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CogniSaaS is a customer-centric onboarding and implementation platform that enables cross-functional collaboration with internal and external stakeholders.

The challenge

Through this video, we had to convince the audience about a new tool. The tool “CogniSaaS” helps to track, prioritise and deliver customer requirements on time and at scale by collaborating with internal cross-functional teams and customers – in a common platform.

Core of customer onboarding

To start with, we made use of the term “Value Delivery” as the trigger to built the script as it is the core of customer onboarding process. It is a critical part of the customer journey that sets the tone for the entire relationship between the customer and the company.

CogniSaas | Saas-Explainer video- Value Delivery
CogniSaas| Saas explainer video-Truth

No single source of truth

When it comes to value delivery, there is often ‘no single source of truth” because it involves multiple stakeholders, multiple sources and numerous dependencies. This point was used to further built up the script and to explain the real intricacies of the problem and showcases how “CogniSaaS” helps to resolve it.

Dynamic mograph animations

As this video doesn’t have a voiceover. Through dynamic graphics and engaging animations, the video highlights how CogniSaaS facilitates cross-functional collaboration between internal and external stakeholders, ultimately helping businesses achieve their goals more efficiently and effectively.

CogniSaas|Saas Explainer-Business outcome

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