So-called “perfectionists” are not so “perfect”

Last Updated on May 9, 2023

Some findings of So-called “perfectionists” are not so “perfect”. Let’s discuss this.

We often come across people who call themselves perfectionists. I am one of those who was proud of this. Completing something with perfection was intoxicating. I believed being a perfectionist was the order of the day. Whenever I started a new work I felt like I was going to create something which was never done or achieved. I felt like I was the one who was born to do a project. Yeah, that was a good place to start any work. But lately, I’ve realized that my pursuit of perfection was a lie I was telling myself.

Then as a perfectionist, I started doing research on myself 🙂

Finding 1: Excuse to procrastinate

What would be a good excuse for not doing work? Telling people things like,  “I am looking for the perfect way to execute this. For that, I am brainstorming  or I am researching or I am looking for the next big spark.”

With all these excuses a work that would take a day would need a week to be completed. Even to write this blog, I procrastinated for a good long time- looking for the perfect way to write it! 🙂  So being a perfectionist is nothing but a rather proud way of calling yourself a procrastinator.

Finding 2 : It will make and break you

Being a perfectionist is a way of life that will give you a feeling that you belong to the High Order. You will hold your head high always and feel like you are challenging people around you for their betterment. But at the end of the day, the ego of achieving something perfect will be sitting inside you, teasing you, killing all the near-perfect or acceptable outcomes that could have effectively solved the problem you were working on. So it will build the ego outside and pull you down inside. In the end, each time you will end up feeling that you are not moving anywhere.

Last but least: My last Finding of why so-called “perfectionists” are “not perfect”.

Finding 3: False perfection

A good way of hiding behind the sameness is finding “False perfection”. Most of the time a perfectionist will boast of their work as the “perfect” example of “perfection”. And this is the death of humility, and the birth of “False perfection”. Nothing in this world is perfect. If something attains perfection then it will either be challenged to go to the next level, or it will become extinct. So when you say to yourself, “What I did is perfect”, look into a clear mirror and blush, you have caught yourself lying!

Cure for the perfectionist syndrome:

Okay, we all need high standards that make us feel good about ourselves. But let not the aim be perfection. From now on, prohibit perfectionism and celebrate excellence.

Yes, aiming for excellence is the only cure for getting things done while also feeling good about yourself and the life you live. Excellence is a process of working towards the end results with the current skill set and then learning from your experiences and pushing the needle a bit more next time. Excellence is a continuous improvement that can be measured and recognized.

P.S.: One simple example of killing perfectionism is this blog. I wrote this entire piece in 25 mins. But only after putting on the Excellence hat. If I was wearing the Perfectionist one this blog would never exist. So start something, and it will flow. This world needs more imperfections. Catch you in the next blog- Until then BE GOOD!

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