Corporate Overview Video by Top Brands: 15 Best Examples

Corporate Overview Video By Top Brands

Last Updated on April 25, 2024

Introduction: What Are Corporate Overview Videos?

Corporate overview videos can be a good way to convey information in an engaging way. These company videos can be distributed among various channels. This makes them effective in conveying information to employees and to people who are connected with the organization. 

However, when making a corporate overview video for your company, you should learn from the best. That’s why we have compiled a list of 15 corporate overview videos from the world’s biggest companies. All of them include invaluable lessons when it comes to conveying messages through video. 

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Here are the 15 examples of corporate overview videos. 

1. Apple Carbon Neutral Video by 2030.

Major brands around the world are trying to be more sustainable. Because of the growing concern of climate change, people want to buy from businesses that aren’t too harsh on the environment. 

Apple is making sure that it becomes that business by 2030. In this kinetic typography video of Apple, they showcase their goal to make every Apple product carbon neutral by 2030. 

This corporate overview video clearly showcases the Apple brand value of sustainability. It explains how Apple will shift its manufacturing to make all products from 100% recycled material. The fonts and colors it uses are consistent with Apple’s brand and the values it wants to represent. For example, green is used when they talk about sustainability. 

This gives us an example that you don’t need a great budget to make a traditional video to get your point across. 

2. Netflix: Freedom and Culture

Employee policy decides how employees are treated within an organization. It’s important for companies to share their employee policy with the buyers. So, they know that the company is engaging in fair treatment of their workers. It also helps them attract quality employees to their company. 

Such is the attempt of Netflix’s corporate overview video. Instead of themselves telling their values, they let their employees share their experience. They give first-hand perspective from the employees themselves as to how they feel towards Netflix’s core value. 

3. Starbucks coffee Farmers

Climate is affecting all of us. From people in the cities to farmers and their produce as well. Starbucks decided to help their coffee farmers through their new initiative of donating coffee trees to farmers. 

They use shots of the field footage from their farms as the backdrop of this message. Starbuck’s corporate overview video is an example of how a company can create awareness about its positive initiative through video.

4. Dell: Reimagining the Future of Work

The idea of a workspace is expanding. Since the pandemic, the work is transitioning into people’s homes. But, the problem is that most people’s homes aren’t designed for work. They are full of distractions. 

Dell aims to solve this problem by creating devices that adapt to our needs and environment, instead of the other way around. In this corporate overview video, Dell uses a mix of 3D-motion graphic and traditional video to showcase possible future devices they are planning. 

These technologies, like multi-screen laptops, or interconnectivity between multiple devices are shown through animation. Even the sketches for possible product designs are included in the video. 

This is a creative way to show the innovation Dell is planning for. Even if they don’t have the finished product now, they successfully represent their future technology and spirit of innovation in under 2-minutes through this combination (animation and real) style corporate overview video. 

5. Google: Ocean’s Plastic Problem by Gringgo Tech

Google being a tech company funds startups that service a bigger cause. This corporate video is a representation of’s AI Impact challenge. It tells the story of a company funded through that program. 

However, the ingenious tactic by Google is that they don’t talk about their program at all. Only one or two lines refer to it. Most of the video is of the company they funded Gringgo Tech and how they solved the problem of waste collection through technology which was developed with the help of Google. 

The video showcases clips of waste-collectors, waste in the ocean with a voice-over of the founder of Gringo tech explaining their journey. It also shows the process of AI recognising various wastes. Meanwhile in the background, the founder explains about the problem of ocean plastic and how it can be solved with better and more productive waste collection. 

6. Facebook Communities: CUESA Farmers Market

Do you know the person who grew the food on your plate? In urban areas, we are so disconnected with farmers. Farmer’s market is an attempt to connect us back with the people who grow our food by buying directly from them. Instead of a shelf, you see a face behind your food. 

This is what Center for Urban Education about Sustainable Agriculture (CUESA) does by organizing farmer’s markets. Facebook showcases how their feature ‘Facebook Events’ is key to this process. With shots from their farmer’s market and interviews of real farmers, Facebook gives us a peek of this event. By doing this they showcase how their Facebook events feature serves various good causes around the world. 

7. Microsoft Mesh Technology.

The world is moving towards virtual reality. So is microsoft. Their new innovation microsoft mesh is an attempt to unify holographic virtual collaboration across multiple devices. This means you can see and interact with holographic objects and people in real-time through your virtual headsets. 

