We can suck at defining ourselves but we can define our ideal customer

I want a ______________ quality video that appeals to my target segment at a_____________cost ( high, great, best, sweet, neat). If you filled this one out without thinking about the words – low or cheap, we are made for each other.

You get three quotes and you will give the opportunity to the lowest bidder. In the name of old gods and the new, we will definitely lose.

If you can ‘spot the difference’ between a video created using an online tool and a custom made video, you got our trust. But if you can differentiate between a good custom video from a bad one, you got our respect.

You need a concept from us before you decide to go with us. Try getting Colonel’s secret recipe before trying KFC’s chicken.

If you think you are our ideal customer, fill in our contact form.

PS: A minute of silence for the ones who thought that we would reveal our pricing here.

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