How can explainer videos increase conversion rates 2023

How Can Explainer Videos Increase Conversion Rates

Last Updated on May 10, 2023

Let’s be honest. Most people today would prefer watching a video to reading long text. This is the internet age, people don’t have the time or the attention span. It’s especially true if they are checking out a product or a service online—if you want them to buy, you better attract them, and quickly! 

In fact, if you plan to read this blog post up until the very last word, it’s going to take you about six to seven minutes to finish. That sounds like an entire day to many, while it’s already an eternity for some. Digital natives simply don’t have all day to process information that requires a lot of intellectual muscle to flex.

At this point, this text may end up agitating you for beating around the bush. As a result, you would veer away and look for videos to obtain information instead. That’s okay! But if you plan to read on, we appreciate that!

So, this is where explainer videos would step into the game. It is a form of visual marketing that both startups and seasoned enterprises use because of its proven impact on conversion growth for the last decade. In this post, we’ll let you know how that is possible. And how you could improve your marketing efforts to foster an edge over your competitors.

But what exactly are explainer videos?

There is a variety of marketing video strategies that are used by businesses to maximize their online visibility and amplify brand awareness. But what makes explainer videos distinct from the other forms of video advertising?

  • Condensed and short.
  • Directly to the point.
  • Entertaining.
  • Popular!

Condensed and short. 

It is perfect for digital consumers with an attention span shorter than a goldfish. This type of marketing video is typically 1-2 minutes short. This brief duration encompasses the product’s features and how it will go about solving the customer’s problem.

Directly to the point. 

Written text may overwhelm readers simply because it tends to be a little too long. With explainer videos, product descriptions are straightforward and would not bombard you with a rundown of facts and figures, that may feel like a chore to absorb. Simply put, reading can be a source of headache for most web visitors and explainer videos help tackle this problem.


As mentioned, web browsers have short attention spans. And explainer videos will allow a customer to watch a promotional presentation while being entertained with the animation. Depending on the animation style used, it consists of uniquely created avatars or graphics interpreting the voiceover in a fun and engaging manner.


Explainer videos have gained traction for their ability to expertly translate voiceover into charming visuals in a short amount of time. It gathers most of its marketing power through the perfect synergy of verbal and visual communication. 

Components of an explainer video that converts

Needless to say, creating an explainer video that converts involves a process. And this process contains certain components to consider that, if remarkably pieced together, result in a top-tier video that transforms visitors into actual consumers of products and services.

  • Script
  • Voiceover
  • Music
  • Graphics and Animation


Before coming up with an idea of what the explainer video would look like, an equally compelling script is a fundamental part of what makes a great explainer video that converts.

As a marketing term, “pain points” are the inconveniences that your customers find themselves entangled in, whether in the present or as a prospect.  In writing the script, you need to empathize with your target customers and give them the assurance that the product or service being promoted is the solution to their problem.

Pro tip: refrain from using any industry jargon that would confuse your audience. Keeping your script simple, concise, and straightforward is a best practice.


After writing a compelling script, the voiceover must deliver the narrative with a certain tone that would resonate with the audience. Not only that: it must also reflect your brand’s core values. And depending on the brand, the voiceover can sound pleasant, engaging, professional, etc.


Another advantageous component that helps to add value to an explainer video is the music, along with the right sound effects. Likewise, it should be in harmony with the product type being promoted. In other words, the choice of sound must be appropriate and in line with the promotional video and your brand. Employing music is a great supplement that provides added flare to the voiceover. 

Graphics and Animation

Finally, the animation style must take into account these: the age group, occupation, educational attainment, geography, and even the economic backgrounds of the target audience. As with music, it must be considered whether the graphics would suit the product being advertised. So if the target audience is younger people at, say, the college level, consider putting animation styles that are relatable to their age bracket.

On the other hand, if the product is specifically aimed at the older population who are not tech-savvy, it is crucial to come up with graphics that they will not have any trouble comprehending. But you don’t have to make it boring either. You can still put some entertainment value to your graphics while keeping their simplicity.

Or better yet, Produce a style that would be appealing to all your potential consumers. This is a tricky process, but expert designers could surely come up with a strategy that will work best.

How do explainer videos help your business?

