iBabyguard promo video -where we learnt a lesson in tenderness


Babies…their laughter can make your day, and their tears can break your heart….

iBabyguard came to us for a promo video. when we got a product that directly targeted new parents, we wanted to touch the tender chords of humanity. And this we did with sounds of baby gurgling, sweet sound effects and (of course!) by creating an uber cute infant character.

We loved working on iBabyguard promo video from Day Go! for many reasons-

1.iBabyguard was a physical product, unlike all the services, software and apps that we normally worked for- AWESOME!

2. iBabyguard promo video was targeting the regular masses and not the tech-crowd, which for us was, again, refreshing- DOUBLY AWESOME!!

3. The product revolves around, as I’ve mentioned before, babies, TRIPLEY(??) AWESOME!!!

This promo video was not going to be the usual promo video, because iBabyguard was something that was going to elevate monitoring babies to the next level…it was going to help us guard, or rather, safeguard our babies. So we wanted to showcase the difference between merely monitoring and actually guarding the baby.

New parents are constantly guilt-ridden when faced with the prospect of leaving their cherished little one alone. But in modern life, they have no choice but to leave the tiny one unattended for some time if they have to get their chores done.

Most gadgets that are in use nowadays for monitoring are more like spying tools, and a parent has to keep monitoring this monitor, implying they can never do anything peacefully.

Hence we took this pain point and painted iBabyguard promo video around this. We garnished this with a heady mixture of comedy and tenderness in such a way that every new urban parent would be able to identify with it.

So our story is the story of a couple and stands out the moment it starts because it begins with the sounds of coochie-cooing and heart-warming baby sounds. Most of the scenes take place within a nursery and the nursery has been carefully illustrated in keeping with this.

The whole story brings out the usability of iBabyguard without boring the viewer to death with all the features because busy parents (our target group) have really no time for that.

We used lots and lots of colors, which not only gave the right mood and life to the iBabyguard promo video but also reflected reality artistically. To add to the entire energetic feel of the video, we have characters with exaggerated expressions complemented by the music.

When you see iBabyguard promo video, you feel the need of these parents to protects their baby, their concerns of how to keep the baby out-of-harm, the tenderness and finally the peace-of-mind they feel when they feel that they’ve at last found the right solution,iBabyguard. Now their baby can sleep undisturbed and the parents can relax. Ah!

Team Involved:

Creative Director: Anil
Script: Vimida
Illustrations: Imodraj
Animations: Azeem
Edits: Pratheesh

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