Inspiration Treasure Chest: The Best websites to inspire Animators: Part 2

1. So, let us kick start the Part 2 of these series with a website that understands the inner urge of creatives to create new stuff. This website brings everything phenomenal happening in the animation world to one place. It covers a wide range of animations, from traditional to futuristic and everything in-between.
2. Newgrounds is an entertainment/social media website that has a cult following of its own. Its games and flash animations make browsing the site inspiring and fun at the same time. Off-late the website has also incorporated all video formats and extend its universe to music and art. To me it felt like a grown-up’s Disneyland.
3. Well the name says it all- Animator Island. It has everything related to animation- tips, tricks, secrets and whatnot to help out an animator. There are some very good articles in this site, but the number of articles itself is not many. I am hoping that as the site grows, this will change. It really looks very promising.
4. Adobe Flash created a revolution of sorts in the animation world. And thanks to it, many people now earn their bread and butter. This website celebrates all work done on Adobe Flash: entertainment, commercial or personal. It is rich in content and really illustrates through all the work it showcases, that creativity has no limits. Also, I’m simply head-over-heels for the sense of humor that can be seen in most videos on the site.
5. : Much like, Nexus Production is an award winning production firm. Most of the works use animations, although it is the synergy of mixed media that makes the work of the extremely talented directors stand out. Totally worth a dekko.

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