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Deliverr is an E-commerce fulfilment company based in the United States of America. They integrate with eCommerce marketplaces, such as Walmart, eBay, Amazon, Shopify, Wish, and BigCommerce, offering two-day shipping to merchants selling on Walmart’s online marketplace, and similar service with other online marketplaces.

The challenge

Challenge was that buyers want to get their items immediately. Sellers want to raise conversion rates with fast, reliable fulfillment. We had to create a video that conveys the message how Deliverr is Fast and Affordable Fulfilment and how it brings equality to all market place.

"Fulfilment" service for a "Great" product

Deliverr being a fulfillment service, we chose to write the script in the perspective of the product. The product is great but it is not selling in all places. Why? It’s the same product, same price, same everything…right? This was the cue that we chose to kick off the video.

Deliverr | Product explainer video- Package
Deliverr | Product explainer video-Love

"Primelight program" - The USP

The video had to absorbing and engaging and also had to fly. So we used the “Primelight program” on the e-commerce website as its USP and built appealing script anf graphics around it. It acted as the key to building trust with your audience. This helped to differentiate Deliverr from competitors and showcase its benefits.

Deliverr makes Delivery Simple!

We wanted to keep it simple and focus on the benefits of your product or service, rather than just its features. Simple yet attracting visuals were used to convey the message in appealing and engaging way. The visuals talks about Its integration with popular e-commerce platforms which is simple and showcases that Deliverr expertly pick, pack, ship, and deliver to your customers, fast on time, every time.

Deliverr | Product explainer video-truck

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