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Vital beats

Vital beats software platform automates triage and diagnostics in cardiac device care. It helps to remotely monitoring of heart patients with implanted devices.

The challenge

In order for the clinic to buy Vital beats, it is not enough that it delivers value for the patient only. It has to make a financial impact at the clinic also. So we had to show in our video that the clinic becomes both more efficient and better at delivering care to their patients before they buy our service.

Discovery of the Vital metaphor

Comparing the rhythm of heartbeats to the vast and unpredictable nature of the ocean can be a powerful and evocative metaphor. Our team devoted extensive research to finding the most fitting comparison, and after exploring numerous possibilities, we arrived at the image of ocean drops. The ocean drops metaphor helps us to convey the heart beats’ complexity and depth. With this metaphor in mind, we crafted a narrative that artfully aligns with the fluidity and depth of the ocean.

Explainer animation Metaphor-ocean

Mission to Change

Vital Beats has revolutionized the way people monitor and track their vitals, leading to significant improvements in their overall health and well-being. Through its user-friendly platform, individuals can easily monitor their vitals and take proactive steps towards a healthier lifestyle.

To make the content more accessible and easy to understand, We utilized colorful and flat illustrations in the video, which effectively conveyed complex information in a visually appealing manner. This approach not only made the content more engaging, but also made it easier for viewers to grasp key concepts and take action towards improving their health.

Heartful Animations

The Vital Beats video was created with a specific target audience in mind, including hospitals, heart clinics, and pacemaker clinics. To effectively communicate the benefits of the Vital Beats platform, the animations in the video were designed to be concise and easily understandable.

The animation style employed in the video allowed for complex medical concepts to be simplified and presented in an engaging manner. This approach enabled the target audience to quickly grasp the benefits of using Vital Beats for monitoring and tracking vitals, leading to better patient outcomes and improved overall health.


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