How to create your first Kickstarter video

How to create your first Kickstarter video

Last Updated on May 9, 2023

Kickstarter Video: It all begins with your idea

You have a brilliant idea and with the right funding, it could go places. You turn to Kickstarter. But to get kick-started with Kickstarter, you need to be able to attract attention to your idea.
According to researchers, having a Kickstarter video goes a long way in helping you get noticed. The Kickstarter website says, “Projects with videos succeed at a much higher rate than those without.” Creating a Kickstarter video is not very difficult. You even create an effective one using your laptop or smartphone.

Why do you need a Kickstarter Video?

A Kickstarter Video is short and conveys the precise message without the viewer investing too much effort.
Videos are both audio and visual and leave a lasting impact on your audience.
Since Kickstarter videos are usually short, they are ideal for potential backers who may be busy.
A well-made Kickstarter video can draw your potential backers who will want to check out your entire project.
A creative Kickstarter video can not only be a great marketing tool but also provide enough entertainment to be recalled by potential backers.
Backers can feel your passion and your drive better through a video.

Wonderful! Now that we have established that a Kickstarter video adds a lot of value to your idea another question arises- how do you create an effective Kickstarter video?

Simple is magical:

Nobody wants to sit through a Kickstarter video that takes effort to watch. Keep it simple enough for all types of audience to understand.

Saying less is saying more:

This point leads from the last point, people don’t have the time to sit through long videos, given the current busy times. So keep your video small.

A story that connects:

In a Kickstarter video, people connect more to the idea and the reason why the idea exists. So tell a compelling story. Tell a selling story. But most importantly tell a story with a soul.

Where is the potential?

Explain why they should care- what is the idea, how the idea came into being, how long you have been working on the project and why it is important. Speak about the feature and the difference it makes to the world. Really draw attention to the benefits. Aid the viewer in imagining how your idea is worth spending their hard-earned money on.

Add your personality:

Another way to make your potential backers connect to your Kickstarter video is by making a video that reflects your struggle, speaks about your passion. You could even add a human touch to it by being a part of the video.


Set a tone that interests the viewer. It could be funny or sincere but it needs to be something that does not bore your backer.

Choose the visuals:

A Kickstarter video can use animation, or stock footage, or live-action, but make sure that it is best suited for your product. While cost could be a constraint, ensure that you are making the best use of your budget. Also, make sure that all your footage is Royalty-free or legal.

Include a Call-to-action:

This is a very basic step, but missing this can be a big blunder. Tell the viewer to click the button after the video is over. Nothing fancy, a direct CTA will work wonders!
Don’t forget the reward! And oh, yeah! Don’t forget this step. A lot of people gauge your sincerity by your awards, try to include the awards in your Kickstarter video itself or use it to draw their attention to it.

Of course, you want your idea to be the next big thing and hence you want your Kickstarter video to be just perfect. But how do you avoid falling into the common pitfalls of creating your first video? Well, here are a few things you can keep in mind.

Money matters:

You don’t have to spend an arm and a leg to get a Kickstarter video that works. You can get a decent video for less than $1000! Don’t compromise on your budget, don’t compromise on quality

Plan ahead:

Try to get as much footage as possible of your project. Get photos and videos of your entire production cycle. A picture of your ideas when they are just being brought to reality adds a lot of authenticity to the Kickstarter video

Camera confidence:

Let’s face it. Not all of us can be confident before a camera. If you don’t feel completely comfortable, there is no need to force yourself into the video. Yes, your presence may make the backers feel more connected to the idea but opting out is better if you feel it may backfire. You can try other methods like having an animated video. You could also try narrating off-screen.

Visualize the final output:

The final product is often not ready when you create a Kickstarter video. But people need that visualization of the end product

Add subtitles/captions:

Be sure to include the text of your script in the video. This would help people who can’t understand the accent. It would also help the hearing disable. And it will help reinforce your message.

Get the specs right:

Be sure to read up on how big your file should be and the formats it supports. Try not to let your file size go beyond 250 MB. MOV, WMV and MP4 videos work. You can also explore uploading your video to vimeo or youtube, instead of directly uploading to the Kickstarter page. Keep your gifs and sound files to less than 5 MB.

Review, recheck:

Before you post your video, make sure you check each frame. Check the spelling, check for glitches, check for factual errors- basically check for all mistakes. If you do not catch the mistake but your backer does, it could cost you their faith. So, make sure that at least a few people sit through the video before it goes live.

At the end of the day, a Kickstarter video is all about the idea and how it moves people. Make it with all sincerity and let your passion shine through. It’s that simple!
Time now to create a Kickstarter video that clicks. I really hope your idea gets the backing it deserves. All the best!

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