Not every visitor of websites is intently searching for a product to purchase. There are those who do not have any plan to buy something at all unless they’d encounter a product that they will be convinced enough to buy. But it becomes conceivable if they came across the product in a videobecause it would appeal to their senses and emotions. So much so that it creates a need for the digital consumer to stay a tad longer on your website and contemplate a purchase. 

Potential customers clicking through an explainer video on your web page is a chance to boost your business branding. This is by way of the video visualizing what you offer in an impressive animation and a fun voiceover. Through this, a good explainer video helps your business with the following:

  • Amplify brand awareness
  • Establish trust among your customers
  • Present Product offers more effectively
  • Stimulate repeat purchase rate

Amplify brand awareness

Man Presenting The GraphIt all starts with awareness. How would you go about introducing your newest product? You can never go wrong with making use of a good promotional video to amplify brand awareness. Customers learn about brands more by seeing them than by reading about them.

By making convenient use of explainer videos to promote your product, and perhaps more importantly your brand, you help trigger name recall of your brand and product.

Establish trust among your customers

Digital consumers are smart. They don’t easily trust. Moreover, they don’t just click here and there. But if there is a visual stimulus that would tell them a product or service is legitimate and trustworthy, they just might.

An explainer video can help remove the doubts of your customers by showing them an actual video with your branding and logo as proof of your trustworthiness. Upon clicking, the video content will show them how your product could help, holding their interest that could later lead to conversions.

This can establish trust in your customers that the products and services you are promoting in the video are reliable. This is not easily achievable through text. Audio-visual accompaniments become necessary if you want customers to trust your brand and patronize your services.

Present product offers more effectively

This is what explainer videos are best at. With its expert use of animation, you convey your services more effectively than a plain narration that does not positively trigger their emotions. To get them to invest in your brand,  the ability to create an emotional connection with viewers is crucial.

Stimulate repeat purchase rate

After catching their attention, your visitors will stay longer at your site, and browse through your other services, driving repeat purchases in the long run. 

As a bonus, you will likely get positive feedback from your customers after a purchase. This will result in conversions and an increase in revenue sales. This cements how explainer videos are proven an excellent method of introducing a product into the digital public consciousness.

Where to place these explainer videos? 

If you haven’t yet, it would be a smart move to complement your well-written blogs with an explainer video on your landing web page. 

If your landing page does not contain any visual representation of what your company offers, and is only optimized with a plethora of text and pictures, now is the perfect time to start rethinking the ways in which you employ your marketing techniques to boost conversions.

No one wants their potential customers to leave their website right off the bat. To prevent this, grab their interest with something visually appealing. And this is what explainer videos could accomplish, and blog posts may not. By doing so, you encourage your visitors to stay a bit more, and watch the video you prepared. Most of the time, videos will attract visitors, while long text without a video on the entire page will make them click away, or stay only for a few seconds, if at all.

Imapact Of Videos
comparison of videos with various other medias

Ideally, your explainer video would display a play button with graphics as its thumbnail. This will then prompt your customer to click through and watch the video until the end. It’s only 60-120 seconds anyway, so it’s something that they wouldn’t complain about wasting their time. This is why it matters a lot to place an explainer video on your website’s landing page.

After watching the video, they surely are made to think whether it is worth their penny. If they don’t decide to make a purchase just yet, at least you have achieved the goal of making your web visitor watch a presentation of your product, which they would otherwise completely disregard if communicated in a long-form and tedious written narrative format. 

“Produce a style that would be appealing to all your potential consumers. This is a tricky process, but expert designers could surely come up with a strategy that will work best.”

In addition to landing pages, you definitely can upload explainer videos on various social media outlets to optimize your backlinks, which are crucial as an SEO element that contributes to greater web presence, and consequently, increased brand recognition.

Upload it to Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn. Practically everywhere in the digital marketing arena where you could maximize your web presence. Consistency in your pursuit of getting better brand visibility will take your company to greater heights.

Final words

There is no doubt that explainer videos are a potent type of video advertising that helps conversion rate and brings greater website traffic. With their unique and engaging way of delivering product information, explainer videos are not likely to decrease in their proven-and-tested marketing power that converts visitors into consumers, and page views into actual revenue sales.

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