21 Top FinTech Explainer Videos to Learn & Share

Top FinTech Animated Explainers

Last Updated on June 3, 2024

Explainer videos have become a powerhouse format for simplifying complex topics through engaging motion graphics and visuals. In the rapidly evolving world of fintech, explainer videos play an invaluable role in educating audiences and driving user adoption of new financial technologies and services.

Fintech explainer videos distill complicated concepts like blockchain, AI investing, digital banking, and cryptocurrencies into digestible overviews brought to life visually. The most effective fintech explainers go beyond surface-level definitions to provide inspirational value – showcasing how emerging financial products can positively impact people’s lives in meaningful ways.

As financial services continue becoming more digitized, fintech startups are increasingly leveraging the power of explainer videos to showcase their unique offerings in a compelling light and build trust with users. The creative motion graphics, crisp visuals and clear narration make the benefits clicks into place for viewers.

In this post, we will highlight 21 of the very best fintech explainer videos spanning key categories like investing, banking, blockchain, payments and more. These examples lead the way in leveraging captivating visual storytelling to simplify complex fintech topics and inspire audiences. Read on for a curated collection of must-see fintech explainers to learn from and share! Whether you’re exploring fintech yourself or explaining it to others, these videos will enlighten and inspire.

Let’s Dive into the Top 21 Fintech Explainer Videos

1. Visa AI: The Artificial Intelligence Powering Payments

The Visa AI explainer video utilizes crisp motion graphics to showcase how Visa is leveraging artificial intelligence to enhance payment security. It highlights the massive amount of data Visa processes, setting the stage to demonstrate how AI analyzes transactions and detects fraud in real-time. Viewers gain insight into the technology powering Visa’s AI through diagrams of self-learning networks. A major highlight is an inside look at Visa’s AI-equipped Cyber Fusion Center. The video conveys both the complexity of payments and the intelligence of AI in an easy-to-grasp manner.

2. Aviva Life Insurance: Financial Security Simplified

The Aviva Life Insurance explainer video stands out for effectively using visual storytelling to build trust with potential customers. The clean, minimalist animation design presents Aviva as a straightforward, dependable brand. The narration uses plain, easily understandable language to walk through how life insurance works in a warm, familiar tone. Viewers get a simple breakdown of key topics like premiums, cover amount, beneficiaries and claims. The fintech explainer video leaves audiences feeling educated and assured that Aviva has their back. For any fintech company, especially in financial services, establishing trust is key – and this explainer video exemplifies how strong visuals and clear communication can accomplish that goal. It’s a great example of using the explainer format to forge an emotional connection with customers.

3. Tinkoff Bank: Innovation in Financial Services Explained

The Tinkoff Bank explainer video immediately grabs attention with its bright, vivid visual style. The semi-realistic illustrations create a fresh, warm and positive brand impression for this financial services company. Viewers are drawn in by the energetic motions and sun-filled color palette. Yet the graphics are not distracting – they effectively communicate key information about Tinkoff’s offerings like online accounts, attractive rates and seamless digital banking. The financial services explainer videos leaves audiences feeling informed about how Tinkoff provides an innovative and welcoming banking experience. For those looking to promote financial services in a crowded space, this video demonstrates how lively design and clear communication can make a brand stand out. The visual storytelling matched with concise messaging makes Tinkoff feel approachable and human.

4. Comdirect Bank: Innovative Visuals for Engagement

The Comdirect Bank explainer video stands out for its highly innovative visual engagement strategies and strong visual appeal. It uses abstract shapes and motions to explain key banking concepts, avoiding cliché stock footage. For example, growing money is conveyed through expanding geometric forms, and “round-the-clock service” manifests as circles moving across the screen. This fully conceptual approach keeps viewers engaged and intrigued throughout. These kind of fintech explainer videos prove financial services marketing doesn’t need literal visuals – abstraction and metaphor can communicate messages creatively. Bold colors and fluid motions enhance the visual appeal further. For financial brands looking to break conventions with imagination and originality, this fintech video provides inspiration for using visual storytelling in new ways. The creative risks pay off with a memorable, one-of-a-kind explainer that connects with audiences through its symbolic visual language.

