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AppViewX is an advanced automation and orchestration platform providing end-to-end provisioning and self-servicing capabilities. AppViewX customers include a significant number of Fortune 500 companies that use the AppViewX Platform at scale.

The challenge

AppviewX wanted an explainer video for their platform. Through the video we had to explain an application-centric identity and access management (IAM) platform that enables self-service workflow automation and orchestration to ensure continuous application access and availability, identity-first security and compliance control. As you can see it had many complex concepts and computer terminologies. This was the challenge.

A good understanding of the subject

Our team is never shy when it comes to hard work and research. We read up as much as we could, we spoke to subject matter experts, we delved into the topics in-depth, and we even visited the AppViewX office to get a complete understanding of the topics we were dealing with. We did it every time there was a fresh topic or treatment.

AppviewX | Platform Explainer Video - Hurdles
AppviewX | Platform Explainer Video - Connection

Agility and time-sensitivity

As the technology landscape is constantly evolving, it is important to convey complex ideas in a concise and engaging manner that captures the attention of viewers. To achieve this, our creative team was agile and adaptable, ready to pivot as needed. Additionally, the video must be delivered within a tight timeframe to ensure relevance and effectiveness. Therefore, by prioritizing agility and time-sensitivity, we successfully produced it to convey the message to their target audience.

A process that weaves it together

We needed a flow that every individual would adhere to, a system where we all knew what came next, and what was needed to be done in case of hiccups etc. Every member of the team was aware of what came before and after their work in the process. We were all bound together by the same thread and this helped us not only work smoothly but also created a feeling of camaraderie.

AppviewX | Platform Explainer Video - workflow

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