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Last Updated on May 30, 2024

Animated Explainer videos. All the top brands have been using them successfully to explain their products, their services…their brand. Though there are a lot of different styles like live action explainer videos, whiteboard videos, many of them have made it a point to consistently use Explainer video to present their ideas in a simple, engaging, entertaining and impactful manner. One of the best examples of this is Google.  

Over the years, Google has used Explainer videos extensively to explain all its fresh and upcoming innovations. And done so brilliantly. The video involves different animation styles and these styles are quite unique and it varies from Stop-motion to Motion Graphics to live action video. From 2D to 3D. From character animation to shape animation. The type of explainer video that Google uses, has a uniqueness all its own. Each explainer video that google uses is engaging and captivating. They act as an inspiration for lot of marketing videos.

Which video style to choose for the explainer video relies on several factors. Every business is using explainer video to promote their product or service.  Different styles of animated explainer videos are listed below


This video is a great way to start this list! When Google Street View came out some years ago, it brought immense potential with it. Google used Photography based stop motion for its explainer video production that literally showed the streets and mapped a view that could only be imagined. This video which is one of the top 10 best one, uses simple and quirky animation. This video also gives you the best advantage to make the viewer a part of the journey and explain the product better to the target audience. This video is great!


Using animated explainer videos is an effective way to simplify complex concepts like Google BigQuery. This video style can be a great option for video marketing, as it engages viewers and makes it easier to understand ideas and make the product work. The video content of this particular explainer video uses shapes to explain concepts, and its 2D animated videos includes characters primarily for visual appeal rather than storytelling. Overall, this video is engaging and elegant and involves some of the best animation. This explainer video is a great example for 2D animation.

There are several types of explainer videos to choose from, including live video, whiteboard animation, stop motion animation, motion graphics, and 2D animation. Each style of animation has its unique strengths and can be used to create great explainer videos. For example, whiteboard animation is a popular choice that uses simple graphics to explain complex ideas, while stop motion animation can create a unique animated effect. Motion graphics can help to visualize data and statistics, while 2D animation can add character and personality to an explainer video.


Creating explainer videos is becoming increasingly popular as they offer a unique and engaging way to convey information about products and services. Like the previous animation style another best explainer video style is 3D, which provides a natural and immersive experience for viewers. Google uses this type of 3D animated explainer video to showcase their new VR platform, “Daydream.” In one example, a natural history museum is brought to life in a craft-like style, creating a portal to a whole new world. Other styles of explainer videos include whiteboard, stop motion, 2D, and motion graphics, character animation each with their own benefits.

To make a best explainer video, you can work with a video production company or hire an animator to create the animation. Motion graphics videos are another popular option, using graphic animation to convey complex ideas in a visually appealing way. Infographic videos are another type of animated explainer video that can be used for marketing purposes.

The 3d animated videos easily conveys the message in an engaging way like this video, Watch it!

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This 2d explainer video showcases Google’s with minimal design and use of colors. The divine language and shared experience are explained using abstract shapes and forms, making it a great example of motion graphics. The explainer video features a graphic animation style that blends 2D and 3D type of animation techniques.

This video brings out the perfect blend. The shape based explainer video can also give a unique outlook!

This animation is a perfect fit for businesses that want a unique explainer video that is both simple and charming. Other popular animated explainer video styles include whiteboard animation, stop motion, and cartoon animated video. Consider your target audience and products/services to create the right animation style for your explainer video.


This is one of Google’s animated explainer video examples that showcases the Chrome for Business product. This type of video employs a variety of animation styles, including motion graphics, hand-drawn puppet animations, and more, all in Google’s signature brand colors. This animation video is a visually stunning experience that captivates the viewer.

In this video, Google uses a graphic animation style to showcase Chrome for Business. The video animation combines different animation techniques, including motion graphics and stop motion animation, to create an engaging visual experience. This video animation gives you the best experience. This style of video is an excellent example of a great explainer video that any business can use to market.

NOTE:- Usage of explainer video in your marketing strategy will help businesses. When you approach a video agency elaborate the use for your explainer. There are companies that want a specific kind of video for their specific purposes. When they want a new explainer video they serach for the best. 

Be it imaginative narrative, creative style or spell-binding visualizationsBe it imaginative narrative, creative style or spell-binding visualizations, animated videos from Google have always been a notch above the usual. animated explainer videos from Google are a great reference point if you are looking for inspiration to create your own animated explainer video., animated videos from Google have always been a notch above the usual. Animated Explainer videos from Google are a great reference point if you are looking for inspiration to create your own Animated Explainer video.

Many businesses have partnered with an explainer video company in Bangalore to create high-quality animated videos. These videos resonate with audiences and effectively communicate key messages. If you’re looking to boost engagement and clarity, consider working with a leading video production company in Bangalore.

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