“Deconstructing” Henry Inc. Brand Video

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The Right Foundation

After a decade in the Industry, it is rare that we get to work on a line-of-business we haven’t worked on before. Henry Inc. came to us with a requirement for a explainer video what excited us most was that here was an opportunity to work with something unique. 

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Henry Inc. wanted a video on Preconstruction. Artistic scope of a building is the first to take a cut when there are budgetary constraints. Preconstruction helps to prevent this. And this was the message Henry Inc. video had to convey.

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“Elevate the merely functional to something artistic”

Our Henry Inc. explainer video speaks about the importance of style and aesthetics for a building. And it is the same value we stand by, here at Mypromovideos. We did not want to compromise on design and animation quality, at any cost. Even if we were talking about regular architectural things like plumbing or building, we wanted to elevate it to the art through our skills.

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One with the brand, yet unique

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We had to use the brand colors of Henry Inc.  But the client was clear that they did not want it to look monotonous. We didn’t want it to be mundane either, we wanted to add our own zing to the explainer. So we started looking for ways to improvise. We achieved it with the use of shadows and gradients. A beautiful gradient, made of Henry Inc. brand colors, was created.

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Henry Inc_ measure_mypromovideos.com

To enhance the style further of the henry inc explainer video, we decided to use a background that looked like a blueprint- in keeping with the building theme of the video. We have tried to incorporate architectural elements wherever possible throughout the explainer.   

Attention to detail…

As we mentioned before, blueprints are a recurring theme all through our Henry Inc. explainer video.  You can spot it in the logo animation as well as many other places.

Shot 2

Henry Inc_design_mypromovideos.com

The character was chosen to look friendly and appealing.

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For the building, we had initially created a 3D model but then decided to go with a 2D building and showing it from various angles.

Henry Inc 3D Mypromovideos.com  1024x576

Henry Inc 3D mypromovideos.com

You can see the care we have given to each element of the building when you see the layers build up and down to show what goes into the making of a building.

Henry Inc.explainer video turned out to be a delightful video both creatively and professionally. Here’s what our client had to say:

I have just wrapped up a project with MyPromoVideos. We needed a brief explained video to help general contractors, property managers and design architects understand exactly what our specialty fabrication and engineering company has to offer. In spite of the somewhat technical nature of the project MyPromoVideos made sure they understood what we needed to say and helped us say it clearly and directly. Great folks, great talent, and really easy to work with.

All I had going in was a script and they made some good suggestions on improvements. They provided several voice artists for me to choose from, and went through several rounds of revisions to the script once we had chosen the right voice. They sketched out the basic flow of the video, and again we did revisions, then story boards and more revision and then original music, sound effects, and of course the animation itself. They were very helpful and cooperative at every step. I had an idea of what I wanted going in, and with their expertise it turned out even better than I had imagined.

My point of contact was their Creative Director Udhaya Krishna. He was very patient with my questions, confusion, revisions and changes of direction. I couldn’t be happier with them, or the final video. Thanks guys!

You can check out the video here:

Creative Director – Udhayakrishna B

Script Edits – Vimida M Das

Animator – Saravanan R

Illustrator – Mohan Kumar N

Music & SFX – Suriya Boomibalan

Project Manager – Mahesh Babu D

Voiceover Artist – Chelsea Bates


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