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5. PayPal: Facilitating Digital Transformation in Finance

The PayPal fintech explainer video creatively conveys how the brand facilitates digital transformation in financial services. It follows a character’s journey to showcase how PayPal provides help and empowers users across of range of needs. The video uses an innovative 3D paper-cut animation style that immediately grabs attention. Despite the high-tech CGI, it maintains a warm, approachable feel. For a fintech leader seeking to highlight their human side, this video models effective storytelling and styling. It shows how PayPal is transforming finance through digital innovation – enabling users to seamlessly send money, shop online, and manage finances. The explainer paints a bold vision of a digital future enabled by PayPal while maintaining a simple, easy-to-grasp narrative. For any brand seeking to promote digital transformation in financial services, this video provides inspiration on creative visual storytelling done right.

The Mint.com explainer video stands out as a top example of using motion graphics to visualize fintech market trends. Every scene is thoughtful and advanced in its design. The video makes savvy use of bubble and line animations to imply connection and flow between financial concepts. This adds a layer of sophistication perfect for fintech. Viewers get a crisp overview of Mint’s features like managing budgets, tracking spending, monitoring credit scores and more. The explainer feels comprehensive despite its brevity – capturing the most important market trends and innovations driving Mint’s value proposition. For any fintech startup looking to educate audiences on how their solution fits into the competitive landscape, this video demonstrates how to distill market context into simple, engaging graphics. The bold visual metaphors and clean aesthetic exemplify best practices for modern fintech design.

7. Illinois Mutual: Streamlined Insurance Explained

The Illinois Mutual fintech explainer video demonstrates how minimalistic line animation can effectively communicate serious, complex topics like insurance. The straightforward visual aesthetics use conceptual metaphors to simplify insurance concepts into an engaging, easy-to-follow narrative. Despite the serious subject, the simple friendly art style keeps the fintech video feeling light and approachable. For any financial services brand tackling heavy subjects, this video provides a strong example of using elegant visual storytelling to educate audiences.

8. Oscar: A Cute Look at Health Insurance

The Oscar explainer video stands out for its cute animated look at a topic as serious as health insurance. The fun illustrated interface elements are seamlessly integrated into the video’s overall flow and narrative. The music is upbeat and keeps an otherwise informational video feeling lively and inviting. For fintech brands seeking a warm, friendly aesthetic for video marketing, this explainer provides inspiration on playful art direction and visual metaphors. The straightforward explainer video script paired with charming visuals makes health insurance engaging.

9. AOPA Credit Card: Quick and Clear FinTech Marketing

The AOPA Credit Card explainer is a no-frills, fast-paced overview of the key card features and benefits. The kinetic text visuals jump right into clearly explaining the value proposition in a compelling, easy-to-absorb style. For fintech marketers looking for a straightforward, information-dense explainer, this video provides an excellent model of how to communicate efficiently and engage viewers’ attention.

10. Bank of Queensland: Humanizing a Brand with Humor

The Bank of Queensland explainer video employs humour to pose the question – is it possible to love your bank? The premise immediately hooks viewers with its novelty while setting up how the bank provides a uniquely positive, humanized experience. The quirky illustrations and characterization further develop that friendly brand impression. For any fintech startup seeking to disrupt a stodgy industry, this video exemplifies creative messaging and visuals that can make a brand feel more relatable, appealing, and human.

11. K Bank: Energetic Motion Graphics Showcase Digital Innovation

The K Bank explainer video uses energetic motion graphics, lively music and fun visuals to showcase this financial brand’s digital innovation and online presence. Even without understanding the language, the engaging visual storytelling communicates key messages around mobile banking and seamless customer experiences enabled by AI and technology. For any fintech company looking to highlight tech-driven offerings, this video models impactful graphics and visual metaphors that make digital transformation compelling.

12. The Crisis of Credit Visualized: Educational Storytelling Done Right

This 11-minute explainer video on the financial crisis provides a masterclass in educational storytelling. It distills complex credit concepts into easy-to-grasp animations and metaphors tailored to viewer knowledge levels. The pacing keeps audiences engaged throughout the longer runtime – no small feat for an explainer video. For fintech brands looking to create informative, engaging explainers on complex topics like blockchain, AI and more, this video exemplifies building narratives that resonate.

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13. Aqua Credit Card: Blending Animation with Live Action

The Aqua Credit Card explainer seamlessly blends animation with live action by introducing an endearing animated character who interacts with the physical world. This innovative technique provides refreshing visual variety. The character effectively personifies the brand values in an approachable way. For fintech companies aiming for unique explainers, this video models how to expand creative possibilities with mixed media.

