50 Reasons (more or less) why 2015 kicked ass:

Last Updated on March 14, 2024

Mypromovideos in 2015 

At Mypromovideos, it’s always exhilarating to stand at the edge of a new year and let the memories wash over you.

However, let’s shake it up 😛

We did some EPIC POOP in 2015, so 2014 is going to be soooo jealous about! Pssst….2014, you were pretty great too 😉

Furthermore, there were things that sent our heads reeling. For example, the 41 awesomesauce videos we created, the dozen startups who cozied up to us as partners-in-crime (guilty of swaying people with our videos), the time we basked in the glory of all the attention from international media and all the wonderful clients and friends we earned this year.

But because all that spinning stopped, we realized something even more exciting! Let’s pretend that the major verticals are countries:

  • Analytics land
  • United Verticals of Tech Saas Products (UVOTSP)
  • Healthcare Dominion
  • IT/ITes colony
  • Isle of Education
  • North & South B2C mobile apps
  • The Arctic E-commerce region
  • The Online Marketplace sovereignty
  • The Banking and Finance federation
  • Hospitality County
  • Real estate state
  • Kingdom of Logistics

Now, that makes us world-travellers who’ve been to 11 of them – that’s INCREDIBLE!

Kingdom of Logistics – Brace yourselves, MPV is coming! 

Twenty Fifteen was indeed the best adrenaline-pumping ride ever and we enjoyed every.bit.of.it.

There were many, many, many more poignant, surprise-filled, tear-jerking, and as usual, wacky moments. But here are some of which we think are safe to publish on the internet:

Of New-comers – Mypromovideos family

  • Two cutie patooties have just begun their journeys on the-best-habitable-planet ever! Yep, Sara and Nanda had baby gurrls this year !!!!  Awwwww look how angelic they are <3

On your left: Pragya

On your right: Mellina

  • Our family grew bigger when Vibin, Aravind and yours truly joined the MPV crew.
  • Vibin’s subtle jokes and witticisms left us in splits. And quite soon we discovered that his charm had rubbed off on 1756 YouTube subscribers and more than 2000 of our newest Facebook and Twitter followers.
  • Aravind is an atom bomb when it comes to animation. Because his day work includes creating action-packed animations but only a few people know of his nightly alter-ego. 

Let’s just say that the crime rate at Mypromovideos has gone up since he’s joined 😉

  • And me…I brought in some much-needed health consciousness. As what is with the detox water, and the GM diet, and the exercise routines! Phew…People call it the most stressful 48 hours ever.
Nope. Not a concoction to ward off evil. That is just detox water.
  • And we welcomed home 4 new cocktail birds, 4 goldfishes and 3 adorable pups ( Mirchi, Pista and Buzz )
Cocktail birds

Cue: Awwwwww…. 😉

Of Work and Life  – Mypromovideos

  • The Beauty of Red’ video was screened in The Women’s Empowerment Principles annual conference 2015, in the presence of Hillary Clinton. And It also received a special mention in The GuardianSob sob, tears of pride!
  • For a while there, our office premises were coffee shops around town. We explored every corner of every café – you name it and we’d been there.
  • We visited a government school and taught the kids about sounds and had a musical evening. 
  • Nanda made a fantastic portrait art for Anil’s birthday!
Anil birthday in office
  • We bid adieu to Gopal and Santhosh. We wish them all the best in their journey forward.
  • We attended a relaxing and rejuvenating Dance Therapy session.
  • Vibin, Anil and Mahesh got hitched (if you’re an Oxford comma supporter, then read again)
  • We decided to stop being 5 and childish. Now, we are 6 and super-childish. What’s wrong with being childish?
  • As a 6th year special, we put two of our favvvourite things in the world together to make this Foodimation video.
  • Bala anna made it to Sabarimala this year and we got yummy aravana payasam and appam 🙂
  • We did our bit for the Chennai flood relief, by volunteering and contributing funds and relief supplies. All the while, we couldn’t help but wonder,“Gods of Rain – Indra, Zeus and Thor – whatever did we do to displease you? Have mercy!”


Of All things Narcissistic @mypromovideos

  • We continued our relationship with corporates like WNS and DSP BlackRock from last year.
  • We formed new bonds with prominent corporates like HDFC Bank and Casa Grande.

