that customers face. A company introduction video is a reliable method for communicating this with your audience. It goes to the core of your reason for existence and touches that common chord you both share.

Pros of this style:

  • Usually short
  • Easy to produce
  • Connect to the end customer easily
  • Immediately helps your customer understand what you are all about

Cons of this style:

  • Care should be taken to make this video relevant and engaging. A fresh, modern approach is advised.

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Video

Want to make your viewers fall in love with your Company? This style may really work for you. It speaks about what you stand for as a brand. It brings out the issues you are committed to. It also humanizes you and shows you in a positive light.

Pros of this style:

  • Builds positive opinions
  • Showcases what you stand for
  • Inspiring
  • Motivating
  • Humanizes your company and your ideals

Cons of this style:

  • You really need to be committed to your CSR initiative if you are going to put it to the public. Also, to create an engaging concept may take longer.

Corporate Journey Video

This video is about how your company evolved, yes pretty literally “Company story” video! It tells the story of your landmark achievements. It shows how you have grown over the years.

Pros of this style:

  • People love Hero’s Journey
  • Impresses customers, employees, and future employees
  • Reinforces your dedication
  • Establishes brand authority

Cons of this style:

  • These videos can be long, so they have to be entertaining to retain attention. May involve a bigger budget.

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