20 Best SaaS Explainer Video Examples for Inspiration and Fueling Your Idea Generation-2023

SaaS explainer video examples

Last Updated on May 12, 2023

Are you ready to take your SaaS product to the next level? If so, it’s time to start thinking about video production. A well-crafted explainer video can be a game-changer for your marketing strategy, helping you to introduce your product to a wider audience and win over potential customers. As we head into 2023, it’s clear that video content is more popular than ever, with consumers hungry for high-quality and easily digestible content. The good news is that you don’t need a massive budget to create a compelling video that stands out from the crowd. To get your creative juices flowing, we’ve curated a list of the 20 best SaaS explainer video examples that are sure to inspire and fuel your idea generation. From funky animations to sleek live-action footage, these videos effectively target audiences and communicate the value of the product in a clear and engaging way. So, let’s dive in and explore how these examples can help you create an explainer video that gets results!

1. Simple yet elegant SaaS explainer video from Calendly

Calendly‘s explainer video is a prime example of how a simple yet elegant animated video can effectively convey the message of a SaaS product. The animation style is clean and uncluttered, allowing viewers to focus on the unique features of the product. The attention to detail is apparent in every frame, from the transitions to the colors used. The video showcases how Calendly can be used to schedule meetings effectively and reducing a lot of back and forth while trying to book a calendar. This successful explainer video demonstrates that a simple and engaging video can be a powerful marketing tool for a SaaS business. By focusing on creating an animation that is clean, simple, and unique, you can effectively communicate the value of your product or service to potential customers.

2. Best SaaS explainer videos always stand out: Astro Bot

Astro Bot’s explainer video is one of the best example of how a well-crafted SaaS video can simplify a client’s pain points and effectively communicate the value of a product. The video shows how Astrobot brings AI to your inbox in a futuristic way, using smart motion graphics and space references to connect with the name of the product. The lack of characters in the video allows the viewer to focus on the product’s features and benefits, while the upbeat and interesting voice-over keeps the viewer engaged. This video is an excellent example of how a video can help a SaaS business stand out from the competition by effectively demonstrating the value of the product in a way that is both engaging and easy to understand. By studying this example of how to bring a SaaS product to life through video, you can learn how to create a compelling explainer video that effectively addresses your client’s pain points and simplifies the benefits of your product or service.

3. RingCentral’s outstanding SaaS product video 

RingCentral ‘s SaaS product video is one of the best examples of how to create a video that effectively showcases a product’s features in a visually stunning way. The video does a great job of using photo-realistic visuals and UI animations. The video is a complete 3D animation technique to showcase the product’s features.  Watching this video is a great way to get inspiration for creating your own product videos. By combining realistic, elegant design with creative shots and seamless animation, you can create a video that not only showcases your product but also captures the imagination of your audience. This video may inspire you to experiment with combining different animation techniques to create a truly unique and memorable video.

4. Webflow E-commerce: An amazing brand explainer video example for startups

Webflow E-commerce’s brand explainer video is a shining example of how SaaS companies can make a high-quality explainer video that really drives their target audience. This video does an amazing job of explaining the product and its features while also being visually stunning. The futuristic vibe is evident throughout, with a glow effect present in the art style, sleek design, and use of 3D animation. The transitions are incredibly smooth, and the smart use of icons and a fresh color palette make the video stand out. One of the most impressive elements of the video is the artistically-recreated user interface, which gives the viewer a real sense of what it’s like to use the product. All of these elements come together to make a video that not only looks great but also does an outstanding job of explaining the product. If you’re a startup looking to create a great reference for an explainer video that really drives your target audience, take notes from this amazing example. Webflow E-commerce’s brand explainer video proves that you can create a video that’s both visually stunning and effective at explaining your product.

5. One of  the best SaaS explainer video examples from SendGrid

SendGrid‘s-Next Era of email marketing of is a great example of SaaS explainer videos.  The video is beautifully created, using 2D animated rendering with a simple animation style that is both eye-catching and easy to follow. The story is built around problems faced by marketer and their pursuit to deliver the email to the right person. What’s more, the video clearly explains how the platform delivers the message to your customer’s inbox in an extremely engaging manner that keeps you hooked until the very end.

6. The Minimalistic way to make your SaaS video kickass: Slalom Build 

Slalom Build’s animated explainer video is a perfect example of how minimalism can make your SaaS video a real standout. The use of text with motion graphics and the clever use of shapes, especially triangles, help to create a visually appealing experience for the viewer. The video’s minimalist design is enhanced with the elegant and sophisticated use of blue, which is used extensively throughout the video. The slick animation and art effectively convey complex pieces of information in a clear and concise manner, making it easy for the viewer to understand the message. Watching this video will give you an excellent idea of how to make your own SaaS video, and how to solve your client’s problems using video marketing.

7. Bookmark this example of SaaS video from Dropbox

If you’re looking for inspiration for your next SaaS video, look no further than Dropbox‘s “Work in Progress” video. This stunning animated explainer video showcases the power of simplicity with incredible lighting and unique artwork. The use of lines and shapes in a breathtaking manner, coupled with the superb music, makes this video a great reference for how to convey complex ideas in a visually stunning way. The single-color frames and abstract interpretation of “work in progress” make it another great example of how video can create a unique brand value and drive engagement with your audience. So if you’re looking to make a statement with your SaaS video, take a page from Dropbox’s playbook and create something truly exceptional.

8. Your answer to the best SaaS product video : Brave Browser explainer 

Brave Browser Explainer is a great example of a SaaS marketing video that uses motion graphics to its fullest potential. The video brilliantly combines 3D animation with a deceptively simple 2D finish, featuring thin-line and thin-tine drawings that add a touch of fun to the visual style. The engaging voice-over, combined with grungy textures and a modern color palette, make this explainer video a memorable one. It clearly explains the entire value proposition of Brave Browser, making it a valuable addition to any compiled list of the best SaaS videos.

