Best Explainer Video Software You Need to Use in 2023

Explainer videos are among the most creative and simplest ways to showcase a project, product, service, and basically anything you can think of. In fact, the more complex the product is, the more you need an explainer video. Luckily, you might be able to do it yourself thanks to some of the best explainer video software tools online.
In this guide, you’ll discover a few tools that will allow you to sit down and create any type of explainer video you want. At the bottom, you’ll find a quick guide on all of the most important elements needed for a successful explainer video.


Biteable home screenshot

If you don’t want to waste any time while creating your explainer video, Biteable is the best explainer video software for this. Their editor lets you create a smooth, entertaining, and insightful explainer video in literally a few minutes.

However, there is a downside to this. While the process is quick, it severely lacks customizability. There is a set number of templates you can use. You can change up the colors and some objects, but that’s about as far as it goes. 

Still, this doesn’t mean you can’t use Biteable. It just depends on what type of explainer video you need. If it’s something extremely basic that only requires you to put writing and a few moving objects into a video, then go for it. 

But if it’s something more professional that needs to be thoroughly explained through animation, Biteable isn’t for you.

Biteable Pros & Cons


  • Ridiculously simple to use
  • Perfect for beginners
  • They are the fastest way to make an explainer video online
  • Exceptional customer service
  • Exporting your videos is fast and simple
  • It allows you to export in different formats for different platforms


  • Limited to how much custom content you can add
  • Lacks the ability to customize most elements
  • No custom fonts
  • It’s cloud-based, so you need fast internet for a better experience


Biteable keeps things simple regarding pricing. There are only two pricing plans. There is no free plan, sadly.

  • Pro – $99/mo
  • Teams – $199/mo


Toonly home page screen shot

Toonly is a popular video creation platform that specializes in explainer videos. The best part about this tool is that you don’t need any technical or even design skills whatsoever. All you need to do is pick the pre-designed elements and drag them into the editor.

They have an extensive list of unique elements and designs to choose from. It shouldn’t take you very long to create a simple, market-ready explainer video. You can also export your creations in various formats and create videos for all sorts of different niches.

On the downside, Toonly won’t provide voice recordings or custom sounds for you. You have to record those yourself. However, there is an audio recording tool in the editor. But, without a professional microphone, this doesn’t always sound very good.

Toonly is an exceptional tool if you’re an individual looking to create simpler content, such as Youtube videos. However, if you’re a brand looking for something more polished, then Toonly probably won’t be your best choice.

Toonly Pros & Cons


  • Very simple and beginner-friendly editor
  • Decent pre-designed video clips and images
  • 30-Day Money-back guarantee


  • Not extremely customizable
  • You have to do your own voice-overs
  • It has become easy to tell Toonly videos apart from other professional ones


A great thing about Toonly is that it only asks you for a one-time payment of $67. They don’t ask for monthly or yearly fees. You only pay $67 once and you get full access to the Standard version of Toonly. For simpler projects, this is probably the best animated explainer video software you can try out.


Powtoon website home page

Powtoon offers a more professional and high-end platform when comparing it to Toonly. If Toonly is great for beginners, Powtoon is better for more intermediate users who need higher-quality explainer videos. This platform is for someone who depends greatly on their explainer video and has higher stakes.

So, some of the best features that Powtoon can offer you are the following:

  • High-quality content categorized by the niche your business is in
  • You can upload custom content and fonts
  • Advanced animation capabilities
  • Customize your characters’ faces, outfits, and more
  • Royalty-free music and objects
  • Custom aspect ratios and sizes

According to Powtoon, their platform is used by over 90% of Fortune 500 companies. So, if you have a really complex project and a much, much bigger budget, Powtoon is an amazing option.

Powtoon Pros & Cons


  • Advanced editor
  • Gives you commercial use rights with all plans
  • 24/7 Priority Support for all plans
  • Free plan available


  • Not the best option for complete beginners
  • It’s relatively expensive


Powtoon has four pricing plans:

  • Free (no trial period)
  • Pro – $89/mo
  • Pro+ – $197/mo
  • Agency – $100/mo (can only be billed yearly)


Renderforest home page

When searching for an explainer video software, it’s important to find one that lets you create your own unique and custom content. 

For example, while you’re making your video, you might want to draw up a new character or remove the background of a simple png. In that case, you might want to check out Renderforest.

On top of creating smooth animated explainer videos, Renderforest is very handy for creating your own mockups, logos, presentations, custom graphics, and even entire website designs. It’s truly an all-in-one tool.

They also have their own learning center, explaining how to use every feature the tool has to offer. And lastly, you get tons of templates to use for your videos. 

