Minimal Posters – Diwali

Minimal Posters for the festival of lights “Diwali”

While traditional decorations such as rangolis (intricate designs made with colored powder) and bright, colorful lights are commonly associated with Diwali, a new trend has emerged in recent years: minimal posters. These posters are a departure from the elaborate and ornate decorations of the past, instead focusing on simple yet striking designs that capture the essence of the festival in a more subtle way.

Minimal posters are characterized by their clean lines, bold typography, and use of negative space. They typically feature a single image or symbol, often rendered in black and white or a limited color palette. This minimalist approach allows the message to come through loud and clear, without the distraction of extraneous details.

A walk down the childhood memory lane!

Minimal poster for the things that we see differently only on Diwali 🙂

Diwali 1 1024x768

Diwali 2 1024x768

Diwali 3 1024x768

Diwali 4 1024x768

Though we love making videos, we love delighting you guys even more. Hence the poster. Thus proved!

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MyPromoVideos wishes everyone a happy and prosperous Diwali. Stay safe!

Illustration by Antony John Puthur.

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