40 Best Explainer Video Examples by Top Brands [2024 Updated]

Best Explainer Video Examples To Get Inspired

Last Updated on April 25, 2024

The Explainer video is here to stay. We have seen everyone using explainer videos- startups, established businesses, mom&pop shops, NGOs, Government institutions, giant corporates, and top brands. Explainer video (this is for those of you who may have been living under a rock because there is no other way you could have missed the whole animation/marketing revolution) is usually a short video that explains any message or describes a product or service in an engaging, entertaining way- mostly through animation. The explainer video is also called “explainer” for short. This is a prominent tool in video marketing strategy. Such videos have helped a lot of businesses. Here are our list of best 40 explainer video examples from top brands.

(Note: These 40 best examples are in no particular order)

Explainer Video Examples: Google’s “Google for Work” – Animation Magic Meets Brand Identity

Google reigns supreme in the explainer video arena, consistently delivering stellar examples like their “Google for Work” video. This animated masterpiece leverages iconic Google colors and a conversational voiceover to captivate viewers. While characters are absent, objects come alive through compelling motion graphics, seamlessly complementing the narration. This approach exemplifies how explainer videos can benefit businesses and marketers by effectively showcasing products, engaging audiences, and reinforcing brand identity.

Explainer Video Examples: McDonald’s “Drive-Thru Car-Free Day” – Fun Meets Informative

McDonald’s, known for its vibrant brand personality, delivers an awesome explainer video example in “Drive-Thru Car-Free Day.” This video creatively tackles the task of informing customers about a car-free drive-thru by showcasing a kaleidoscope of diverse scenarios. Energetic individuals explore alternative modes of transport, all brought to life with bold colors, upbeat music, and a fun-loving spirit that aligns perfectly with the brand. This example demonstrates how explainer videos can be both informative and entertaining, while incorporating interactive elements like diverse scenarios to keep viewers engaged.

Explainer Video Examples: WestJet “First Flight” – Fun & Safety Take Off

WestJet’s “First Flight” video reimagines the dreaded flight safety briefing as a charming animated tale, earning its spot among best explainer videos 2024. This example proves that even “common” topics can be transformed into engaging experiences. By injecting fun, a memorable character, and a touch of magic, WestJet delivers strategic messaging in a way that captures attention and resonates with viewers. This video serves as inspiration for explainer video makers seeking to craft innovative and engaging content that effectively conveys information while staying true to brand identity.

Explainer Video Examples: AT&T “Connected” – Seamless Storytelling & Brand Imprint 

AT&T’s “Connected” explainer video earns its place among best explainer videos 2024 through its breathtaking illustrations, calming color palette, and spot-on voiceover. But what truly sets it apart are the memorable transitions. This user-centric design masterpiece seamlessly connects scenes around a central device, subtly yet powerfully imprinting the AT&T brand. This video stands as an explainer video marketing exemplar, demonstrating how compelling storytelling and visual coherence can leave a lasting impression and connect with viewers on a deeper level.

Explainer Video Examples: IBM’s “Hybrid Data Management” – Tailored Clarity for Tech Audiences

For IT-related companies like IBM, explainer videos become crucial in navigating complex topics. Their “Hybrid Data Management” video exemplifies this, earning its place among best explainer video examples. It bridges the gap between technical specifics and audience understanding. The intelligent narration resonates with the target audience’s intellect, while the professional color scheme reinforces brand identity. The key lies in the meaningful animation and icons, bringing the value proposition to life in an engaging way. This video serves as a guide for how to make an explainer video for technical audiences, emphasizing the importance of clear communication, tailored messaging, and visually compelling elements.

Explainer Video Examples: Mastercard “By the Numbers” – Simplicity Speaks Volumes

Mastercard tackles the challenge of simplifying complex financial services in their “By the Numbers” explainer video, solidifying its place among best explainer video examples. This video caters to a broader audience than IBM, opting for clear narratives and visually calming flat, minimal scenes. The brilliant yet subtle animation and diverse, featureless characters further contribute to the video’s clean aesthetic. This focus on visual aesthetics complements the warmth conveyed by the narration, ensuring the message resonates effectively. This example serves as inspiration for crafting explainer videos with compelling visuals and clear scripts, even when dealing with complex topics.