14. Leaseplan Bank: Quirky Animation for Brand Personality

The Leaseplan Bank fintech explainer video uses quirky 3D animation and an odd storyline to showcase the brand’s more unusual personality. This atypical approach for a financial services company makes the video memorable. For fintech brands wanting to showcase creativity, this video demonstrates how animated explainers can help differentiating brand identity. Unconventional visuals done right make messaging impactful.

15. Vancity: Mind-Blowing Motion Graphics Display Innovation

The dazzling motion graphics in Vancity’s explainer video are truly a class apart. The seamless scene transitions, bold colors and stylized design showcase this fintech brand as an innovator. For any company wanting to highlight technical expertise and leadership through video, this explainer exemplifies leveraging jaw-dropping graphics and animation to capture viewer imagination. The polished visuals match the forward-thinking brand.

16. Bank COOP: Engaging Animation for Serious Topics

The Bank COOP explainer video promotes ecological funds using captivating origami animal visuals made from currency. This highly strategic messaging connects sustainability topics with finance in an incredibly engaging way. The detailed animations keep users focused throughout by blending entertainment with education. For any fintech company tackling serious, complex topics, including those related to financial inclusion, this video exemplifies using creativity and thought-provoking visual metaphors to drive user engagement and understanding.

17. Standard Bank: Highlighting Diverse Offerings Through Storytelling

Standard Bank’s saas explainer video uses meticulous stop-motion styled animation to showcase how their diverse offerings benefit everyday customers. The life-like city backdrops and detailed vignettes align closely with the narration to provide an immersive overview of the breadth of financial services available. For any fintech company undergoing digital transformation with an extensive range of products, this fintech video models effective user engagement through comprehensive, story-driven explanations brought to life visually.

18. Royal Bank of Canada: Captivating Motion Graphics Showcase Innovation

This visually captivating explainer for Royal Bank of Canada is a stunning example of how motion graphics can make complex topics beautiful and engaging. The smoothly flowing animations synchronized to uplifting music generate an inspirational tone. For fintech companies wanting to highlight innovation and adaptability, this video demonstrates how to translate messaging into a mesmerizing visual journey that holds user attention. The sheer artistry promotes a forward-thinking brand.

19. Citibank: Charming Animation Presents Serious Topics Playfully

Citibank’s cute explainer video uses charming animation and humor to present serious banking topics in an inviting, friendly way. The light tone matched with clear information help users understand mobile banking features while also highlighting Citibank’s focus on accessibility. For fintech companies in the realm of financial technology and aiming to connect with audiences, this video exemplifies leveraging playful animation to balance serious messaging with levity and approachability.

20. Touch Bank: Dazzling Motion Graphics Showcase Excellence

Touch Bank’s explainer video immediately wows viewers with silky smooth animations and bold, stylish graphics that exude class and excellence. For any fintech company striving to showcase top-tier quality and branding, this video demonstrates how to translate core identity into impressive visuals. The high-end motion graphics not only match the elite ambiance the financial brand seeks to project but also underscore the crucial role of data analytics in shaping its narrative.

21. HDFC Bank: Upbeat Storytelling Promotes Positive Brand Affinity

HDFC Bank’s explainer tells an upbeat story led by an endearing protagonist who highlights the benefits of the bank’s offerings. The lively illustrations and spirited narrative leave audiences feeling positive and trusting towards the brand. For fintech companies aiming to establish an emotional connection, this video models effective storytelling combined with friendly design to promote brand affinity. The strategic messaging also reassures audiences about data security and reliability.

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Exploring the Landscape of Fintech Explainer Videos

In conclusion, our curated collection presents the best explainer videos in the fintech landscape, showcasing the transformative power of blockchain technology. From Tinkoff Bank’s vibrant visuals to the strategic messaging of Bank COOP, these videos exemplify excellence in visual storytelling within the realm of blockchain and finance. We invite you to explore these gems for a deeper understanding of how blockchain is reshaping the financial landscape, unlocking insights into innovative solutions and engaging narratives. Take the plunge into the world of the fintech explainer videos, where creativity meets blockchain technology and financial expertise, and discover the power of storytelling in shaping the future of finance.

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