Six Tried And Tested Methods To Break Creative Block

Last Updated on July 11, 2023

Like any creative person, I too, from time to time, face the dreaded “WRITER’S BLOCK” and to tell you the truth it is like one of my worst nightmares come true (in my list of worst nightmares it is just above waking up one day to find there are no potatoes left in the world and just below discovering that I have to hold hands with Golem while trying to slide down a lizard-covered wall!)

And as I asked around, I came to know that I am not the only one, a lot of creative people face this creative block from time to time and for all of them it is a FRIGHTENING experience as if someone suddenly sucked out all the oxygen from the atmosphere and left them gasping for breath.

I also got many tips from everyone for overcoming the creative block. These range from the usual to the downright weird.

So… {Drumrolls}…


The tried and tested methods to break a creative block

The first few are usual:

1. Do something unrelated: When you feel you just can’t think of one good thing, simply try to relax your mind. Do work that has no connection to your work. For example, listen to music or watch a video or read a book that is in no way related to your work. Many of us go for walks or grab a snack…or even chat. Saravanan takes it a step further and says “I immerse myself in the project, I think as much as possible about it and then I let go. I go out or take a break…sometimes I even sleep over it. Then I get back to the project refreshed and full of ideas.”

2. Just start working: This is something that I personally follow. Every time I feel dry of ideas, I start writing anyway. I simply write and write and write, the idea might be terrible, or cliched but that doesn’t stop me. I write till suddenly a fresh idea starts to take shape. Then I trash all the crap I earlier wrote and re-work with the new idea…goodbye creative block!

3. Scribble: This is sort of like the previous point, but different as in these scribbles don’t have to be related to the work…just doodle out whatever comes to your mind, it will just tell your creative juices that it is time they got flowing and earned their keep! Mahesh has this to say “I scribble all over the place…wall, desks, tissues… anything…it always helps me get an idea.” Of course, you might not work in a place like Mypromovideos, and damaging public property, even if it is in the name of art, is not always advisable… you can still use the good ol’ pen ‘n’ paper to scribble 😉

And then we move into the weird zone:

4. Dream: “Try to draw inspiration from your dreams,” says Dinesh. He says whenever he feels overwhelmed, he thinks of his surreal dreams that often give him the creative sparks he needs to come out of a hiatus in creativity.

5. Drink water: Now here’s another tip from yours truly. I dunno why but drinking water often gives me amazing ideas. It also helps me stay calm. In a given work day I easily drink up around three bottles of water…more if the block is more persistent…and it helps! I am not sure if it’ll help everybody, but definitely worth a try, eh? And it is safer than coffee…or drugs!

And finally the outrageous:

6. Go to the loo: OK, now I will not tell you who this illustrious personality is, but his idea of clearing his mind is going to the place we often go to (cough!) unburden other things.  He says, “If I have to think peacefully, I go to the loo. Most of my great ideas come there”. Hmm…who knows? If it can help me get creative ideas, hey I’m game for it!

Got any other amazing, sane, psycho ideas that help you break your creative block? Please share it with me. Meanwhile, let me go to the loo and check out what ideas I can cook up 😀


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