Explainer Video Examples: BBC Red Button – Captivating Blend of Live Action & Animation

BBC’s explainer video for their Red Button feature shines among the best explainer video examples, showcasing the power of blending real-life footage with animation. This approach seamlessly integrates the new service into familiar TV viewing experiences, making it easily understandable and engaging. Pretty illustrations, catchy music, and clear voiceover further enhance the video’s appeal, effectively explaining the Red Button’s benefits and how to use it. This video serves as an inspiration for any business looking to explain a new online presence feature through video. Remember, effective storytelling and creative combinations can captivate your audience and drive adoption.

Explainer Video Examples: TOMS’ Story – Emotionally Captivating with Stunning Visuals

TOMS’ explainer video, “The TOMS Story,” stands out among the best explainer video examples with its heartfelt narrative and stunning visuals. This explainer immerses viewers in a beautiful, emotional journey, tugging at heartstrings and fostering brand love. Unique painting-like illustrations, paired with immersive animation and truthful narration, create a powerful and memorable experience. This video serves as an inspiration for how to make an explainer video that transcends information delivery, connecting with viewers on an emotional level through compelling storytelling and stunning visual appeal.

Explainer Video Examples: KFC’s Youth Foundation – Captivating with Innovation 

KFC’s Youth Foundation explainer video bursts with youthful energy, making it a standout among best explainer videos 2024. Complex illustrations, catchy music, and innovative transitions create a mesmerizing experience. While visually captivating, the core message of supporting youth is delivered with clarity. This video demonstrates how innovation and creative storytelling can craft explainer videos that are both engaging and impactful. Learn how to make an explainer video that connects with your audience by tapping into their emotions and using innovative visuals.

Explainer Video Examples: Twitter’s Event Targeting – Versatility through Brand Alignment 

Twitter’s “Event Targeting” explainer video exemplifies versatility within brand identity. It cleverly caters to its diverse user base by maintaining core brand colors (with a splash of yellow for vibrancy) and utilizing a flat, minimalist design. This clean aesthetic ensures clarity while various elements in each scene enhance the visual narrative’s variety. Smooth motion graphics further elevate the video, effectively communicating the message to a segmented audience. This video serves as an inspiration for creating explainer videos that resonate with diverse audiences while staying true to your brand identity.

Explainer Video Examples: Verizon’s “Driving History” – Simplicity Captivates

Verizon’s “Driving History” explainer video stands out in its simplicity and charm, earning its place among best explainer videos 2024. This line-illustration animation unfolds a gentle story alongside user interfaces, seamlessly transporting viewers through various locations. The minimal color palette and focus on elegant lines and shapes create a clean and visually appealing experience. Subtle secondary animations further enhance the storytelling without overwhelming the viewer. This video serves as an excellent example of using effective storytelling techniques and a minimalist approach to craft engaging explainer videos. Consider this script when exploring explainer video script examples that prioritize captivating narratives and clean visuals.

Explainer Video Examples: Coca-Cola’s “Ribbon” – A Vibrant Celebration

Coca-Cola’s “Ribbon” explainer video stands out as a unique example, perfectly illustrating how video style aligns with brand personality. This video explodes with color, sound, and vibrant energy, reflecting the excitement of the FIFA World Cup and Coca-Cola’s celebratory spirit. The outstanding character animation brings the video to life, immersing viewers in a joyful experience. While not featuring live action, the video remains incredibly lively and engaging, showcasing the power of creative animation and storytelling. Remember, choosing the right video style can greatly impact your message and connect with your audience on a deeper level.

