5 things about clients that make us go gaga, in a good way!

Working with clients

We don’t just do our jobs, we do it with a passion. So when we create videos, there are a few things that really spark our creativity and help us deliver the best. Not surprisingly, most of these are related to our clients. Curious to know what they are? Read on…

1. A Client Who’s As Charged-up As Us:
Today, we received a feedback from a client, the last line of the email read “We’re so excited.” And that brought a smile to my lips— what a great way to start off the day! A client who is super-excited about the video equals a super-excited us. This one really tops the list of our favorite things. When we both have the same enthusiasm the end result can only be something spectacular. So yes, if you’re excited about the video, your virus effortlessly spreads to us and before you know it you have an epidemic in your hands that can only be controlled once we’ve delivered an astonishing video!

2. The Three Magical Words:
“I Trust You”, these are the three most magical, most beautiful words of a client-business relationship. And this is especially true in our case. When a client says they’ve put their faith in us we bend over backwards to deliver. For any successful team, mutual trust is important. We trust that you know your products and your target market, you trust us to know what will work best and what is the best approach for delivering your marketing message.

3. There With Us, All Through The Way :
We need your help right in the beginning of the video, where without your keen insights, we simply cannot start the video. But things don’t stop there. When we have clients who reply promptly and fill us in with everything we need to create a successful video, “our cup overfloweth with joy”. Not only do we work faster, but we can really eat, breath and sleep your video, because we have time for nothing else. And guess what? We LOVE working like that!

4. The Good “F” Word
“Flexible” , it is one of the words that separates the human race from all others. We love clients who give us inputs and have great ideas, but we also admire those clients who are flexible and open to suggestions from us. Yup, this is a two-way street, so we try our best to be flexible and open to great ideas from the clients. At the end of the day, it’s all about give and take 😀

5. Three Cheers To Happy Endings:
Ah, after going through weeks, at times months of working together, the best reward we get? When our client likes and appreciates our work. We love to see our video doing great, and communicating brilliantly. Parents might feel the same way when they see their kids graduate from college. We don’t know about the parents, but we feel awfully proud when our videos serve their purpose and become a smash hit.

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