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Is creating Proof of Concepts costly & time-consuming?3D Visualization to the rescue!

About Addverb Technologies:

Addverb Technologies is a pioneer in human-robot collaboration and a leading robotics company, providing intra-logistics automation solutions across the globe. With its sight firmly on the future, it boasts an end-to-end product portfolio fueled by AI, Machine Learning, Deep Learning, Computer Vision & IoT that can streamline any operation.

The Requirement:

Like many of our enterprise clients, Addverb Technologies needed more than one video from us. But their needs were unique. Most of their products existed as ideas only. There was no tangible product that their customers could see. That’s where they needed our support. They briefed us to bring this product to life for them using the magic of video-making. They wanted us to join hands with them and imagine each product along with them based on their sketches and their descriptions. They wanted to create videos to help their customers imagine and we were going to enable it using 3D visualization techniques. You see, even the best 3D visualizations are not as time-consuming and costly as the actual hi-tech robotic model itself.


Our Solution:

As we were going to be working on futuristic technology, we wanted to be sure that we got everything right to the last detail. Our strategy? Perfection is a series of small steps. Our strategy was to take care of the smaller steps that lead to better videos. Meaning: 

  1. Work closely with the client
  2. Research. Research. Research.
  3. Reflect the brand in the videos
  4. Learn. Grow. Repeat.

Work Closely With The Client

We knew that for this project to click, we had to function as one team. We had to think like Addverb Technologies and they had to trust our creative team implicitly. Ergo we spent the four months before we created the first video just getting to know each other. We spent time understanding each other-meeting in person when possible, and virtually otherwise. We visited warehouses, met respective teams, and tried to see how the other operated. Because of this groundwork, every video we made only made our relationship grow stronger.

Research. Research. Research.

We were working with a hi-tech company. The videos we were going to create would replace proof of concept and bring in new businesses for Addverb Technologies. They were crucial. Obviously, we wanted to be thorough. Our research meant


Asking questions:

We were not worried about coming across as totally ignorant. We needed to learn. We were constantly asking questions. Addverb Technologies was more than happy to oblige. They provided us with as much material as we needed, and sketches and illustrations to help us understand better.

Understanding the competition: 

Although what Addverb Technologies was doing was new and unique there were still others who were doing something similar in their field and this provided us a better understanding of what the final products would look like. Also, it gave us an idea of what they wouldn’t be building and helped us in eliminating what wasn’t required.

Reading up:

As in all topics, there is a truckload of information available in books and online, so we made sure to dig up as much as we could. As we said earlier, our knowledgeable clients helped us a whole lot here.

Discussing and knowledge sharing:

To save time, we made sure that every member of the team participated in discussions where all the relevant information collected during these research sessions was shared and hence the overall knowledge threshold of the team was improved.

Reflect The Brand In The Videos:

Robotics. Cutting edge. Automated. Human-centric. Addverb Technologies has a lot to offer from Micro-fulfilment centers to multifaceted products but it remains futuristic at its core. Every innovation it makes is for the convenience of humans and the advancement of mankind. Our videos stay consistent with the brand. They look as advanced as the technology we speak of. We innovated with our ideas just the way Addverb Technologies innovated with science. Our creative team ensured that you were transported into a world of possibilities as you looked at the videos. It was not a dream, it was a very achievable reality that Addverb Technologies could bring for you, and our videos convinced the viewers of the same. 

Learn. Grow. Repeat.

Over the years, a lot has changed. Addverb Technologies has grown a lot and so have we. Throughout this journey, we have learned a lot. We have made mistakes and gone through many revisions because we were creating something that was exciting only in our dreams, we were bringing something from imagination to life.  We weren’t afraid of mistakes or revisions. We all gave it our hundred percent. Hence every new video became easier to make, we had grown that much more, and we had learned that much more. Sometimes we still have to go back to the drawing board and start anew, but that is exciting. It feels like a fresh new journey. 


Today Addverb Technologies ​​has raised $132 million from Reliance Industries Limited and is still soaring. It has spread globally and many of the videos we created as Proof of Concept are now a reality. As we look back we realised that there was never a moment of doubt that these were achievable. We believed in their dreams as much as they did. They were able to use the videos as marketing collateral, in shows and pitches. Actually, that is the magic of videos, it makes the viewer see what you see in your mind’s eye and believe what you believe. It helps you gain trust. Addverb Technologies proved that as long as the entrepreneur has the clarity of vision, it can be translated into a video that can convince anyone. 

Dream big, and achieve your dreams, we can help you.