Explainer Video Examples: Amazon’s Smart Home – Captivating Simplicity

Amazon’s Smart Home explainer video exemplifies narrative precision and brand alignment, making it a standout among best explainer videos. The soothing voice, reminiscent of Alexa, instantly connects with viewers. The stylish and simple scenes, coupled with limited, brand-evocative colors, create a calming and inviting atmosphere. Character expressions are subtle yet effective, and thin-line illustrations with a grainy texture and shadow play add a touch of sophistication. This video demonstrates how to craft powerful explainer videos through meticulous attention to detail and a clear understanding of your target audience.

Explainer Video Examples: Volkswagen’s “Snap Out There” – Visual Poetry Captivates

Volkswagen’s “Snap Out There” explainer video transcends explainer video marketing, becoming a visually poetic masterpiece. Every detail, from meticulously crafted illustrations and animations to rhythmic narrations that seamlessly blur the lines between storytelling and singing, is thoughtfully designed to capture user engagement. This video exemplifies how stunning visuals and creative storytelling can elevate explainer videos, captivating audiences not just with the message but also with the sheer beauty of the artistic expression. Want to see how to communicate through emotions and leave a lasting impression? Click play on this video for inspiration.

Explainer Video Examples: Domino’s “Pan Pizza” – Stop-Motion Storytelling with Visual Harmony

Domino’s “Pan Pizza” explainer video shines among explainer video examples 2024 with its charming stop-motion animation and visual storytelling. This video effectively demonstrates how fresh ingredients are transformed into their handmade pizza, seamlessly connecting the message with the chosen medium. The voiceover beautifully echoes the handmade nature of both the video and the pizza, further enhancing the viewer’s experience. This example highlights the power of thoughtful execution and creative use of different mediums to create explainer videos that are both informative and visually captivating. The effort invested in this video clearly resonates with viewers, making it a worthy addition to the best explainer videos of 2024.

Explainer Video Examples: Apple’s “Designed by Apple in California” – Minimalism Meets Masterful Storytelling

Apple’s “Designed by Apple in California” explainer video stands out among explainer video examples 2024 for its mastery of minimalism and brand identity. By prioritizing a clear message delivered through simple dots and lines, the video exemplifies how “less is more.” The precise and thought-provoking script invites viewers to connect with the brand on a deeper level, aligning perfectly with Apple’s image of innovation and elegance. The animation, while seemingly basic circles, seamlessly integrates with the music and message, creating an immersive experience without the need for traditional voiceover. This video serves as an inspiration for crafting explainer videos that prioritize impactful storytelling and brand alignment, proving that even the simplest elements can convey powerful messages.

Explainer Video Examples: VISA’s “Threat Intelligence” – Visually Smart & Adaptable

VISA’s “Threat Intelligence” explainer video exemplifies adaptability in financial explainer videos (2024). It tackles the often dry topic of security with visually smart aesthetics, appealing to its audience while effectively conveying a complex message. Motion graphics, icons, and subtle secondary animations create a sense of sophistication, aligning with the brand’s professional image. The color palette and voiceover further support this, leaving a lasting impression even beyond the smaller details. This video serves as a prime example of how explainer videos can be both informative and visually engaging, adapting to complex topics without sacrificing aesthetics or clarity.

Explainer Video Examples: OREO’s “Aladdin” – Fantasy Animation Delivers Sweet ROI

Looking for an unconventional yet impactful explainer for a fantastical product? Look no further than OREO’s “Aladdin” video. This imaginative masterpiece ditches typical explainer styles and instead crafts a mind-blowing cell-animated movie, showcasing the power of explainer video services in achieving high ROI. The animation, reminiscent of swirling cream and dreamlike stories, perfectly aligns with the OREO brand, while the charming song adds to the sweetness. The video masterfully demonstrates how a funny, imaginary sequence can effectively convey the message: an OREO can resolve tension. This example proves that explainer videos can be both entertaining and effective, driving engagement and brand recall, ultimately maximizing your investment in explainer video services.

