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Simple by choice!

We are just a crew of animation nerds who happen to be really good at what we do. We are the dreamers, the storytellers, and the wizards on a mission to bring your ideas to life!

Mypromovideos Team

Who are we?

At Mypromovideos, we believe in the power of simplicity to solve complexity. That’s why we’re “Simple by Choice.” Our animated videos are simple to understand despite being stunning to look at.

We’ve racked up an impressive collection of awards and accolades for our exceptional work, and our videos have been featured by some of the most prestigious media outlets in the world. Our clients span the globe, and we pride ourselves on building strong, long-lasting relationships with each and every one of them. 

But we’re not just a bunch of serious professionals! We’re a team of fun-loving, creative individuals who are nuts about what we do. We’re always on the lookout for new and innovative ways to make your message come to life in a way that’s both entertaining and informative. 

So, if you’re looking for a bunch of passionate, talented, and downright cool professionals to create your next animated video, then Mypromovideos is the partner for you!

The dynamic crew that makes it happen


Founder & Creative Director


Founder & Creative Director


Animation Director


Animation Director


Script & Creative director


Art Director


Character animator






Graphic Designer


Music director


3D Generalist & Animator


F&A strategist



What we believe

Simple by choice

Stay simple. Don’t try to impress. Don’t force yourself to be something you are not. There’s no need. Be you. The uncomplicated, uncluttered, unshackled you. Be the casual you. Be the simple you. There’s nothing more impressive than simplicity.

Own it first

Own your project. This is going to be your work. Read it again- Your work. Own that. You are the creator. It belongs to you. If it is great, it is yours. If it sucks, it is still yours.

New Now

How do you make it fresh? It could be a simple phrase. Or a few strokes of colour. Get creative. Take the old and breathe new life into it. Try something new. Try it now.

Do Fun

Yes, you gotta work hard. Yes, you gotta research. Yes, you gotta find inspiration. Yes, you gotta innovate. Yes. Yes. Yes. But through all of it… You also gotta have fun. Enjoy what you do. Put joy into what you do. Have fun. Do fun.


Jargon can be useful. When you want precision. But use too much jargon… and people disconnect. You want to talk to people.  Living and breathing people. Breathe life into your communication too. Nothing takes priority over conveying the message engagingly, and with clarity. and so…. no jargon, please!

All in small

Every atom is a miniature representation of the cosmos. Your best work is all about the attention you give to details. So from keeping the work well-organized… To gauge the need or necessity for every dot… Your focus should always be on the small things. Take care of the small stuff… and the big stuff will automatically take care of itself.

Get in touch with our team

Our video strategists are just a click away to help you in understanding your video production needs. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

How is “mypromovideos” different from others?

We differentiate ourselves from others through our approach in creating custom videos that are tailored to each business’ specific needs and goals. We have a full stack team with commendable experience and expertise who focus on providing exciting scripts, high-quality illustrations, graphics, animation, professional voiceover narration and music which makes our videos stand out from others.

What type of explainer videos does mypromovideos create?

We create a wide range of animated explainer videos like 2D explainer. 3D explainer, motion graphics, Kinetic typography, whiteboard animation videos.

By understanding your specific needs and goals, we help you  choose a video type that communicates your message in a compelling manner and resonates with your target audience.

What are the costs associated with mypromovideos' explainer videos, including potential fees for revisions or music licensing?

The cost of an explainer video depends on factors such as the type of the video, length of the video, the complexity of the animation, and the level of customization required. In common, our explainer video costs range between $3000 to $10000. Get a quote for an explainer video here.


We provide 2 to 3 revisions on each stage of the video production process. We charge for the additional seconds if it exceeds the agreed duration.


No, for music there is no extra cost. This cost is included in the explainer video cost.

How does mypromovideos ensure the final product meets our expectations?

We meet your expectations by understanding your specific needs and goals for the explainer video, providing script and storyboard, maintaining regular communication, use professional voiceover and music, and offer revisions if needed. We work closely with our clients throughout the process to create a high-quality, custom explainer video that effectively communicates the desired message and resonates with the target audience. In one phrase we are an end to end solution to your explainer video need.

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