How your Target Audience changed, when you weren’t looking!

Last Updated on November 15, 2023

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How your Target Audience change? The terms may vary but there is no denying that marketing depends on it. I belong to a line of business(video making) where we just can’t move without identifying who they are. And frankly, neither can most of my clients.

Therefore, when someone describes his target audience to us, you could be inclined to assume that we both have the same picture in our mind.

But unfortunately…nope, not so!

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The problem is that India (actually the world- but especially India) transformed drastically in the past couple of decades. There were some neat little marketing segments that our businesses were used to. And not much changed in these segments. With liberalisation, then technological, internet and smartphone revolutions these markets changed- And boy! Did they change?

While talking about audience or target audience, I have often come across people speaking of the “tech-savvy” generation. They assume that it refers to only the kids in their teens. But the truth is that many of the early millennials now have kids of their own, while others are getting married. And understanding this becomes essential- as it is no longer a generation that could “influence buying decision” that is actively engaged online but it is now a generation with “actual buying power.”

The same changes can be seen across target audience segments. This is especially true in urban, middle class-to-rich Indian audience, but if the trend continues, it’ll be equally relevant in other segments too.


60+ man
Target Audience - 60+ man
60+ woman
Target Audience - 60+ woman
Middle Aged man
Target Audience - Average Middle Aged man
Middle Aged woman
Target Audience - Middle Aged woman

* these are relevant mostly in the urban context, for the time being.

And this goes on and on, across ages, across segments. So how does this change the videos we create?

Well, for a start, if you are not identifying your target audience right, you are not likely to connect with them.

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A 32-year-old may feel you are talking to someone way older, if you are not able to get their characteristics right. Everything- their name, their food choice, their lifestyle, their goals,  their sense of humour, everything that makes them “them”, changes.

We understand that the college-goers are no longer the only ones that can make a video go viral.

Among our target audience, “Kids” are not the ones who are learning new technology, they are the ones who are used to it. They can’t imagine a life without wifi and to them Doordarshan is like AkashVani was for the previous generation.

Facebook users are not the “kids”. Most of the kids are on Instagram and Snapchat- mostly because their parents are using Facebook.

Youtube is not just the territory of the youth, but now it equally belongs to an adult force which will be getting into middle age. The age-lines are blurred, the differences between metros and non-metros audience are reducing.

Need your marketing campaign to work for all type of target audience? Take a fresh look at the people around you. Do they belong to the clichés you are so used to? No? Thought so.

Their characteristic is not something fixed, it is ever-changing. We need to re-understand our Targets to make our videos and marketing efforts click.

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