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Meet me.

I am weird. If there is anything that can define me, it is my unrealistic dreams, according to a personality finder test. I know my ideas are highly unrealistic, but I also have unbelievable confidence to make my unrealistic ideas come true. That is not really a bad combo. 

My journey with mypromovideos started with an unrealistic dream – to be part of progressive work culture. I have seen people stick with their mediocre job for their lifetime, fearing they will lose what they have if they chose a different path. This collective mindset has had an influence over me. I wanted to break it. I wanted to choose a path for myself, for my crazy creative self. 

I put my faith in Google and started looking for scriptwriting opportunities in Coimbatore. Mypromovideos appeared in the search results list. I saw a job opening for a Junior Scriptwriter with mypromovideos on facebook. I sent a message to the page. We got connected and I was asked to write a story that would entertain a seven-year-old kid. 

I wrote a story and titled it ‘Titli and Putli’. I wrote that story on a rainy day. The green moss on my porch stairs looked damp and comforting. Is it the green of the moss that makes you feel so happy or is there a scientific explanation? The wet concrete floor, rain-drenched clothes on the washing line, rainwater filled sneakers, and of course my little garden plants that were over-watered by the rain. With so much goodness around me, I went on writing that story, because of which I assume I got the job. 

I do not remember being nervous about my first day at mypromovideos. Mainly because I had an overwhelming confidence in the office and its team. In an ideal organisational structure, no employee will be forced to feel insecure about their employment status and the hierarchy will be in favour of the employees. How much hierarchy is good you ask? No hierarchy. The organisational behaviour structure of mypromovideos is collegial in that way. 

The first thing green flag I noticed about mypromovideos’ work culture is its work hours. We work for six hours, that is, from 9.30 AM to 4.30 PM. The six-hour time frame has proven to be enough to complete our routine responsibilities. It makes sure we don’t burn our creativity as well. Most companies who have their employees work in creative fields are rarely bothered enough to offer the creators some refuelling. The difference between physical labour and mental labour is not talked about enough. But we do that here, and we do it in a way that it doesn’t seem like philanthropy. 

There were no fake promises to entice me into employment, keep in mind, I have been sold jobs with dishonest promises before.  In fact, Anil and Vimida were so keen on making sure that I knew what I was signing up for. While this feels like a privilege, I am sure the people who laid the foundation of this culture will definitely look at this as an ideal work set-up. 

I can either end this with a ‘moral of the story’ Or, I can just tell you how you just have to listen to the almost inaudible sounds and see almost invisible signs of the universe to carry you somewhere, where you will be valued. Ooh… I pick the latter. 

Just like any other relationships you have- maternal, paternal, friendships, romantic partnership- your work relationship has to be a mutual thing too. The amount of effort you put into it must be reciprocated. Mypromovideos is a place where the people around you will want to see you at your best and travel with you to get you there. I have only started and I have so much to look forward to! 



Absolute fantasia. Sudden bursts of creativity. Intolerable ball of empathy.Acts out of impulse and the universe favours her mostly - or - sometimes. Comes up with hundreds of pen names, but apparently in peace with her real name and self. Her brain cannot figure left from right, still struggling with push and pull - that doesn’t stop her from saying she is going to be a phenomenon in writing and filmmaking.

snehaOne month with Mypromovideos!

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