Explainer Video Examples: Facebook’s Brand Story – Pushing Boundaries for Clarity & Connection

Facebook challenges the notion of rigid brand colors in explainer videos with their captivating example. This video embodies best practices, showcasing a clear, conversational narrative, strategic use of interface scenes, and a visually stunning design with unique colors and characters. The flawless animation further elevates the experience. While not adhering to the typical color palette, the video maintains brand identity through other elements. This example serves as inspiration for those unsure about their explainer video style, demonstrating how to prioritize clarity, connection, and engaging storytelling even when pushing boundaries. Consider incorporating interactive elements to further captivate your audience.

Explainer Video Examples: Starbucks’ “Give Good” – A Journey of Human Connection

Starbucks’ “Give Good” explainer video is a visual feast, traversing diverse locations and connecting people through the shared experience of the festive season. This user-centric design masterpiece utilizes images, clever animation, and a seamless transition from hand-drawn doodles to animation, culminating in imagery on a Starbucks cup. This journey reflects how individual experiences, despite their variety, connect through the brand. This video serves as a prime example of how explainer videos can celebrate diversity, foster a sense of connection, and showcase user-centricity through captivating visuals and storytelling.

Explainer Video Examples: Hyundai’s “Metaphors” – Real Meets Motion in Visual Symphony

Hyundai’s “Metaphors” explainer video blends real footage with captivating motion graphics, creating a visually stunning experience. The chic color palette seamlessly contrasts with the Hyundai car’s red, subtly emphasizing brand presence without overwhelming the visuals. This video exemplifies how creative combinations of real and animated elements can create engaging and memorable explainer videos that capture attention and resonate with viewers.

Explainer Video Examples: Lenovo’s “Tiny Guys” – Big Impact with Creative Motion Graphics

Lenovo’s “Tiny Guys” explainer video proves that animation can surpass live-action in showcasing product versatility. It leverages creative motion graphics and charming “tiny characters” to demonstrate the diverse functionalities of the Lenovo Yoga Book in a visually engaging and memorable way. This video serves as inspiration for product explainer videos, highlighting how animation can bring products to life, simplify complex features, and captivate audiences with unique storytelling techniques.

Explainer Video Examples: Alibaba Group’s “Cainiao Logistics” – Bridging the Gap through 3D Metaphors

Alibaba Group’s “How Cainiao Logistics Delivers” explainer video leverages 3D animation and metaphorical town/rural landscapes to effectively explain their complex logistics system, showcasing its reach and efficiency. This approach caters to a segmented audience, using relatable visuals to resonate with both urban and rural viewers. By depicting urban areas seamlessly connecting with rural locations, the video simplifies intricate logistics operations while ensuring the message resonates across its diverse audience base. This example serves as an inspiration for explainer videos targeting segmented audiences, demonstrating how creative metaphors and accessible visuals can bridge the gap between complex concepts and various viewer demographics.

Explainer Video Examples: American Express Platinum – Captivating Animation Drives Attention

American Express’ explainer video for their Platinum card showcases the power of well-thought-out storytelling and engaging motion graphics to capture viewer attention and effectively communicate product features. This animated video strikes a balance between informative and entertaining, utilizing a strong script and on-point music to leave a lasting impression. This example serves as inspiration for creating explainer videos that are not only visually appealing but also effectively convey their message, ultimately driving engagement and interest in the product.

Explainer Video Examples: Nintendo Switch – Super Beat Sports – A Burst of Creativity & Gameplay

Nintendo Switch’s “Super Beat Sports” explainer video shines among explainer video examples with its exuberant creativity and focus on gameplay. This video explodes with lively colors, energetic music, and a montage of exciting sports-themed mini-games, showcasing the product’s core essence in a way that transcends mere explanation. By immersing viewers in the fun and dynamic gameplay experience, the video effectively communicates the game’s appeal without relying on lengthy descriptions. This approach serves as inspiration for product explainer videos, demonstrating how creative techniques and a focus on user experience can captivate audiences and drive excitement for your product.

