20 Inspiring videos from Top B2B Companies

Inspiring Videos From Top B2B Companies

Last Updated on March 13, 2024

When it comes to creating top-of-the-line videos, B2B companies are never behind B2C. Be it the quality of content, entertainment value, or creativity, these videos are excellent in every way you can imagine. 

Most of the top B2B companies are getting highly creative today when it comes to videos. (Like this video made recently to explain how we can help in product marketing, thus targeting our B2B customers.)These videos cover everything from the introduction of services and products to customer engagement to employee retention and much more. 

Here we are showcasing some of the best videos from Top B2B companies (plus two bonus videos) to help you find inspiration. So shall we get started? 


VMWARE: Beyond the Valley

Let’s kickstart our list with a beautiful video from VMWare- one of the B2B companies serving hordes of businesses today. It combines pleasing artistic work with subtly moving elements that are relevant and charming at the same time. The script is well-crafted and the voiceover is just as good.

Microsoft Teams Platform

Sleek is the first word that comes to mind when we watch this video from Microsoft Teams Platform. A giant among B2B companies, Microsoft has an image to protect. The video does perfect justice to it. The narrative is to-the-point, the visuals merge seamlessly with the voice, the music is satisfying. 3D animation makes many of the shots look extremely realistic.

IBM – Bones

B2B companies don’t have to be serious always. Case-in-point this IBM video. Cloud computing is something we are all familiar with but how to showcase this in an original and unique manner? This video combines humor with brilliance to create a work of art that is deceptively simple.

Hootsuite // Everyone’s On Social

Quirky, energetic and trendy. The Hootsuite video to help businesses go social tells customers exactly what they can expect. There is an array of elements, quick animation and beautiful colours that come together in perfect harmony.

McKesson ‘dynamic IT’

B2B companies are often called to maintain a professional image. How can an animation deliver this? When this video is a very good example of this. Using majorly two colours, minimal designs, negative spacing, and icons, this video manages to keep the audience engaged while imparting information in a very professional tone.

Introducing WordPress 5.0

Sometimes you don’t need a voiceover. Splendid typography and exception music could serve the purpose too. The transitions don’t give you a moment to blink away in boredom. All the features that make WordPress lovable are clearly demonstrated right there, in the video with cheerful animation.

Adobe Echosign

B2B companies having innovation at their heart. When you have such innovative ideas, how do you do justice to them? This video is an excellent illustration of the same. Simple, rectangular, line-based design, seamless transitions, solid colours, peppy music, and clear script…Ah! All the elements of a memorable video.

GE Ecomagination

When you are in the line of B2B marketing, it may be easy to overlook the fact that at the end of the day, the business you are serving is made up of people. Even if it is other businesses you are targeting, you still need to touch hearts. B2B companies can struggle with this notion, so we have a charming example to show exactly how to go about it. GE video presented here is not only beautiful to the eyes, but the mind, heart, and soul too.

Mailchimp “Anthem”

Modern times. Modern businesses. Modern needs. When you are reaching out to novel markets, you need novel ways to express yourself and be heard. Here we have a video that has everything- graphics, tones, style, colors, script, voiceover, music and examples- that could meet the tastes of a youthful, current audience.

Amazon Business: Everything you love about Amazon. For work.

Amazon reinvented the way people shop at home. Now, Amazon is reinventing the way people shop at work. So how do you convey it to them? Via video that is simple and smart at the same time. There are no excesses in this video, everything is done just precisely. B2B companies can really learn the lesson of how effective simple can be, from this video.

HP Office Jet

Is the message clear? Yes. Is the video convincing? Yes. Is the animation simply out-of-the-world? Yes. Absolutely yes! Rarely are B2B companies able to make a video so good that it not only convinces with messaging but with the visuals as well. Well, this is really among those exceptions.

Zuora Collect

Neat. Uncomplicated. Smart. This video represents everything that a good B2B brand would like to be. Thin-line art and minimalism make this video really stand out.

Get to know Zoho CRM

Zoho CRM’s get to know video is a great introduction video. Introduction videos are very useful if you are looking for quick and effective ways to introduce yourself to a potential client, new recruit, or to the world in general. This video is yet another example that proves that B2B companies need not go extreme to make an impact, just smart thinking would suffice.

Cisco ONEx Anthem

This sophisticated, hit-tech video not only looks professional but is also extremely classy. No tacky pitch, no speaking down to the viewer, no cutesy stuff. This video is all business right from voice-over to production. B2B companies can surely take a note or two from this video.


Yet another example of understated classiness, the video from Oracle deftly combines typographic elements, geometrical figures, and solid colours to create something memorable and chic.

Salesforce: Desk.com

The thin-line-based art style has a lot going for it- it looks modern and fresh, it looks intelligent, it looks minimal yet inspired plus a whole lot more. This video makes very good use of these features in the given video. B2B companies also often need to demonstrate their dashboards and interfaces, this video shows how to do the same creatively.

“What is Keap?”

Corporate videos rarely come this entertaining. The engaging script comes together with cute animation to make for a thoroughly enjoyable fare. If B2B companies are looking to include their team in a video, they can find a lot to learn from this video.


Every once in a while a video comes along that is so fresh in a style that it goes from being just another video to becoming a work of art. Etsy video is one such. Given that the company has many artists on its platform, they have understood their target market well and created something that would appeal to such a crowd

HubSpot CMS Hub

It is not rare for B2B companies to want videos that showcase a particular feature or product. Such video need not be lengthy and complex. A short, smart, sweet video would do just the trick. HubSpot shows you how to go about doing this with its CMS Hub video.

Slack // Amazing: Spaceship

The 20th video in this list is by no means so in quality. This spunky video is a landmark of sorts. This video is exceptional because not many B2B videos become a smash hit in the creator community. But right from its 40s jingle to old MickeyMouse style animation, everything about this video screams “entertaining”. If you thought B2B companies have to make only boring/serious videos, this video could well change your mind.

B2B marketing these days is incomplete without a video. At mypromovideos, we have been lucky enough to have worked with many B2B companies. And so we feel excited to add two of our own creations to this inspiring list of awesome B2B videos.


Enjoyed these videos? Looking for amazing videos for yourself? Do get in touch with us 🙂

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