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Deliverr is an E-commerce fulfillment company based in the United States. It integrates with prominent eCommerce marketplaces such as Walmart, eBay, Amazon, Shopify, Wish, and BigCommerce. Deliverr provides two-day shipping services to merchants on Walmart’s online platform and extends similar services to other online marketplaces.

The challenge

The challenge revolved around the fact that buyers increasingly demanded immediate item fulfillment, while sellers aimed to boost conversion rates through fast and dependable order processing. Our task was to create a video that effectively communicates how Deliverr embodies the principles of swift and cost-effective fulfillment, thereby leveling the playing field across all marketplaces.

"Fulfilment" service for a "Great" product

Given Deliverr’s role as a fulfillment service, we opted to craft the script from the product’s point of view. While the product itself is superb, it hasn’t achieved widespread sales. But why? After all, it’s the identical product, priced the same, with no differences whatsoever. This formed the starting point for our video narrative.

Deliverr | Product explainer video- Package
Deliverr | Product explainer video-Love

"Primelight program" - The USP

The video needed to be captivating, immersive, and dynamic. To achieve this, we centered the script and graphics around the standout feature of the e-commerce website: the “Primelight program.” This program served as Deliverr’s distinctive offering, and we strategically crafted the content to highlight its value proposition. By doing so, we aimed to foster trust with the viewers, effectively setting Deliverr apart from its competitors while showcasing the array of benefits it brings.

Deliverr makes Delivery Simple!

We aimed to keep it simple and focus on the benefits of their service, rather than just the features. We used straightforward yet captivating visuals to convey the message in an engaging manner. These visuals revolved around the seamless integration of Deliverr with popular e-commerce platforms. The video is simple but effectively showcases how Deliverr expertly picks, packs, ships, and delivers to customers fast—on time, every time.

Deliverr | Product explainer video-truck

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