Inspiration Treasure Chest: The Best websites for design Inspirations


1. Webneel : Webneel is design inspiration site and it gets right down to business. You have the latest, most interesting design on the first page itself and other articles neatly categorized under photoshop, vector, photography, web design etc. The articles carry minimum text and let the art do all the speaking…so I’m going to shut up and do the same:

2. Underconsideration : If you are looking for design inspirations, consider Under consideration as only the starting point.Because as they say it is “A graphic design enterprise that runs a network of blogs, publishes books, organizes live events…”. So this website leads you to the fairytale lands of Brandnew, artofthemenu, FPO and many such sites that humble and inspire you in equal measures.

3. Designyoutrust: Designyoutrust has many inspiring works that are contemporary and creative. The youthful blog has a committed community following it. The site interprets the word “design” in an all-inclusive manner and includes everything from advertisements to furniture to French Stickers to Vehicles!Yeah,it  is interesting and very addictive.

4. Welldonestuff : If you are looking for mindblowing creativity, this is the place to come to. Every design leaves you wondering, “How on earth did they think of it?” You can be sure of one thing in this blog, everything here will be unique …maybe a bit quirky at times, but nevertheless unique.

5. Smashingmagazine : Smashing magazine (ok going to state the obvious here…so get set…)is a magazine dedicated to design. It is a well-established name in the design circles and has everything a designer would want from inspirations to tutorials to job postings to forums.

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