Explainer Video Examples: Samsung GS7 – Minimalism Meets Motion Magic

Samsung’s GS7 explainer video exemplifies “how to make an explainer video” right. It ditches color chaos and uses mind-blowing motion graphics to showcase features, proving less can be more. This minimalist approach keeps the focus on the phone’s capabilities while captivating viewers with stunning visuals. Remember, a strong concept and creative execution are key, not just relying on color explosions. This video serves as an inspiration for crafting engaging and impactful explainer videos that prioritize clarity and visual storytelling.

Explainer Video Examples: Facebook’s “Live Events” – Funky Motion & Engagement 

Facebook’s “Live Events” explainer video bursts onto the scene with funky colors, sharp motion graphics, and entertaining assets, effectively highlighting the app’s feature. The engaging music further fuels viewer interest, showcasing the diverse and exciting possibilities offered by live events on Facebook. This video serves as an inspiration for creating explainer videos that are both visually dynamic and informative, capturing attention and generating enthusiasm for the featured element.

Explainer Video Examples: Intel’s “Hype” – Animation Elevates Smart Storytelling

Intel’s “Hype” explainer video stands out among explainer video examples with its world-class animation and illustrations, seamlessly complementing the intelligent script and captivating voiceover. This approach perfectly aligns with Intel’s brand image, showcasing their technological prowess and innovative spirit. Beyond just explaining a concept, the video cultivates an aura of excitement and anticipation, solidifying Intel’s online presence as a leader in cutting-edge technology. This example serves as inspiration for crafting explainer videos that go beyond mere information delivery, leveraging stunning visuals and compelling storytelling to connect with viewers on an emotional level and strengthen brand perception.

Explainer Video Examples: Nike Yoga – Live-Action Spectacle Captures Movement

Nike’s “Yoga” explainer video redefines live-action, using celebrity cameos and motion graphics to create a wordless yet powerful demonstration of yoga’s benefits. This spectacle of sports transcends typical live-action and effectively communicates the product’s value without relying on narration. This innovative approach makes it a standout among best explainer videos 2024, proving the power of creative execution and visual storytelling.

Explainer Video Examples: Mercedes-Benz “Vanapalooza” – A Quirky Animated Journey

Mercedes-Benz’s “Vanapalooza” explainer video takes viewers on a unique and intriguing animated journey showcasing the versatility of their van. This well-crafted video seamlessly blends humor and entertainment with beautifully planned scenes and perfectly synced voiceover. It effectively delivers the message in a way that resonates with viewers, making it a standout among best explainer videos. This example demonstrates the power of creative animation and engaging storytelling to capture attention and leave a lasting impression.

Explainer Video Examples: Mirinda – Sensory Explosion in Explainer Video

Mirinda’s explainer video explodes with “kick-ass” motion graphics, mirroring the drink’s energy and flavor. This colorful spectacle bypasses lengthy explanations, relying on pure visual impact to convey the brand’s essence. This bold approach makes it a standout among best explainer videos, proving that sometimes, less is more when it comes to capturing attention and leaving a lasting impression.

Explainer Video Examples: GE’s “Apollo 11 Story” – Heartwarming Narrative for Brand Impact

GE’s “Apollo 11 Story” earns its place among explainer video examples with its heartwarming approach. By weaving their contributions to the moon landing into a child’s memories, the video creates an emotional connection with viewers. The animation and illustrations enhance the story, leaving a lasting impression. This example inspires aspiring explainer video creators to prioritize engaging narratives and emotional resonance to connect with their audience on a deeper level.

Explainer Video Examples: L’Oreal Paris’ “Velver Lacquer” – Elegance Wins

L’Oreal Paris shines among explainer video examples with its chic minimalism for their Velver Lacquer promotion. It blends classic design, elegant fonts, and captivating colors with subtle music, letting the product designs take center stage. While animation is minimal, it complements the overall aesthetic, showcasing the power of sophisticated simplicity in explainer videos. This approach serves as inspiration for fashion brands and others seeking to highlight product design and brand identity through video.

