Why do we create non-commercial short movies?

Last Updated on November 21, 2023

How many of us hate Mondays? Most of us, I suppose…We almost live our Sundays dreading the next working day. The next day, morning routine beckons and we unwillingly slog along because truth be said, there is not much else we can do about it except wait for the next weekend. Ever wondered why? After a weekend of relaxation, we ought to be feeling energized and raring to go! But most of us hardly get there. The enthusiasm is just not there. It feels as if life has gotten in a rut. Everything seems stalled. We feel stuck in the groove and our fizz seems to have taken a seemingly permanent timeout! We become a victim of our own pity.

If you are nodding your heads at this point and feeling as if I am talking about how exactly you feel, I have news for you! Your life needs a shakeup. If your situation is uninteresting, boring and hardly appealing to you, it is your intuition begging you for a change. And do you know how we deal with it at Mypromovideos? Yeah, we go through the humdrum once in a while too! But before we part with that gem of information, check out this video:

So did you find the answers? Exactly! That’s what we are talking about… We create more videos. We create videos that has nothing to do with how much it might earn us or who we do it for. We create them for fun, for sheer pleasure of allowing our creativity to take wings and for the satisfaction that we take home with us afterwards. In a way, we have developed a culture of nurturing our creative juices with balanced work that includes both commercial and non-commercial projects. We believe that there must be a balance between predictable routines and opportunities to discover new things through learning. It gets us out of stagnation. It gets us out of the rut. Our creativity sets us free because we know there is gratification that comes through it. Besides, it is what we do best!

We follow our passions but even passion – when it becomes a source of bread and butter or a package of work pressure and looming deadlines – can get tedious. Getting creative and thinking out of the box helps us awaken those sleeping brain cells and of course, keeps our sanity singing. But there are other benefits of working on such videos too, something we consider as more tangible rewards. Consider these:

Fun: Oh yeah, we have mentioned that already! But just for the sake of it, let me elucidate further. By fun, we also mean the time we get to spend with each other in the team, hear each other out over a cuppa coffee (or an occasional noodles!), discuss stuff (that includes the wall designs in the office!), make mistakes, learn and get better as a team. These conversations are enriching and inspiring in a way. It also helps us to get to know each other a lot better than ever. In short, it makes us a family of close-knitted individuals that we are. Sometimes these fun sessions lead to brainstorming and we end up creating ideas that blow our minds and feed our souls. For example, check out this video and you would know what I am talking about.

Popularity: Who doesn’t like some fun stuff? The point is since we are having so much fun doing non-commercial videos; it really shows in the videos that we end up making. Internet sure helps in taking a fun video viral. It gets us a wider fan base. To top it all, people feel connected to us. Nothing can beat that feeling! Ever!

Social Responsibility: Yes sir! Like every other person out there, we need positive changes in the way our planet is being handled; the way decisions are being made that affect us all. And we do realize that however small our voice might be, we do have a voice and there is a power that comes with it! We also know that we might be the Davids in war with Goliath but there is a hope in smallness too. The video that we made for Menstrupedia called ‘The beauty of red’ has reached millions and helped them understand and address the social taboo associated with menstruation. This video is also a reminder that rejuvenating ourselves from work pressures definitely has its advantages!

Satisfaction: But of course! There is no better happiness than going to bed knowing that the day has been spent wisely. There is also no better joy in going to bed on a Sunday night and knowing that you are more than ready to get back to work the next day because that is the place which makes you feel alive more than ever!

You can find our list of short movies here and get inspired. Since we need to have fun once in a while, we keep adding new videos to this playlist. Subscribe to our YouTube channel to keep updated. So long folks! See ya soon…

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