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MedsPack is a pharmacists company. MedsPack pre-sorts your medications into easy-to-read, easy-to-open daily pouches and delivers them directly to your door, for free. It is a complete, convenient and compliant solution to manage your medications.

The challenge

There are patients taking 8-12 medications in each dose 3 times a day. Through this video we had to convey Medspack’s idea to sort medications into individual packets as one dose. And how It makes the patients to easily manage there medications and reduce hospital readmissions and stay healthy.

Respect the research!

We are no Christopher Nolan, but we respect our research just like him! We got to the basics of the American healthcare system. Our team discussed everything from the positioning of pharmacies in a commercial complex to the co-pay tradition in the country. Also, the explainer video was originally a launch video for the product – so, the brainstorming session had to be informative and right on point.

Medspack|Product Animation video-Pharmacy
Medspack|Product Animation video-Tablets

The right treatment!

We knew the language to be used must be extra warm even before we started the scripting. When we write for an audience who are having a hard time, it is essential to make them feel heard and understood. It is important to empathize with the audience. We were very sensitive while talking about people who are unwell. We avoided using too much technical jargon in the script, because of the target audience’s nature.

Of colors and inspirations

This certainly was a unique project that required a unique style. We employed a different style in our illustrations. We kept the subject minimal throughout the explainer video. Meanwhile, one specific attribute of the subject was kept in focus – this was to gently walk the audience through the idea of the product. We used colors associated with the healthcare sector, such as white and blue in the illustrations.

Medspack|Product Animation video-Queue

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