7 October Weddings: The making

Last Updated on March 13, 2024

Wedding is coming

‘7 October Weddings’ is a rather express name for a Wedding planner. Ask why the specific date, and our client will wear a shy smile and tell you that it’s her Wedding day – a magical day in her life! Our clients were Dubai residents. You know Dubai weddings – the food and drink galore, the palaces, the elaborate rituals, the parties and the beautiful brides – they are a sight to behold!

We were given the job of recreating all that beauty, all that experience, all that emotion in one animated video. And to top it all, we were given the ‘Game of Thrones’ title theme as a reference. Well, Challenge accepted!

Wedding becomes Her

Her wedding day is undoubtedly the biggest and the BEST day for the bride. On this day, she is the centre of attention hands down. Every moment of her special day is celebrated with pomp and splendour, while she stands as the exquisite centerpiece. Aha! That was going to be our concept. All the elements of a wedding will revolve around the bride herself.   

But, that was a good concept. We wanted a concept extraordinaire. Then came the idea, ‘What if they didn’t just revolve around her, but became an important part of her?’ And just like that, we had our improved concept.   

Daunting as it was, visual brainstorming was also lot of fun. We came up with many unusual and zany combinations in the visuals. Here was the opportunity to add mini surprises. Our very own magic! A little sprinkling of fairy dust, and the usual elements of the wedding (like the fireworks) would turn into an extraordinary and inevitable part of the bride herself (like her ornate hair clip)!


Grandeur. Elegance. Grace.

All the while, we were thinking, ‘How can we make this wedding absolutely splendid and unique but appealing to everyone?’ Where do we begin? Well, the color scheme was a good place to start. It had some lovely pastel shades, including my favorite, lilac. The colors were luxurious, soft and elegant. This set the mood for the branding video. We scoured google images for references that represented this mood. In the end, we had gathered flowers, flowing gowns, laces, filigree patterns and a lot of beiges and whites.

color palette


moodboard for 7october weddings




Setting up the basics  

The Game of Thrones reference put us on the fast track to a 3D video without a doubt in our minds. We were lucky to team up with Realworks Studio to work on this unique project. Using Blender, their artists created a rough composition of all the 3D elements. The elements were simple 3D objects without any embellishments.


Slow and steady  

Once the models were in place, we had to work out the camera movements and the transitions. All camera moves were slow pan or dolly-in and out. These deliberate movements captured the typical slowing-down-of-time-when-the-big-moment-approaches phenomenon and also allowed the viewer to absorb all intricate details in every scene. They added style and class to the whole experience.

Animations were minimal. You might have guessed that by now. The concept called for laid back and unhurried motion. So the animations were relaxed and easy. No exaggerations. It was as if we wanted each moment to last forever.



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Relishing the beauty  

We were done with the skeletal basics of the video and pretty confident about the camera work. From now, it was only the addition of details and textures to add beauty to the whole thing. We played around with textures, until we were sure they were realistic. We relished this stage the most, because we were literally looking at the objects transform from crude, rudimentary shapes to aesthetically-pleasing, life-like renders.

wedding plans and tables

3D plans of wedding tables
preview of plan on bride

plan on bride


7october weddings preview

Drops of Sun

Lighting vaulted the video to whole new level, to say the least. With all the lights in place, it felt like we were stepping into an enchanted place. In this particular scene, we used extra boost lights on the full blooms to add a golden glow. In the rest of the video, we used global illumination.

drops of sun


Some celestial music

After texturing, the entire venue was shining in delighted harmony, but there was still something missing from the video. Music, indeed. The gentle piano and tap of the drums reverberated in all of the sixty seconds. In fact, music charged up the emotions and enhanced its beauty. Music also occupied an important visual element in our story, as you can see from the opening scene.  



A dreamy video

And that’s how our video for 7 October Weddings came to be. We thoroughly enjoyed every stage in the making of this beautiful branding video. We’d like to thank our clients for giving us this opportunity and supporting us from beginning to end. This video was our venture into the world of 3D animation. It began a new chapter for us. It also gave us a chance to collaborate with Realworks Studio. 7 October Weddings was truly a dreamy project for all of us.

Account Manager –  Sundaresan
Creative Direction – Vimida
Art Direction – Anil and Udhay
Concept and Script – Shravanthi
Animation – Realworks Studio
Music – Prasad (White Octaves)
Project Manager – Shareef

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