WARNING: High levels of snobbishness coming up!!

Anil in Lenovo India
Diwali poster snake
Gravity Creativity
Art Science
vision 2020
  • The highly technical Payoda project made Udhaya dust off his engineering text books; Vimida and Antony had occasional outbursts of “omg-I’m-so-glad-I-didn’t-choose-engineering”.
  • We created TVCs for MyCaf and Casa Grande.
  • Shareef initiated morning meetings and a weekly internal newsletter named ‘Antasizing Fables’.
  • Hubspot included us in the second place, in their list of  ‘20 examples of World’s fabulous explainer videos’.
  • World Economic Forum conducted it’s Annual Curators Meet in Switzerland this year and our very own Sundaresan ( you lucky dog! ) was chosen as Coimbatore’s representative for the conclave where he met 450 other curators from 160 countries worldwide. Exclusive interviews by Sundar on his blog 😉
With a part of the Indian Contingent for ACM 2015
With the Indian team and Indian Ambassador for Switzerland
  • Meanwhile, we had our own thing going on in at an exhibit along with The Rails Factory team at a conference in Switzerland.
  • We put some of our thoughts out there, hoping to help other startups, and also to remember what we’ve learnt so far #givingback
thoughts on startups
  • We bought a brand new 5K Macintosh, a Mac Mini and 2 iphone 6’s, causing the rise of the planet of the apples.
  • We became buddies with a lot of amazing startups like Peppertap, Mutterfly, Urbanclap, BroEx, MoEngage, Almamapper, Practo, HR Cube, Pagalguy, Wisdom Times, Imperative, HealthyAlways and Boomer. 

Mypromovideos’ celebrations

  • We celebrated Pongal in the traditional sense with akka making pongal, with a Boom-Boom-maadu making an appearance and the guys taking a swing at the pot. Nanda drew this sketch of Udhaya petting the Boom-Boom-maadu. 
Udhaya and Boom Boom maadu


  • SplashSplatterCrushColors – that was Holi in 4 words.
  • Onam Sadhya was never better! We had a HUGE spread, complete with olan, aviyal, elissery, injipuli, and sweet, sweet adapradhaman. Bala anna’s wife drew a lovely pookalam…isn’t it beautiful, guys?
  • This modish Ganesh sat through prayers from a variety of sacred scriptures on Ayudha puja day.
  • Bet you have never seen a Diwali blast this creative….
  • ….or a Karthigai Deepam this beautiful ! ! Boys, you really outdid yourselves.
Karthigai Deepam
  • X-mas ( munch.. ) this year (munch..munch..) was spectacular! Want some delicious plum cake?
  • 2015 came to a Big Bang end! This year we played Dumb Charades, rocked on to Karaoke songs, created awesome Dubsmash movies, cooked ( and tasted ) yummy panneer dishes, sweat it out in a hurdle race ( pant pant ), enjoyed the face painting time and finally LOL-ed at the Dance and Variety performances at Mypromovideos.

Also read: Mypromovideos…What We Believe

Of all things that slipped through the ‘sanity’ filter – Mypromovideos

  • You know those times when a lull sets in? Well these are some activities we did to beat boredom – 
    • Headgear day,  
    • Act like you’re possessed, 
    • Learn to say ‘Good morning’ and ‘Thank you’ in a different language, 
    • Riddle me this,  
    • Remembering what it was like to be in NCC and lots more. 

Exhibit A: This is us, sporting funky Headgear 😉

  • Mypromovideos screened movies once a month on a languid Saturday, covering the gamut of genres from animation to live action. We even went out for team movies from time to time.
  • We found new cake partners in Cakebee and Friend in Knead – oops, there goes our new year’s resolution!
  • Consequently, we found more and more reasons to celebrate – important days like birthdays, anniversaries, that-tuesday-when-someone-was-in-the-mood-for-cake…
  • Vimida invited us to her farm for Adu’s birthday. We had cake + biriyani + into-the-wild adventure + games + photos !
Snake-hunting at the farm
Snake-hunting at the farm
  • Anil presumed that his glorious ‘chilli chicken’ inspired Udhaya to eat non-veg. Little did he know that that was the reason Udhaya quit it once and for all!
  • Nanda made a yummy paneer dish for lunch and Vibin and team made samosas for us ( Vibin: “Standing in the kitchen is equivalent to cooking, right?” )
  • Discovering my phone has gif-creating abilities was so much fun! Watch our studio mypromovideos turn into a spa in front of my lens!

