Communicating for Financial Services can be complicated, use a video to simplify it.

What is a FinTechVideo? Why do I need it?

Each Industry comes with its own set of complexities and of course, jargons.This is especially so in case of the Financial Services. Most of the customers are scared of the financial terms and vary about making mistakes. It is the same across Industry- be it banking, investing, insurance or any of the new and upcoming FinTech businesses. A  FinTech video makes these messages easily digestible and speaks in a language the customers understand, and therefore helps in building trust.

Advantages of a FinTech Video

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Ideal sales and marketing tool

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Easy to understand recall

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More engaging

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Short and entertaining

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Useful in many situations

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Converts fence-sitters

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Reasons for creating a FinTech Video with Mypromovideos

We have been in the business of video creation for over ten years now. And we can say with confidence that we understand your customers. We know what works for them and what touches their emotions. We have worked with numerous companies belonging to the Financial sector and have created a wide-variety of videos to meet different FinTech needs. We understand the niche and the balanced way of communicating required. Also, we have learned with and grown with many of the FinTech services, and this makes it easier for us to grasp the industry needs.

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The Process

A Case Study Video is very different from Explainer video, but the process of video creation is essentially the same. Here’s how it goes

Explainer video Questionnaire

Stage 1: We ask. You explain. We understand exactly what you need.

Explianer video script

Stage 2: We write a script and get your approval

Explianer video storyboard

Stage 3: We create a storyboard and get your approval

Explianer video voice over

Stage 4: We get the voiceover recorded and get your approval

Explianer video styleframe

Stage 5: We create style frames and get your approval

Explianer video animation

Stage 6: We send you the final draft and get your approval

Explianer video musicandsfx

Stage 7: We add music and sound effects… and get your approval

Explianer video delivery

Stage 8: We send you the final video!

Yup. Notice how there’s your approval at every point? We proceed only when you are satisfied.

Time taken

The time taken for a FinTech Video could vary, depending on the complexity of the project and the duration of the video. We usually try to aim at 4-6 weeks.

Here are a few categories of FinTech videos you could choose from

Explainer video

You may have an awesome Financial product, but if your customers don’t understand it, it will never see the light of the days. And no one likes to sit through boring presentations. And explainer video is the solution you are looking for.

Pros of this style of FinTech Video:

  • Engaging
  • Short
  • Makes the information lively
  • Gets to the main message
  • Takes lesser time to produce
  • Use across platforms

Cons of this style of FinTech Video:

  • Try not to cram all the information into one video. Have a series of videos instead.

In- App video

It is said that a typical customer prefers watching a video to reading copious amounts of text. The same goes for when they are using your app. Use an In-app video to educate them about the app, or the benefits of a certain aspect of the app.

Pros of this style of FinTech Video:

  • Grabs attention
  • Gets more conversions
  • More interactive
  • Add life to branding

Cons of this style of FinTech Video:

  • Topic for In-app video communication needs to be carefully selected.

Mobile App New Feature Explainer video

You mobile app may have multiple features and not all of it can get into one video. Try making a series of Mobile app videos for the different features and benefits. You can also create video every time a new feature gets added, furthering audience interaction.

Pros of this style of FinTech Video:

  • Short
  • Multi-channel uses
  • Can become a series or be stand-alone
  • Easy to understand and recall
  • Establishes you as innovative

Cons of this style of FinTech Video:

  • Branding needs to be consistent across all the videos.

Advertising Video

When you have a story to tell that needs pictures this is your go-to video. Pictures  or live footage video are a testimony to your authenticity, while the animations bring notice to the achievements. Really, a match made in heaven!

Pros of this style of FinTech Video:

  • Touches emotional nerve
  • Brings live to the footage
  • Connects to the end customer easily
  • Makes it easy to integrate different types of mediums- animation, photos, videos, testimonials etc.

Cons of this style of FinTech Video:

  • A lot is dependent on the quality of the footage. There is only so much that great animation can do.

Revamp/ Relaunch Video

The world of finances is dynamic, more so with the advances in technology. As you keep abreast with the changing times, it is important that you communicate this message of new you with your loyal customers. Use a Revamp/ Relaunch video for this.

Pros of this style of FinTech Video:

  • Fresh and energizing
  • Shows you are modern
  • Educates the customer
  • Good for gaining new customers
  • Builds brand loyalty

Cons of this style of FinTech Video:

  • A lot is dependent on the quality of thevideo. It needs to be as innovative as your new image.

Customer Education Video

Most FinTech companies struggle with this. They know they need to educate their customers. But they don’t know how to strike the balance between being understandable and using the important financial terms. An Education video solves this problem.

Pros of this style of FinTech Video:

  • Interesting
  • Limited use of jargons
  • Customer feels understood
  • Brand loyalty is built
  • Can be made into series

Cons of this style of FinTech Video:

  • Getting customer attention and retaining it is of prime importance, but it shouldn’t compromise message clarity.

Social Initiative Video

Most FinTech companies do a lot to give back to the community. If your customers know of it, they will feel more attached to the brand. CSR activities humanize you. A Social Initiative helps you to communicate all the good that you have done.

Pros of this style of FinTech Video:

  • Touches emotions
  • Humanizes the brand
  • Builds recall and loyalty
  • Creates a ripple effect of goodness
  • Shareable content
  • Connects via audios and visuals

Cons of this style of FinTech Video:

  • Care should be taken to not sound pompous.

Need a FinTech video? Need help with selecting a style? Need more info?

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