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Last Updated on November 15, 2023

At Mypromovideos, we always come up with video roundups for the benefit of our clients. Finding quality animated explainer videos for AI products was brutal for even us. But we did the research for you, as we wanted to create this blog to help marketers find all the good AI videos gathered in one virtual space.

No doubt. Artificial Intelligence (AI) companies are the prime example of hi-tech. Regardless of what industry — healthcare, finance, or logistics — AI is booming. Its adoption has especially fast-tracked with the advent of the Covid-19 pandemic. And it is forecasted to grow all the more as a prevailing industry in the coming years.

Introducing a product of this sophistication could be a challenge. But with the right method, this could be taken care of by a team of marketing experts.

Explainer videos and AI

As for the type of video utilized in these AI products, explainer videos have become all the rage not just for startups, but for seasoned enterprises as well. And it’s not rocket science to not understand why they have become extremely popular.

For one, this type of video advertising breaks down complex concepts into digestible information through animation or motion graphics.

On top of that: they are inherently fun, engaging, and perhaps most of all, short (at just 1-2 minutes). Perfect for digital consumers with equally short attention spans.

As for businesses, explainer videos are helpful to increase conversion rates. The reason is web visitors prefer watching a quick video to reading long text. Reading could feel like a chore, especially if lengthy. Videos then make learning about a product more fun and less taxing with visuals.

In this article, we present you with 15 great examples of explainer videos from AI-powered companies. There are a ton of explainer videos out there, but we’ve narrowed it down for you to some of the best.

If you’re here to seek inspiration to market your business, or simply browsing to learn digital marketing through animation, the pleasure is ours!

1. Clarifai Explainer Video

Clarifai is a platform providing enterprises with business insights- be it from photos, videos, or text. And if there is one thing that stands out in this video, it’s how it uses colors to illustrate the brand. It’s a triumph of color maximalism. Color choices are not used at random. Rather, it is beautifully applied to produce an engaging video.

If this is a competition and color maximalism would be the criteria, this video is a leading contender.

2. Clever devices

Attractively tall characters. Colorful backdrop. The graphics and animation match the voiceover and music. Explainer videos are short, and this is one of the best examples. In just 50 seconds, this video has delivered a visual delight. Using the current coronavirus to illustrate inconveniences and how they could be solved, makes it very relatable and appeals to the heart of whoever is watching it. This is a work of art. And the 3D animation is… clever.

3. DNS filter

Think about this. Avatars who resemble human experts, but with a blue complexion. Unless it’s a Pixar movie, it seems kind of weird, right? This explainer video makes it appear natural yet entertaining. Cyber threat protection could be challenging to explain in logical terms. This video is able to accomplish how to make the target audience better understand the product by translating it into high-caliber visuals. The script is also spot-on! You will be under the impression that it’s been the work of expert designers.

4. Acuity 3D

Depicting science in sales decisions, this is top-tier animation. Animation and motion graphics are major components that make up a great explainer video. Eye-catching color palettes, and music that underscores the AI product’s pleasant voiceover. It’s a visual success of storytelling in sales. It makes fantastic use of animation.

5. Resolute AI

With just less than a minute in length and a depth that has been broken down into simple explanations, this animation is a winner in translating science to logical terms. What is more, it is complemented by a great 3D design. I’ll make my review equally short. But I tell you this: in quality, this video does not fall short (pun intended).

6. Builder.ai

Elegance! This is one of the best on this list. The voiceover even has a name! (Hello, Natasha!) She speaks in such a way that makes one feel welcome and appreciated. These are all services that make up excellent customer care. This explainer accomplishes that with stunning visuals. Plus a voiceover that blends very well with it. Not to mention the background music that feels hypnotic in a way.

Watch this and see for yourself!

7. Honest Gorilla

The shortest on this list with just 30 seconds! Despite this, or rather because of this, it is able to market the brand very well. It makes the target audience want to know more and drives a call to action. The color palette combination of mustard yellow, bright pink, and some purple is stunning.

9. DoWork.ai

If this explainer is a season, it is surely summer! Bright colors, uplifting music, and a voiceover that sounds like it is a close friend that you could share a laugh with (spoiler alert! The voiceover really laughed). Explainer videos are not just produced for the sake of having something for promotion. It’s supposed to create curiosity. And this one right here does a job well done in all aspects.

10. Auris AI

This explainer implements a formula guaranteed to work for B2B companies. From identifying the pain points of a business to providing a solution that will convert cold prospects to become patrons of their product. With content creators as the product’s target audience, it efficiently conveys the services that the product could offer. This is the job of explainer videos. This video from Auris AI achieves this in a fantastic manner.

11. Level.ai

Two descriptions: moderation and minimalism. The graphics design is not overdone nor is it underutilized. It provides a seamless interpretation of what the AI tool could do to businesses through expert animation. It is good enough to land on our list.

12. Go Charlie

Color choice is crucial in digital marketing. The union of contradicting colors can make your brand seem awkward and lackluster. With Go Charlie’s explainer, the colors are compatible. The funky music is befitting, and the voiceover sets the standard of how it’s done. Overall, the team behind this video knows what’s trendy in today’s generation. And they implement that into this rockstar of a video.

13. Copilot AI

An explainer video gives a sense of authority to the product being advertised. This production of Copilot’s video does a great job of giving that aura of credibility. The animation explains its AI-powered services with a straightforward script. Coupled with music and sound effects to underscore its key points. A snappy salute!

14. Skan AI

This ticks all the boxes of what constitutes a good explainer video! You get complementary music and sound effects. An intelligent script. Above all, engrossing graphics. It visually interprets complex concepts into no-brainer audio-visuals, which is a necessary execution for explainer videos. All in all, it’s a stunner in interpretation!

15. Ascent

Regulatory compliance, simplified! That’s how it’s captioned in the company’s channel. Well, there is more to that. It is highly engaging too, with those brilliant graphics in the shades of blue and green. The transitions from one frame to another are spectacular as well. Which is also crucial to produce a top-notch picture. The voiceover and script blend remarkably. Watch this stunner and go get some inspiration!


16. Stuck AI

At Mypromovideos, we don’t plan to underserve our clients and prospects with lackluster graphics and animation. Here’s one of our videos for Stuck AI. You be the judge. If you think it meets your expectations of what a great explainer should be like, do not hesitate to reach us. We’d be excited to serve you with our team of experts!

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