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Netcore RAMAN AI

Netcore Cloud’s AI Engine – Raman enables businesses to deliver game-changing app/web performance by uplifting predictive intelligence and personalized engagement.

The challenge

Challenge was to create top-of-mind recall and perception change of Netcore Smartech with the help of their Mascot. The Mascot was “RAMAN”, AI based first platform that uses cutting-edge technology to help brands deliver the most data-driven and hyper-personalized customer experiences at scale.

Boom to growth marketer

We thought of writing the script in the perspective of a Growth Marketer for the video. Because a growth marketer always looks out to find new and innovative ways to acquire, retain, and monetize customers. Also his process emphasizes experimentation, data-driven decision-making, and agility.

Netcore | explainer character animation-Buildings
Netcore | explainer character animation-Raman

Meeting - "A critical oppourtunity"

To make it more interesting we chose a meeting scenario. Because for a growth marketer monthly review meeting is a critical opportunity to analyze and assess the performance of the marketing strategies, campaigns, and tactics implemented by the him and his team.

Insightful Graphics & Animations

The mascot “RAMAN” was decided to be animated in manner that gives a feel as though he is a friend, an aide, an advisor to the growth marketer. Apart from the Mascot, data visualizations such as charts, graphs, and mock interfaces were used to show the impact of the AI, “RAMAN” on successful growth marketing.

Netcore | Explainer character animation -funnel

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