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Short fun-sized entertaining videos that simplify and explain even complex concepts!

What are explainer videos? Why do I need them?

Why do you need explainer videos? Easy! If you have a product or service that needs explaining, well, guess what? Explainers are for you. Complex topics could be easily broken down into their essence, in a manner that anyone, absolutely anyone, can understand. So need an entertaining elevator pitch? Want to grab your audience’s attention in minutes? Want to easily reach your market? An explainer video is the solution you are looking for.

Advantages of Explainer Videos

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Easily Understandable

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Multi-platform usability

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Integrates logo, tagline, and call-to-action

Reasons for creating Explainer Videos with Mypromovideos

There could be many reasons why you would want to work with us. We have more than a decade of experience in this field. We started making explainer videos way before they became a fad. We excel at motion graphics and can walk shoulder-to-shoulder with some of the best motion graphics studios. We have a team that is from a plethora of backgrounds, making it easy for us to understand all types of concepts. And despite this, we don’t charge the moon! We work together with our clients and aim to please at every step of the process. Yes, there are many reasons to want to work with us, but the most important is that we go to the heart of the message. And try to connect your message to the hearts of the viewers. That’s where we truly stand out.

Psst…we were also named Top Video Production Agency by Clutch in 2020.

The Process

The process of creating an explainer video is a snap. Here’s how it goes:

Explainer video Questionnaire

Stage 1: We ask. You explain. We understand exactly what you need.

Explianer video script

Stage 2: We write a script and get your approval

Explianer video storyboard

Stage 3: We create a storyboard and get your approval

Explianer video voice over

Stage 4: We get the voiceover recorded and get your approval

Explianer video styleframe

Stage 5: We create style frames and get your approval

Explianer video animation

Stage 6: We send you the final draft and get your approval

Explianer video musicandsfx

Stage 7: We add music and sound effects… and get your approval

Explianer video delivery

Stage 8: We send you the final video!

Yup. Notice how there’s your approval at every point? We proceed only when you are satisfied.

Time taken

Typical explainers take a very short time. Most often, you get your video in just 4 to 6 weeks!

Some styles of Explainer videos for you to choose from

Classic style

These are explainer videos with a clear format. There is a central character, that has a problem. Your product or service is the solution. You explain the problem and the solution in clear and concise words that are conversational at the same time. You directly touch the heart of your target audience.

Pros of this style of explainer videos:

  • Short videos
  • Easily digestible
  • Faster to make
  • Gets to the crux of the matter without too much beating around the bush

Cons of this style of explainer videos:

  • Some of your audience may be saturated with explainer videos and may need something different to attract them.

Storytelling style

This style is highly effective if you want to connect to the emotions of the viewers. It is also a great way to entertain them or create an off-beat memorable video. In many ways, it is much like the previous style, except that here the emphasis is more on the storytelling. The whole video is built around the story, including the benefits and features of the product or service.

Pros of this style of explainer videos:

  • Memorable
  • Engaging
  • Connects to the audience
  • Benefits become part of a good story

Cons of this style of explainer videos:

  • May take a longer time to create when compared to the classic style

Jingle style

If you are looking for an explainer video that REALLY stands out, here is the style you are looking for. More of a commercial than an explainer, this style easily weaves the music into the explanation. It can be funny and immensely quirky. You can even play around with rhymes and accents for this.

Pros of this style of explainer videos:

  • Lively
  • Fun
  • Memorable
  • Out-of-the-box

Cons of this style of explainer videos:

  • Needs good musical artists so this style could cost a little more and take a little longer to create.

Live footage style

Some brands like to strike a more formal note in their explainer videos. And for this matter, they prefer to use live footage instead of the regular 2D characters. Live footage can look excellent when combined with classy motion graphical elements and text that compliments the voiceover.

Pros of this style of explainer videos:

  • Formal
  • Professional
  • Goes well with technical words
  • Classy
  • Motion graphics enhance its feel

Cons of this style of explainer videos:

  • The right footage needs to be found, also for the regular folks, it can be a tad unentertaining.

3D style

If you are looking for a beautiful video, that combines trendy look with professionalism, here’s your video. 3D animation is especially impactful if you need a more immersive style to your narrative.

Pros of this style of explainer videos:

  • Immersive
  • Creative
  • Fancy
  • Sophisticated
  • Can strike any tone from serious and formal to funny and outlandish

Cons of this style of explainer videos:

  • Producing a 3D video is costlier than 2D, and it can take a longer time to complete also.

Looking for some ideas? Check out this blog.

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