Explainer Video Examples: Red Bull’s “Kris Bryant Can” – Action Speaks Louder than Words

Red Bull’s “Kris Bryant Can” explainer video redefines “jaw-dropping” with its frame-by-frame animation showcasing baseball star Kris Bryant in action. This wordless masterpiece captures the energy and excitement of the sport without relying on narration, letting stunning visuals and adrenaline-pumping music tell the story. This innovative approach makes it a standout among best explainer videos, proving the power of action-packed storytelling to captivate viewers and leave a lasting impression.

Explainer Video Examples: Dove’s “I’m Fine” – Emotionally Resonant Hybrid

Dove’s “I’m Fine” explainer video tackles a thought-provoking topic, seamlessly blending live footage, exceptional motion graphics, and a powerful slam poetry-style voiceover. This hybrid approach elevates the video beyond a typical explainer, injecting it with raw emotion and soul. This authenticity resonates deeply with viewers, making it stand out among best explainer videos. Dove demonstrates how combining different visual elements and prioritizing emotional connection can create impactful videos that spark conversation and leave a lasting impression.

Explainer Video Examples: Cadbury’s “Marvellous Creations Film” – Interactive Delight & Animation Magic

Cadbury’s “Marvellous Creations Film” earns its spot among best explainer videos through its innovative and engaging approach. This video boasts a strong concept, charming animated characters, stunning animation style, and an impactful message. But what truly sets it apart is the interactive element! 1500 animation frames were hosted on a dedicated website, allowing anyone to contribute by coloring them, creating a collaborative and memorable experience. This example underscores the power of creative concepts, animation brilliance, and audience engagement in crafting truly exceptional explainer videos.

Explainer Video Examples: IKEA’s “Brighter Lives for Refugees” – Social Impact Through Motion Graphics

IKEA’s “Brighter Lives for Refugees” breaks the mold, showcasing explainer videos as powerful tools for corporate social responsibility (CSR) awareness. This emotionally charged video utilizes beautiful camera movement, lighting, and a heartfelt script alongside gentle music to elevate its motion graphics and deliver a powerful message. It serves as a prime example of how explainer videos can transcend product promotion, tackling social issues and connecting with viewers on a deeper level. This impactful approach makes it a standout among best explainer video examples, demonstrating the potential of video storytelling to raise awareness, spark empathy, and drive positive change.

Explainer Video Examples: Tesco’s “Lord of Logistics” – Gaming Meets Clarity

Tesco’s “Lord of Logistics” proves that explainer videos can be educational and engaging without being pushy. This video takes the form of an exciting 8-bit game, complete with captivating sound effects, to detail their entire operational flow. This highly creative approach demonstrates how explainer video maker can leverage unique styles to capture attention and effectively convey information. It serves as an inspiration for businesses seeking to create engaging and memorable explainer videos that stand out from the crowd. Consider incorporating elements of surprise, gamification, or unexpected themes to keep your viewers hooked and ensure your message resonates.

Explainer Video Examples: Taco Bell “Intro” – A Masterclass in Explainer Video Excellence

Taco Bell’s “Intro” explainer video serves as a masterclass in the art of explainer videos, earning its place at the top of our list. This animated 2D masterpiece showcases everything that makes an explainer video truly exceptional. From the tightly crafted script and clear explanation to the stunning motion graphics, meticulously chosen color palette, seamless transitions, and captivating music and sound effects, this video leaves no detail to chance. It’s a perfect example to inspire your next explainer video project, demonstrating the power of meticulous planning, creative execution, and attention to detail in crafting impactful and memorable videos that captivate viewers and deliver your message with clarity and flair.


From product explanations to brand stories, explainer videos have gone beyond their traditional confines. This exploration of explainer video examples demonstrates their diverse potential. Whether it’s Apple’s minimalist magic, IKEA’s social impact message, or Taco Bell’s masterclass in animation, these videos showcase the power of creativity, storytelling, and brand identity in crafting truly impactful content. Remember, the best explainer videos don’t just explain; they connect, engage, and inspire. So, next time you consider an explainer video, let your brand identity shine through and use these examples as inspiration to elevate your storytelling and connect with your audience on a deeper level.

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