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Join our super creative video creation team.

We are an animation video production company started in 2009 and we are passionate about staying at the forefront of technology and design trends to produce outcome driven videos.

We have built a full-stack team with right mix of writers, illustrators, designers, 3d animators, motion graphics animators, music designers, creative directors, producers and video strategists.

What we believe

Simple by choice

Stay simple. Don’t try to impress. Don’t force yourself to be something you are not. There’s no need. Be you. The uncomplicated, uncluttered, unshackled you. Be the casual you. Be the simple you. There’s nothing more impressive than simplicity.

Own it first

Own your project. This is going to be your work. Read it again- Your work. Own that. You are the creator. It belongs to you. If it is great, it is yours. If it sucks, it is still yours.

New Now

How do you make it fresh? It could be a simple phrase. Or a few strokes of colour. Get creative. Take the old and breathe new life into it. Try something new. Try it now.

Do Fun

Yes, you gotta work hard. Yes, you gotta research. Yes, you gotta find inspiration. Yes, you gotta innovate. Yes. Yes. Yes. But through all of it… You also gotta have fun.Enjoy what you do. Put joy into what you do. Have fun. Do fun.


Jargon can be useful. When you want precision. But use too much jargon… and people disconnect. You want to talk to people.  Living and breathing people. Breathe life into your communication too. Nothing takes priority over conveying the message engagingly, and with clarity. and so…. no jargon, please!

All in small

Every atom is a miniature representation of the cosmos. Your best work is all about the attention you give to details. So from keeping the work well-organized… To gauge the need or necessity for every dot… Your focus should always be on the small things. Take care of the small stuff… and the big stuff will automatically take care of itself.

Current openings

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Video strategist
Content writer

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Have different ideas?

If you have a different value proposition to offer us, please get in touch with us through this form we will definitely see how we can take it forward.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What types of job opportunities are available at Mypromovideos?

Mypromovideos offers a range of job opportunities such as creative directors, animators, Illustrators, scriptwriters, project managers, digital marketers, video strategists and more.

What qualifications do I need to work at Mypromovideos?

At Mypromovideos, we prioritize candidates who possess relevant work experience and a strong portfolio, as we believe that practical skills and experience are essential for success in the animation video production industry. While having a degree or diploma in a related field is certainly beneficial, we place more emphasis on an individual’s ability to demonstrate their skills and creativity through their past work. And more importantly, the individual’s ability to work in a team.

Does Mypromovideos offer internship opportunities?

Yes, Mypromovideos offers internship opportunities to students and fresh graduates who are interested in gaining practical experience in the animation video production industry. Interns will work under the guidance of experienced professionals and gain hands-on experience in different aspects of the production process.

Does Mypromovideos provide training and development opportunities for its employees?

Yes, we are committed to providing our employees with regular training and development opportunities. We believe in continuously enhancing the skills and knowledge of our team members through workshops, seminars, and other training programs. We also encourage our employees to take up online courses and attend relevant industry events to stay up-to-date with the latest trends and technologies.

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