  • MYPROMOVIDEOS ROAD TRIP TIME!! We been to Thimbam, Anaikatti, Topslip, Paalamalai and we been planning more.
  • And on one such trip, a few Bison, a leopard (?!?) and a herd of deer, were lucky enough to spot wild and mysterious animals like animators, writers, creatives and illustrators – or was it the other way around? 😯
At the elephant reserve at Topslip

Of New Beginnings – Mypromovideos

  • We launched Saltants – yayyyy! 
  • Saltants took its first big step and released its first poster and a teaser trailer.  
Coming soon winter 2016

You know what – sorry to interrupt you in the middle of this really amazing list – I think that we can make this more interesting. Let’s see, what if the world, and I mean THE WORLD and our Studio had an epic year-in-review battle?

THE WORLD: Discovered water on Mars.

MPV studio: Yeah, we get Paal everyday. And do you know what’s thicker than water?

Additionally, TW: Volkswagen was caught in a CO2 emission scandal. That’s huge!

MPV: But, we planted 2 new trees. #prophotosynthesis.

Hmpff…, TW: The Pope made his first official trip to America.

MPV: Well, duh. One country. Sundar’s been to Switzerland and Sri Lanka (twice).

Furthermore, TW: Mayweather knocked down Manny Pacquiao. Beat that.

MPV: However, Ovation video kicked ass in Sri Lanka, where it was screened in front of 600 ToastMasters.

TW: Aw, shucks.

Darn it!, TW: Caitlyn Jenner won the “Woman of the Year – 2015” award.

MPV: On the other hand, Aero won the “Best of Breed” award.

Besides, it was an award for dogs, won by a dog. No confusions.

Lastly, TW: Donald Trump vs Hillary Clinton – Twitter battle

MPV: But, Ganesh vs Nanda – Whatsapp battle.

(our whatsapp group was flooded with scores of creative art)

Nanda’s art:


Ganesh’s art:

Art -7

TW: One Punch Man took the anime world by storm, due to its characterization and humor.


MPV: And, we give you Reserv.place. E’nuf said about characterization and humor.

Moreover, TW: How about “The Dress” debate?

MPV: Well, try this on for size. Algates had an eerie experience with a wailing ghost. We’re still debating certain details.

Noooo…way, TW:

MPV: shrugs

Furthermore, TW: The 11th Cricket World Cup was jointly hosted by Australia and New Zealand. Let’s see you

top that!

MPV: We participated in the Corporate Cricket Tournament.

TW:  And?

MPV: Technically, we didn’t lose.

TW: But…?

MPV: Wecamesecondtolastokay. Don’t mention this ever again.   

TW : Aha! I knew it!


TW: Well, I guess Adele is back with 25. Helloooo….

MPV : We discovered an in house Voice over artist, Shareef, who lent his voice to Whitehouse and Ovation videos.

TW: Naaaice!

TW: Ooh…Ooh…I’ve got a good one. The look on Miss.Philippines when she realized she won

Miss.Universe – that’s got to be priceless.

MPV : Meh. The look on these people’s faces when we surprised them – that was THE BEST!

And we did it without fumbling or “misreading” the card. Just saying.


TW: Ummm… where are their ‘surprised’ faces?

MPV: Ooops! guess we were so focussed drooling on these eye-candy-licious cakes that we forgot to focus on their actual reactions.

TW: …

MPV: 😀 😀 😀

TW: Okay then, movin’ on…

TW: Star Wars – The Force Awakens was released.

MPV: Pffft. Sara treated us for his birthday. And you thought you were the one waiting years

and years for a miracle!?

TW: Aw Maaan! really?

MPV: Swear on Walt Disney.

TW: You leave me no choice – Jon Snow died!

MPV:  *gasp* How dare you! Maggi was banned!

TW : It came back.

MPV : So will he – we hope!

TW: There’s only one more thing left to say…

MPV: What..?

TW: Happy New Year!

MPV: Way ahead of you bro!

THE WORLD and MPV Studio together :

“To a Happy and Cheerful 2016!”

Until next year folks! Ciao 🙂

6th anniversary picture 01
Can you spot me? 😉

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