All for fun and fun for all!

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Hello peeps! Mypromovideos is looking for great ideas or concepts! All for fun and fun for all!

Noticed something new? Those of you who’ve been following us on Facebook /Twitter / Youtube would surely have. And those of you who haven’t…GUYS! You’ve been visiting all the wrong pages!

From now on, you’ll have something to look forward to in our social media pages. It will showcase some flavor of the season- events, occasions, trends or  something related to the season itself.

Our first theme is All Fool’s day – April First. We have picturesque spring settings (April is also springtime, you see!)..the flowers, birds, greenery, clouds…mmmmm! And then we have a man…with a saw… perched on a tree branch…trying to cut the very branch he’s seated on! And birds commenting cheekily about it.

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Yes, the message we’re trying to send across is that human beings are the greatest fools. By destroying nature, we are in fact, destroying ourselves.

What? Didn’t you think we’re capable of deep thoughts? At times we surprise ourselves 😀

Got some great ideas or a concept you’d like to come to life? Tell us! Simply comment or tweet. If it rocks we may just incorporate your ideas into our cover pages. We’ll choose the most creative ones and showcase it on our social media pages….with due credits to you!

So…go check out our social media sites now….and if you like what’s there, don’t forget to comment, like, tweet and share!!


Let us know if you need a video, we are here to help.

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