Renderforest Pros & Cons


  • All-in-one video creation tool for both experts and beginners
  • It’s easy to use and offers hundreds of modern templates
  • They have included courses on how to design your videos and use the tool
  • Millions of users have already tried and proven its effectiveness
  • They offer tons of use cases to get inspiration from
  • It’s one of the least expensive options on the market


  • One-time purchasing is very expensive, forcing you to pay for a subscription
  • Uploading and processing the videos is fairly slow
  • The logo creation tool lacks some features
  • Most of the available templates aren’t extremely customizable
  • The video previews aren’t convenient at all


Renderforest offers three pricing plans, plus the free one which you can use for as long as you like without paying. However, the free plan is extremely limited.

As for the other plans:

  • Lite – $14.99/mo
  • Pro – $29.99/mo
  • Business – $29.99/mo

If you decide to pay yearly, these prices get quite lower.


Vyond home page

Vyond is a popular explainer videos software with a diverse set of industry-specific templates and services. It offers custom-tailored templates and tools based on which industry and niche you’re in. 

Their video editor is a bit more advanced. It allows you to control and manipulate tiny details, such as carefully syncing the characters’ lips to the voiceover and narration. However, even with all of their different tools and features, anyone can still learn and start using the tool fairly quickly. 

They feature a learning center and an online community where you can learn all about their explainer video software. Plus, they release very useful new features from time to time that always aid in improving the quality of your videos.

Vyond Pros & Cons


  • Easy to learn and use
  • Many Fortune 500 companies use this tool
  • Offers an effortless way to sync the voice to the characters’ lips
  • They have a directory with tons of templates to use for videos
  • Allows you to easily import custom designs and content


  • It’s a cloud-based app, meaning it can sometimes lag or disconnect
  • The user experience could be a bit simpler
  • Not as many customizability options as users would prefer
  • Limited character designs


Vyond doesn’t offer a free plan, sadly. They feature four paid plans in total, including:

  • Essential – $49/mo
  • Premium – $89/mo
  • Professional – $159/mo
  • Enterprise – custom pricing

How to Make an Explainer Video With ZERO Experience?

Making your own explainer videos is okay. It’s especially worthwhile if you have a small or no budget at all. However, when looking for something more professional and something that can really make an impact, the best approach is to hire experts.

MyPromoVideos is a unique service that aims to facilitate the entire explainer video creation process. It is one of the best ways to create high-quality explainer videos for one reason: it saves you from doing all the hard work.

With MyPromoVideos, all you have to do is simply list your demands. Share what type of explainer video you want, state your requirements, special notes, and so on. Then, you just wait while a team with decades of experience creates it for you.

There’s no DIY, you don’t have to record voice-overs yourself, you don’t have to stress about animating the characters… Basically, you don’t have to do anything other than just list your demands.

Compared to all the other tools for creating explainer videos online, MyPromoVideos is an alternative way to get this done while saving time, not sacrificing quality, and achieving much better results than you would by doing this yourself. It’s essential, especially if you don’t know how to make a good explainer video.

Some of the benefits include

  • ✅ Extremely well-researched videos
  • ✅ Exceptionally quick turnaround
  • ✅ Professional and highly detailed video animations
  • ✅ High-definition audio recording and voice-over
  • ✅ Effortless communication

MyPromoVideos Pros & Cons


  • Through the roof rating and lots of positive reviews
  • Tons of case studies as proof of their quality
  • An extensive list of different types of video deliverables
  • Countless explainer video examples from their portfolio to see if it suits your style
  • Over a decade of experience in creating explainer videos
  • You still have complete control of what you want your video to look like


  • This platform is probably more suitable for more established brands and not very small projects


There is no direct way to see the pricing at Considering all projects are unique and customized, the only way to find out how much it would cost you is to contact them here. You will receive a quote and other important details worth considering about your unique project.

So, How to Choose the Best Explainer Video Software?

The best way to choose a great explainer video software is to be aware of your requirements. You must know what you’re looking for. 

For example…

If you want a short, simple, and not-so-serious explainer video, you can choose tools such as Toonly, Renderforest, Biteable, and similar. They are just video editors with lots of templates and customizing options inside. However, they are still limited

On the other hand, if you want a professional video that will be seen by serious prospects, customers, visitors, and so on… your best option is MyPromoVideos and the dedicated team of experts behind it all. 

If you’ve never made an explainer video before, you’re almost guaranteed to get stuck at one point or another. This happens often and it’s easy to lose motivation and creativity unless you know how to get unstuck. So, why risk this? Why risk wasting your money and your time? The easiest and most logical solution is to let MyPromoVideos handle the hard work for you, while you sit back and enjoy your masterpiece being created.

All of them include invaluable lessons when it comes to conveying messages through video. 

Thinking of getting your own video?

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