Yay! We’ve been listed as Top Video Production Company in Clutch 2019 Report!

2019 clutch report mypromovideos

We are thrilled to announce that we have been listed as one of the top 3D animation companies in India by Clutch. As you know, Mypromovideos is based out of Coimbatore, and is a boutique animation studio that produces high-quality videos aimed at explaining business processes of companies. Video marketing is a proven new way to market your company’s capabilities. Clutch recognizes us for being a leader among video production companies, as well as helping clients connect with their customers through our simple, yet entertaining videos.

Clutch is a B2B marketing research firm based out of Washington DC. By utilizing industry data, as well as in-depth client reviews, Clutch is a unique ratings and review firm that we have been recognized by. Our client’s participation is crucial to the effectiveness of Clutch’s rankings and we would like to thank them for their cooperation and honest feedback. Below is one of our client reviews. Being listed on Clutch creates a simple way for prospective clients to research previous client testimonials.

Clucth Video Production Listing Mypromovideos 1024x540

Clutch video production listing mypromovideos

In addition to their main site, Clutch has also listed us on their sister-sites for further review. The Manifest, a business news and state of tech outlet, listed us as one of the top video production agencies in India. Visual Objects, a portfolio, and creative review platform, ranked us as one of the top ad agencies of 2019. Being listed by all 3 sites gives prospective clients a comprehensive look into the work we do based on their needs and perspectives.


Our listing on Clutch serves as a reminder of our accomplishments and will push us to grow and succeed in new ways. Entertaining our clients, whether they are 16 or 60, is the main goal of our team. Does your business need help in the entertainment department? Look no further. Our team can breathe new life, and possibly a little bit of humor, into your marketing strategy. Contact us today!


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