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Last Updated on May 9, 2023

Okay! Time for some serious heart-to-heart chat, secret-spilling, gossiping and all that! Oh yeah! Why not? It’s fun! And well, we are always in for some knowledge sharing…

You know, we have had some instances when our clients expressed complete disbelief about our turnaround times. Why do you need 6-7 weeks for just-a-minute explainer video? Oh why? Why? (Aheemmm… Those extra why?s are just for the effect!) Well, as you guessed right, it is something we wanted to come clean about!

Like we have discussed before, there are so many steps to go through while creating an explainer so of course, it takes time. And well, quality takes time as well (You’ve probably heard that before!)

But we will let you on into a secret… It’s very much possible to get explainer videos quicker, in say about 4 weeks! With absolutely zero compromise on the quality! So how is it done?

We have a list of tips to get you going (Did we tell you that we find ‘keeping lists’ cutesy and so we overdo it sometimes? Creative people are allowed their eccentricities and we are hell bent on taking full benefits!) So here we go:

When you (the client) are clear about your requirements, trust us, it makes the whole-roller-coaster-thingy a lot easier! If you are completely sure about the message you need to convey, call to action, the type of explanation you need, the tone and treatment of the video you expect etc., you actually help us speed up the process! We advise our clients to go through our educational materials for complete understanding on our processes to make easy and quick decisions.

One Point of Contact:
That’s another very important tip! Ever heard of this saying: Too many cooks spoil the broth? We prefer a single point of contact – just one person who can handle our questions, give consolidated feedback, take decisions that help the process to flow seamlessly and hence, help us send out the deliverables in a speedy manner! If there are more members to the team, it helps to have the communication lines proper and open to avoid confusions.

Creative Liberty:
So what do you do when you need expertise? You go to the experts, right? And trust their judgments, don’t you? That is exactly our expectations from our clients when they choose us for their creative branding – that they give us creative liberty and their trust! We provide the best possible advice at any stage. We take all our projects seriously and we are completely dedicated towards creating the best videos for you. Understand that when we take some calls, it is the best for both the parties! After all, the years of experience under our belt should count for something, right?

Timely Feedback:
We assign a dedicated team that works only on your project at any given time to make sure that every project is given complete attention. So, a timely consolidated feedback is always welcome!

No Jumping Back to Previous Stages:
Now, this is a strict no-no! Since video creation is a step-by-step process, jumping back to previous stages involves a lot of rework. So take your time with the feedback and approvals, just make sure you give us your best feedback and we could have everything in order for you quicker that you expected!

And well, even though we do not treat it as a point, appreciation actually boosts our morale and enthusiasm to do our work faster and better.

So what has been our record completion time? That’s another secret we are ready to spill today! So hear, hear ye – We have had a request of finishing an explainer video at least possible time frame and would you believe if we tell you that we finished the video for our client in a record time of 8 working days? Oh yeah… we did! But we do it on a very selective basis and only when we have the availability of resources, otherwise it is not a feat easy to achieve…

Well, all that tall talks reminds me that I need to snack up on something sugary, sweet and completely sinful like a chocolate dessert or a tall icecream-laced coffee! Thinking of work always makes me hungry! So see ya folks soon… So long!

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