9. Young empowered startuppers need explainers like Slack 

Slack‘s explainer video is the perfect mix of abstract elements and motion graphics!  The video focus on how to de-clutter communication problem inside an organization.  It’s easy to understand, straightforward, and most importantly, engaging! This video is a must-watch for young empowered startuppers looking for inspiration on how to create a killer explainer video using the latest techniques for SaaS marketing. We’ve compiled a list of SaaS videos, and Slack is definitely on it!

10. Video production that’s lively- Testbox

Are you struggling to generate more leads for your SaaS product? Explainer videos are a great way to achieve it.Check out  this Testbox example! Their video production is not only lively and entertaining but also a great explainer of how their product works. With a funny and peppy voiceover, Testbox’s characters bring a fun and playful energy to the screen. The use of a square in “Textbox” is a clever and memorable branding choice, and the video is filled with small elements that keep viewers engaged and entertained. It’s a holistic example of SaaS video marketing done right, and it effectively explains how Testbox works to potential customers. So if you want to increase your lead generation, check out Testbox’s entire video and see the results for yourself.

11.SparkCentral – Presentation done right!

SparkCentral‘s In-app messaging product demo video is an inspiration how to blend animation and music with multiple voiceovers. The video follows the perfect rule of problem, solution, and benefits story pattern. So the viewer understands the problem and connects with the solution which will enhance their customer experience. The video uses a mix of 3d elements and a minimalistic user interface to make it look aesthetically premium to convey its message. SparkCentral video is a great inspiration for anyone looking to create an effective SaaS product video demo.

12. SaaS explainer example: Jostle

Prepare to be astounded by Jostle‘s SaaS explanatory video! The video features uncomplicated illustrations with abstract figures that enliven the narrative. The message is clear and captivating, conveying how Jostle can enhance both employee engagement and internal communication. Subtle music and character sound effects enable us to concentrate solely on the essential messaging while watching the video. We suggest you view it for yourself. 

13. Simple video from Helcim Commerce

Introducing Helcim Commerce the platform that empowers e-commerce businesses with everything from accepting payments to selling online. The video is a simple yet elegant 3D animated video that focuses on the benefits of using Helcim Commerce. Despite its simple appearance, the video is a great example of how to create a lead-generating masterpiece that truly showcases the power of a great SaaS product.

14. Asana: Doing great things together 

Asana has nailed it with their video, which is a true delight that can motivate any SaaS company. The video is a visual treat with its rainbow-like glowy colors and three circles that flow through the video, connecting the entire narrative. The UI is demonstrated artistically, with simple text and a perfect font that adds to the minimal and inspiring vibe of the video. What’s even more impressive is that there is no voice-over, yet the video manages to convey its message effectively with its great music. This is an excellent example of how to generate leads by motivating the audience with a video that demonstrates the UI of your product. Asana has set the bar high with this video for SaaS companies to follow.

15. How a good SaaS business video should be made: VeriFi

This video has it all – buttery smooth transitions, a fast-paced voiceover, and eye-catching vector icons and line animations that will leave you in awe. With gorgeous movements and cutting-edge technology, VeriFi is the perfect example of how a SaaS business video should be made. Watch this video and see for yourself how VeriFi can revolutionize your workflow management game!

16. A stunning example of bold colors used well: Global Graphics GDoc

Global Graphics GDoc video is a masterful example of how to use bold colors and captivating visuals to create a unique and retro aesthetic. With vector illustrations that pop in bright reds, blues, yellows, greens, and blacks, along with thick line animations and comic book-style line icons, it’s hard not to be captivated. The video’s relaxed music is the cherry on top, making it a fun and enjoyable watch for anyone.

17. Try out this example in 2023:  Airtable

Looking to see a great example of a software product video? Check out the Airtable video! This video starts straight away by introducing the product and how it is helping the marketing team solve complex workflows. Giving the viewers a glimpse of the workflow of the product by animating the UI and how it seamlessly improves the process. If you want to see how a well-made video makes all the difference, this is the example to try out in 2023.

18. Visually stunning SaaS video: Hotjar analytics feedback

Get ready to be amazed by the visually stunning SaaS video from Hotjar Analytics Feedback! This video features a visually clean and minimalistic style, with line and dot outlines in the illustrations that give it a modern and colorful look. The small details, like the flame on the logo, make it truly brilliant. The mock UI is very creative, and the sound effects are minimal but very well utilized. Overall, this video is a perfect example of how a SaaS video can be visually engaging and memorable without being overly complex.

19. A Fun example for your SaaS explainer: Inbox

Introducing Inbox – a fun and energetic SaaS explainer video that is sure to capture your attention. The video boasts a minimalist background that keeps the focus on the subject, while the use of brand colors and likable cartoonish characters adds to its appeal. With its skillful inclusion of sound effects and music, you won’t even miss the absence of a voiceover. The text is simple yet impactful, improving readability and making it easy to understand. What’s more, the video is a series of shorts that can be used in a variety of ways to promote your product or service. Give your audience a treat with Inbox – the perfect example of a well-crafted SaaS explainer video.

20. A good SaaS explainer video example: Zipstack

Zipstack is a cloud-based data productivity tool. This a beautiful example of building a story of how the product solves the problem for the protagonist. With the right mix of motion graphics and character animation, the video conveys the message to the point. Using abstract UI to explain the product features and benefits makes it more simple yet an effective video. This is one of the ways how SaaS companies can approach while creating a video to explain the product to their target market. 

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