This tech is still in development but Microsoft corporate overview video imagines as if it was already here. Through graphics added to traditional video, real-time use of finished holographs is shown. At the same time, it shows the various applications it will have; collaborative workspace, health sector, teaching and engineering. 

This video may be high in budget but is still an example of how a company can visualize its goals and ambition through corporate overview videos. 

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8. Microsoft: Breaking Modern Loneliness on World Mental Health Day

We are suffering from a mental health pandemic. However, most of our struggles remain silent. This is what musician Luav wanted to solve on the World Mental Health Day.

His foundation launched where anyone can share their thoughts. The AI will take a note of that and display it on the world map. 

This was obviously powered by microsoft. With a powered by microsoft tag at the top right of the video they made sure that people associated Microsoft with this social cause. This serves as a perfect example that even if your product isn’t directly involved, you can still make sure to reap the benefits of positive branding by using logos. 

9. Tesla: Solar Energy

Tesla is known for its electric vehicles. One of their main values is sustainability. This is what their future projects are aimed at. One of which is At Home: Tesla’s set-up that helps you convert solar energy into electricity in your home. 

The 3D motion graphics display the elements that Tesla would install and how they’ll convert electricity. It’s a great way to build hype for future projects that are consistent with your brand’s core value. 

10. Samsung’s Commitment Towards a Better Planet

Like most companies, Samsung decided to commit to taking meaningful steps that will save the environment. Their value is to make products that are more sustainable for the environment. 

How do they represent this value? By going to a classroom full of kids and asking them what they would invent for the planet? The kids talk about their ideas and draw them. 

With a simple combination of video-clips, text and music, they were able to convey their value of sustainability. This helps us see that Samsung is open to ideas from us and the future generation. 

Sometimes, corporate overview videos can be an interaction with other people focused on the theme of a message.


11. Google Interns First Week.

Internships can be scary. Especially, if you have never worked in a professional setting before. But, this is where you grow the most. 

So, how do you introduce your internship to people? Instead of telling people you show it to them. Google does an incredible job here of recording the first week of their internship. 

Their corporate overview video includes various snippets. It includes an introduction of some of the interns and what challenges they had about the internship. Then, it includes clips of interns meeting each other and parts of classes that Google conducted. All this makes us view their internship as a source of learning and meeting new people. 

12. Google’s Sustainability

If it comes directly from the CEO, you know the company is serious about it. This is what Google does when explaining their 10-year plan and goals of making Google more sustainable. 

Google’s CEO talks about what Google has already done for sustainability. It showcases by making this bold statement that every time you use a Google service, there is zero-carbon footprint from their side. 

In a corporate overview video, it can often be good to talk about what the company has already done towards a certain goal or value. And, when it comes to goals, it’s best if it comes from higher authorities. 

13. Mercedes Drive Pilot. 

One great way to show innovation is to use futuristic elements and music in your video. Mercedes shows their new technology that is AI-powered self-driving cars in a futuristic garage with animated effects and elements. 

This clip is 40 second long but still is able to build a certain hype for the release of this new Mercedes feature.


14. Nike’s Air Sesh Development Process

Dancers faced a big problem. For a long time, there were no shoes specifically designed for their art. This is the problem that Nike solved by creating shoes specifically for dancers. 

Their new shoes focus on performance and style. 

But, If you have done it for the first time, why would people trust you? That’s when a corporate overview video of the process behind a product comes into play. You must show the design or manufacturing process.

Nike’s corporate overview video takes us directly to the show designer and the dance crew he worked with while creating this shoe. The best part of this video is how the dance crew tells us their problem with regular shoes and how Nike’s new shoe solves it. 

15. HCL Technologies. 

How do you introduce your company? In this corporate overview video, HCL first separates itself from all the other tech companies by telling us how it’s one of the biggest tech companies out there. 

They then ignite the audience’s curiosity by asking how they grew this big? With that, they move on to explaining company’’s process and values supported by 2D animated elements. 

This is a perfect example of how 2D animation can make a technical corporate overview video more engaging and memorable to watch.  


These may not be the world’s best corporate overview video but they certainly were better than most. By going through these videos and with our 13 years of experience in this field, these are the two-takeaway lessons. . 

  1. These videos don’t tell. Instead of telling you about their new programme or design process, they show it to you using video and interviews. 
  2. They focus more on other’s experiences. Instead of telling you the benefit of their new product or policy, they let the employee’s or people using the product talk. 

One should remember, a good corporate overview video isn’t about having a big budget. It’s about how you present the message. 

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